Date: 6th August 2009 at 11:32am
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It is being reported that David Dunn and Vince Grella will not play a part in this season’s curtain raiser against Manchester City on August 15th.

Reported via the Lancashire Evening Telegraph, its been highlighted that Grella is on his way back after a hamstring injury while Dunn has had thigh problems and neither has featured much in Rovers’ warm-up games.

‘They have missed most of the pre-season games and are out of the running,’ Allardyce told the Lancashire Telegraph.

‘Dunny and Grella definitely won’t play a part – unless we pick up loads more injuries – because they have only had 45 minutes between them.’

Shocking news, given our midfield isnt berift with talent and depth at the moment.

Come on then VBers, whats your opinion on this situation?


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  • This, for me, is indeed a worrying situation as we need a good start to this campaign. Failure to get it and we are looking at “Hell Month”; being October. A converned VBer!

  • Maybe have to buy now in the midfield especially as we cannot rely on Reid to be fit for the season and not sure on how Emo will be after a long period out Nzonzi and Andrews maybe Warnock in there, but think opening day will need Warnock at let back mmm.

  • Emo, Reid coming back, N’Zonzi, Andrews, Warnock – yes it is a worry without a doubt but we have numbers in there that can do the trick.

  • As long as Emo, Hammer Reid, Warnock & Andrews are fit for the 1st game then we should be ok, i doubt he will start with N’zonzi but the verdict on who had a better or worse game between N’zonzi & Andrews is still undecided but Andrews experience will count in his favour.

  • Reid and Emo are only now getting back to trainging and given that Sam is holding off these 2 due to lack of pre season participation, where does that leave Emo and Reid, who havent featured AT ALL!

  • Even tho they are good players………you cant really say this was a shock as they both have poor injury records and we will probley have to deal with these 2 being unavalible more often 🙁 x

  • guys emo, grella and dunn were never going to be ready for the first game….of the 3, grella will be ready to in bout wk 3, dunn and emo to follow. who knows bout reid….

  • I think we’ll start with Warnock and Emerton on the wings. Andrews and Reid in the middle – bad news though, seeing as I see those two as our first choice pairing…

  • The other guys just have to pick up their chance. Maybe play Gallacher on the midfield as someone mentioned in another. What about playing 4-3-3?, they we will only need 3 on the midfield 😉 With all the forwards/strikers we have at the moment why not try?…..cheers

  • Whoaaaah 4-3-3 now thats some radical thinking lol, i think we have tried that at some point but not sure how it went or who played where.

    Just looking at potential midfield line up for City and im getting nervous now about the big kick off, oh where did i put my coffee.

  • Soooo frustratred by this news…….nothing positive to write…so I wont!!!

    Get rid!! Emerton is the only one who could actually last a season. Dunn out, Reid out (should have happened years ago) Grella out

  • gd news people just heard santa cruz injured for a month so a bit of positive for our first game although havin tevez bellamy adebayour oor robinho as cover aint to bad 🙁 x

  • Going back on topic, does anyone fancy Andrews and Warnock against Barry & Ireland for the opening game? Me either, we NEED a playmaker in there badly!

  • i can tell u what big sam will stick to, and thats givet in at left back, with warnock and andrews in the centre of the park, diouf right wing, and pedersen left! all the injury concerns wont start the first game, you have to ease them back into first team action, otherwise, they’ll just become injured again! you might see emo or maybe reid on the bench though!…. and yes bombom, city do look far superior, but can we really match them!?

  • with player potential i mean, we will probably beat them ‘cos ther rubbish away from home, and they havn’t gelled yet!

  • good time to play City as GRB says – they are still new to each other so lets get i to em early and rock the boat!!!

  • Agree that it’s a good time to play City but with Grella Reid and Dunn injured we’re hardly in great shape. While we have a number of midfield players, Have we got the match winners that can control the game? After last season, it is very worrying to find Grella and Dunn have succumbed yet again to injury.

  • With the money we have spent or lack of i would be tempted to let Dunns contract run out…he aint signed one yet has he???? We need a creative centre midfielder and we just cant trus dunny to be fit….we’re knackered with Grella who is on a longer term contract.

  • If Big Sam can´t find any playmaker, i think he should try out Morten Gamst Pedersen. I´m not saying this because i´m from Norway too. To be honest I have rated Gamst as an very overrated (last home game against Chelsea f.ex) player for the last 4 seasons. He hasn´t pace and perhaps the reason for lacking assists?
    Though he is a player who have the balls to try original selutions and good enough technique, and with Sams support he might be the one we are looking for. If not he, Dunn and Reid should find new clubs. So we can build a new midfield. I very nervous about our midfield this year. We can´t rely on Dunn, Grella, Emo and Reid to stay fit hole season. Which means that Elrio have to figure out the english style pretty fast.

    Anyone who knows what happend with Andy Van der Meyde? It may sound desperate. But we barely have funds or midfielders. Big Sam is the guy for Meydes career, I swear.

  • I wouldnt mind seeing morton being played inside but who plays out left? Van Heerden? untested at prem level, he needs to be broken in slowly. Doran? see above. thats the only problem with the suggestion but i think hes capable of playing there.

  • I agree I think Pedersen is capable and it qould bring the best out of his game but maybe that means Warncok plays left wing in your estimation NR?

  • Mikey; you got it. Know that we have Givet, we can push warnock up in GAMST left position, but I think the best choice for our left midfielder must be to sign Jerome Rothen. He is cheap and on his way down. Big Sam knows what to do. We could also try Emo in Dioufs right position, and Lars as RB. Then Diouf at Mortens left
    If we don´t get anybody on our midfield this season, we can´t play 4-4-2, but 4-3-3.
    And what do u think about changing Paul Gallagher into a winger?

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