Date: 21st August 2007 at 10:52am
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David Dunn has told Arsene Wenger to stop moaning about Blackburn’s physical approach, following Arsene Wenger’s comments after his side drew 1-1 in a feisty encounter at Ewood Park.

Sunday’s 1-1 draw between the two clubs was a typically robust affair in Lancashire, with Blackburn’s players certainly not holding back in taking on their capital counterparts.

But while Arsene has complained that Rovers over stepped the mark using over the top phrases like ‘violent’, Dunn believes they are simply a team displaying commitment that plays well within the rules of the game.

Wenger has been openly critical of Blackburn ever since a fractious FA Cup semi-final between the two sides in 2005 and Dunn feels it is about time the Frenchman learned to hold his tongue.

‘I disagree totally with what he said,’ Dunn told the Daily Mirror.

‘Committed, yes, aggressive, yes, but they have better players than us with more ability going through the team so we have to close that gap and make it into a little bit of a battle.

‘It’s getting a little bit funny because every time we play Arsenal, they’re the ones who say we’re violent. But we’re not, we’re committed and that’s what you would expect from any team.

‘It always seems to be the Arsenal camp who come out with that kind of comment. I wouldn’t be so sure Alex Ferguson would say that and he would expect that from his team as well.’

I have one thing to say about this regardless of who it upsets…



24 Replies to “Dunny Hits Back At Moaning Wenger”

  • I know there is always 2 sides to every story before the Gunners come on here moaning. We’ve heard plenty of your side so its only fair we defend ourselves.

  • Blimey, is this still raging on?? We have a game to look FORWARD to at the weekend. Good luck for the rest of the season lads, hope you beat Everton into 5th or Spurs into 6-7th. ‘Bout time we said au revoir to all this now.

  • Who is it thats carrying it on?? Blackburn players & fans. Wenger made his comments after the game on sunday, Fat boy Dunn is making his on tuesday. Hughes already defended the club so the only people that need to shut up are those connected to Blackburn. I also remember Hughes making remarks about another team last season when he thought they kicked Blackburn players & one ended up injured. Amazes me how that bloke thinks its ok to go out to cause injury, but when the favours returned your club cry about it. As for the likes of Ferguson not saying anything, well you must be joking. Benitez, Mourinho, Ferguson & Wenger have all complained about Rovers tactics in the past two years & there are many others besides such eg Roeder!!

  • What more do you expect? Hughes was a dirty, dirty player so its only obvious the team he managers will be dirty too. One thing that always stood out about hughes as a player was his tendencies to hold his face when he went to ground, even if someone stood on his foot. I noticed 3 bolton players…urm sorry, blackburn players do the same in the game against arsenal this past weekend. Well you can be as “commited” as you want but thats not going to stop the FA from fining you 100 000 for being the dirtiest team in the league. Besides, im glad it was dummy for coming out and saying something so that at least it was a blackburn player justifying wengers comments.

  • Yes I can read and he is probably just as stupid as he looks. ‘Committed, yes, aggressive, yes, but they have better players than us with more ability going through the team so we have to close that gap and make it into a little bit of a battle.’

    In other words, ‘if we dont kick the living ***** out of them and do everything we can to hurt them then they will tear us apart.

  • Whatever you say Trennon, you are clearly right Rovers deserve the bad name they have, nothing but thugs!!! That’s what you want to hear isn’t it, you can go now……

  • Actually pal I dont need to hear the truth that is silently known. As a fan of any football team your first instinct is to always defend your team. But it becomes a little much when all you are trying to do is convince yourself. The game ended on Sunday in a draw. Fine. We lost 2 points because of a stupid lapse in concentration from an error prone keeper. Fine its over now. Why did dunn say anything? It’s that having to convince himself that he isnt a complete tosser and ending up just proving wenger right in what he said and making himself look stupid in the process. Well done! Personally I would ask him to shut his big mouth just as we have asked Gallas to shut his.

  • Guys, imagine the furore if we had beaten Arsenal! Btw, Trennon, arguably, WE lost two points because of a stupid lapse in concentration from a great keeper. As for the majority of your supporters who have posted comments on this site, the main point is, you didn’t win, and you didn’t deserve to win. Get over it. Move on…think of yourself as butter melting in the summer sun or something…and for God’s sake, relax!

  • I’m not trying to convince wmyself of anything, all he is saying is that Arsenal have all round better talent but Rovers wanted to compete, put the Gunners off their stride and play them like the game should be played, not like a bunch of fairies who cry like little girls…. London arrogance as usual.

  • Don’t you all know that you HAVE to let Arsenal football, let them play THEIR game. Other clubs are NOT allowed a game plan to stop them playing football. It’s an unwritten rule. (I got carried away with using capitals then. I thought I was HDM for a moment…)

  • Mikey, i don’t think “London arrogance as usual” is particulry fair. Unless Man Yoo and Liverpool also transcended from the capital (I know most of their supporters do). As I have said before that many of us think that Wenger was out of line in making that statement, including myself and my dad (who was at the game), but you will get those who also agree with Le Boss. I normally find that you bunch are normally quite balanced in listening to other people’s views, so i find it slightly surprising to refer to us as “fairies who cry like little girls”. Anyway que sera sera.

  • Fair enough hatespur, you’ve not said one thing I disagree with but some of the things being said by some fans is absolutely ridiculous. We are a balanced lot and we like banter but when you get verbally attacked for very little reason you have to defend yourself.

  • Furry muff. I just don’t see the point in making enemies of teams like Blackburn and Everton as you are precisely the teams that we’ll be hoping to push Spertz out of the WAFFA Cup places. Can’t wait to see their £100m squad in the intertwobob next season.

  • hatespur that competition is gold!!! lol… did us ok this year. But i see your point, spending all that money and making zero progress isnt exactly good progress.

  • In all fairness i’d say that whilst Blackburn overperform considering their rescources, Spertz have to be the biggest under-achievers in the history of sport.

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