Date: 4th June 2007 at 10:47am
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Matt Derbyshire may be over stepping the mark but has been bold in
declaring he would love to follow Blackburn best technical player David Bentley in to the full England squad.

To follow in his footsteps and get a senior cap for England at some
point in the future would be superb
,’ revealed Derbyshire. ‘But I’m
concentrating more on my club football at the moment and next season is a big one for me. Hopefully, I can do what I did last season.

He added: ‘I was delighted for Bents when he got called up. I’ve been
texting him every day to see how it’s going.

‘He had a brilliant season for us and he fully deserves his chance at
senior level.

‘I just hope he gets the chance to show what he can do in the next week
or so, and if he does then there’s no reason why he can’t do well.

Now correct me if I’m wrong but about this time last year Bentley was
saying exactly the same thing, i.e. concentrate on my club football and see what happens… and look where we are now.

Personally I think that he is a couple of years away from that sort of
level, but stranger things have happened, Matty has scored goals
wherever he has played. If he keeps doing it well into next year, McClaren may find it hard to ignore him too long, not matter how useless McClaren actually is.

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  • True this is ambitious thinking from Derbs but I doubt it will be too long before he is considered. If he can step up next season and continue to score goals then I am confident it won’t be long unitl he is the squad. He is a different striker to what is on offer to Eng at the moment!

  • Given the dearth of strikers that england have that score consistently and stay fit or both… (Owen, Smith, Bent, AJ), the suprise option could be called up sooner than we think. Derbyshire has let NOONE down so far.

  • If he wants the England Call, he needs an amazing season next year or all the current england strikers to get the Ebola virus. IMO he is very well down the pecking order ATM and it would take quite a lot to change it

  • well im glad to see the guy is ambitious if he wants to get in the england squad then he has to prove himself at club level so if he does that consistently then its all good for rovers but i think he is quality and under sparkys guidance can only improve as a striker

  • Good luck to derbs and bentley, and warnock for that matter. Who knows in a few years we could have a few players in the pommy first team, good luck to them. They might be able to join your ashes squad also hehehehe

  • Pommy!?!? come on sasman we all know the real name for the England team is the top4 and Spurs elite XI

  • Mcclaren is more predictable than the seasons! I foresee little danger of a derbs callup whilst he is in charge

  • Would anyone else love to see Steve Coppell give the england managers job a crack???

    I think he would be terrific.

  • He’s got lots of potential and would probably bring an effective enterprising brand of football we could all be proud of with him. Sadly, despite his fantastic credentials, people like him aren?t appealing enough for the inherently reactionary ?FA? so for the foreseeable future that?s exactly what we?ll win! (PS we prefer to be called the ?big 5? :))

  • I was just going to say, he doesnt have any managerial connections to the big 4 does he! So no, anyone without that is never going to get the job are they? Lets be honest, the 2 true candidates before MaClaren got the job were Martin ONeill and Fat Sam. Now read the start of this again….any wonder why they didnt get the job?

  • I rkn hughesy would take ur english team to the very top. At least his brain functions and bentley would get a run. But i dont wanna see that, hughesy at rovers for many years to come is what we all want

  • I would love to see Coppell do it… the way he comes across in interviews and on the touchline is a credit to his profession and an example for serial moaners Freguson, Mourinho and especially Wenger. Bit like our boy here.

  • Hehehe i no, its like a kiwi managing the aussies, but im talking on the managerial aspect. The way he controls his players and brings the best out of them, thats the sort of guy the english need. Ya gotta remember im lookin at it from the outside. Its just so obvious that so much talent is being wasted, u guys deserve better then the previous teams which regularly fail to live up to expectations. Im surprised u guys were not in the hunt for Hiddink, he is an absolute genious

  • Its tantamount to sacriledge to appoint a NON english manager, even if all the englidh managers are poo, they would still go for an Englishman. Have you seen the film Mike Bassett-England Manager? Says it all. No one int he prem wanted the job so the manager of Championship Team Norwich took the job (fictionally obviously) Kinda neatly highlights the inherant prroblems within Soho Square.

  • Appoint Steve Coppell I say, english, sensible, respected as a manager by all… Mikey’s choice. (Coppell is paying me royalties and I am his half brother twice removed).

  • I like Coppell MUCH underrated manager but would do a job for England, personally (and off the English scale) I wouldn’t mind Arsene Wenger being in charge either. I don’t much like the guy but he is a top, top coach and manager!

  • But back to the Derbs point of this, I’ve said it before and will say it gain now, I feel that if he contiunes to progress he’ll be part of our 2008 World Cup squad as he can do exactly what we (England) need and that is SCORE GOALS! If he improves on last season (and he will!) then he could be in sooner rather than later, being a part of the under-21’s will help him and his chances A LOT more than we might think. If he does well for them, he will be noticed even more.

  • bugger, i forgot about that, was too busy on her and with eBay. How did they get on, did derbs play a full game? did he score?

  • I was going to say I thought you’d shared a little too much of your private life with us! They won 5-0 I think and Derbs played the final 19 minutes or so, had chances but didn’t take them.

  • i read the reports after, seems like he had enought time to show a little of himself but bulging the onion sack is the most important thing he can do to get himself more time on the pitch!

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