Date: 23rd April 2011 at 4:00pm
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Rovers midfield talisman Dave Dunn has given something of a rallying cry ahead of Monday’s match with Manchester City and has backed his team mates to bring the goods on demand as several have been in this situation before.

Dunn acknowledges the pressure of the relegation fight but knows it is up to the players to go out and correct the wrongs of the last few months.

Dunn spoke to Sky Sports – ‘Quite a few of us have been in this before and we know what it takes. I’ve been down here before and it’s a real fight.

‘There are going to be a lot of pressures and we need a lot of bottle out there on the pitch – not just running around fighting and kicking people, but when we get the ball we need to move around and show a lot of bottle when we have got it.

‘It’s not just our club in that fight – there are several clubs down there that are in it. We are aware of the situation and the negativity around the place, but it’s up to us to go out there and get some points.’

Dunn has struggled himself for regular games this term (copy and paste for most seasons he has been alive) but should be a big factor in the season climax.

But Dunn wants to ignore the rumours and even has a kind word or two of sorts for boss Steve Kean with the message that the players are pleased he is being backed.

Dunn continued – ‘I think everyone understands our position. We’ve recently been taken over, we’ve got a new manager in and there are certain concerns I hear from fans, but we’re all striving for the same thing.

‘It’s important that everyone gets together and all push in the right direction, and that is what we aim to do.

‘I think when we are in this position, stability is always good. You hear many things out there that are mostly untrue, but it’s great that the new owners have come out and publicly stated that the manager’s job is fine.

‘We’re all happy with that and we just want to go out on that pitch. One win is the key here and we need to get that win as quickly as we can.

‘Everyone wants to play in this league because it’s so competitive and every team can beat the other. For me in this run-in it is as likely that we could beat one of the top teams as it is that we could beat one of the bottom teams.

‘The run-in doesn’t really concern us – we know what we have got to do in our camp, and if we can do it, we’ll be okay.’

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6 Replies to “Dunn backs Rovers and the boss”

  • Let’s hope the results go our way this afternoon so we don’t start Monday in the relegation zone (or end it either!!!)

  • Overall good results this aft Mikey, so at least we’re not in the relegation zone (though we are closer than ever!).

    Good to hear Dunny being positive, but it’s what happens on the field now that matters. I remember the players talking positively when Brian Kidd was “in charge”, and no-one needs a reminder about how that worked out.

  • Actions speak much louder than words and although Kean is well out of his depth and couldnt pick his nose, The players are as much to blame than he is. Once they cross that white line there is no more that can be said or done, its upto those players to perform and bring home the bacon
    Dunny is like us and bleeds blue n white, but it does seem rather strange that Kean quotes Dunns name then within 24 hours a story is in the press on Dunns apparent views. Another exstension of complete nonsense were the club have prob requested Dunn to back the Manager publically because of his iconic status

  • Doesn’t really matter how they all dress the situation up with words. The manager and players have put themselves in this position and I hope we all see a big improvement on the pitch Monday evening. Hopefully Kean will finally put out a team that looks positive and plays positive because I’m not too sure what the plan was against Everton but it was a total disaster.

  • True story Ross!!! I think the players do need to stay as positive as possible otherwise it does look very very bad!!!

  • Here’s hoping the positivity turns into 3 points tomorrow! Oh, and Kean, if by any miraculous chance you just happen to be reading this…START KALINIC!

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