Date: 13th October 2009 at 8:59am
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Its only October and yet the media are already speculating who will move where and how – you know the usual stuff.

But interestingly it is a striker that Rovers are being linked with most, probably due to probability of the talented Franco Di Santo leaving in January to head back Chelsea.

Chelsea currently have a transfer ban hanging over them and will more than likely be needing their tall striker back.

So who are we linked with in this eventuality?

Well the first two names are up and running. Step forward Simeon Jackson and Emile Heskey.

Heskey has vocally declared that he will consider his future when January rocks up and Simeon Jackson, currently on fire for Gillingham will also be subject to attention due to his power and goal scoring record – including a penalty against Rovers in the Carling Cup.

This seems interesting to me as they are both a different type of striker, Heskey a link man between attack and midfield, Jackson a power house out and out striker.

Who would you want here? Or is there still hope of retaining Di Santo come Febuary for the rest of the season?


15 Replies to “Emile Heskey or Simeon Jackson?”

  • Personally I would be more up for a move for Simeon as he has the suprise factor and has excelled in front of goal… but could Heskey be the dark horse?

  • Agreed, I’d take Simeon. Looks decent, has good pace and will be eager to prove himself. Heskey just doesn’t cut it for me, a striker that doesn’t score isn’t good…we have a fair collection of those already! Plus if we want a link man up front we can stick Dunn up there or Kalinic might come good by then (I hope).
    Also noticed we’ve been linked with Guillaume Hoarau, good player at PSG although £10m asking price might rule us out 🙁

  • I´d go for Jackson, but has he always scored goals or is this first season? If this is the first, it could be luck, we a striker with stability. Everytime I see England play international matches, I´m always shocked that Heskeys always playing. I don´t know if we need a fallen “star” whos getting older and older.

    A player I would love to see is Cignac

  • Jackson, but to be honest, I can think of several players id want more…. If we get rid of JR then bring Jackson in… but otherwise, look elsewhere…

  • with the big boys coming up the rest of the month, i doubt we will have too many points by xmas… lol get benni mc out there!

  • I’m with you dude, I don’t think that we need another striker and wouldn’t take Heskey anyway!! Jackson isn’t going to walk into the first team is he, so would he be any benefit really??

  • Well if he continues with his 1 striker mentality then they r gonna get dillusioned i mean im hopin by jan kalinic starts firing so unless he changing his formation i dont see him bringing anyone in unless we sell

    We have Benni, roberts, kalinic and junior(Even after franco leaves in jan which at the moments is very likely)

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