Date: 18th June 2007 at 9:42pm
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r.waterfall shares his thoughts on the Chelsea confirming their interest in Blackburn Rovers striker Benni McCarthy, to which they were told they couldn’t have him?

Chelsea have told Blackburn to name their price for Benni. We have said he is not for sale. Wrong answer!

Bearing in mind McCarthy’s change of loyalty over the last 6 months and the likelihood of him arranging a media transfer request, now he knows Chelsea want him, we should have said £35m and waited for the reaction.

If “yes”, Mark Hughes would bring in some good players for that. If Chelsea came back with some derisory offer, THEN would be the time to tell them he is not for sale.

What if Chelsea offered £30m or say £20m + Shevchenko? Before anyone says these fees are too high, Leeds sold Rio Ferdinand for £29.1, that was years ago and for a defender!

McCarthy is the one player who might bring the record transfer fee, between 2 British clubs, back to BRFC.




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  • Like r.waterfall says most will probably say this is too much money (and personally I think it is) but with Rovers being in the driving seat here WE were in the commanding position, so by doing just as r.waterfall says Rovers would have stamped their authority on the situation (I know technically they have by saying he is not for sale, but now it is quite possible Benni could whinge to the media again after being unsettled by this?!?!)
    Even though Benni is 29-years-old ANYTHING below £10 million SHOULD not even be answered too, around this figure with a player(s) thrown in then it gets interesting. As I have said before it will be interesting to see how Benni reacts to this latest news.

  • We can not sell McCarthy..or Pederson or even Bently (and the fact that one of the big clubs has not made significant threats to buy him still puzzles me). I am really worried that if one of the better players goes, others will follow. I dont care how much we get. What I feel we need is to make a good signing asap to show other teams that we intend to progress and help settle any of our players that feel we have reached our peak and will not challenge for anything next year. Its all well and good saying we will have players back from injury and that will be like new signings. If a couple of players get injured again we are back to square one. Every day I read or hear that teams like West Ham and Vill are looking to spend cash. We should be too. If we dont do anything we will go backwards.

  • I’m not convinced you are in the driving position here – it’s either Benni or Chelsea who hold all the aces – after all, whilst you can turn down bids for him, you can’t make him want to stay (though for what it’s worth, I hope he does have a change of heart – a good player, playing for a decent manager is better than Roman/Jose stockpiling evryone else’s best players.)

  • U have a point mansell, but we have the contract. Benni has a few years in his contract we get rubbish offers then he is not for sale.

  • all depends on what it says in his contract,if he has an escap clause allowing him to leave for a certain amount then its Benni who’s got all the aces i’d say.

  • sharkgravy – Yeah, we could go backwards but signing for the sake of it is not the way to go is it, and could even aid this in happening?!?! Sparky likes to bide his time before he makes a move. He will ONLY sign players that will improve the starting XI though for me, as we have a good enough squad that doesn’t really (in my opinion) need anymore squad players. I think we’ll keep players anyway, espeically with the takeover talk, this will excite players as well as the fans.

  • Adam Mansell – Like sasman I do think you have a point but a contract ties the player to a club, he might not like it but he signed it so unless Rovers get what is best for them (and not Benni!) he’ll go nowhere.
    gavins – Your point links into the pevious thoughts, so I’ll keep it within the same post. The club keep telling us Benni has no escape clause, so like I say if it isn’t best for Rovers for him to go, he’ll go nowhere.

  • Yes everyone has a price and can be replaced. Should we get a great offer for Benni then yeah take it! Blackburn are not in the position where we can let a player like Benni just sit out his contract, He’s a good player but everyone can be replaced, if he dosnt want to stay and fight in the club colours then get rid, let him sit on Chelsea’s bench if that the total of his ambition, cos he wont play a major part in any success they have wot woth Drogba, Pizzaro possibly Shevchenko and Kalou ahead of him so far! I dont want to see the man leave Rovers and think that for his footballing sake he should stay put and help Rovers move up the next level

  • I reckon we should say to clubs to over pay for him. Liverpool are asking for 12 million for Bellamy so why shouldnt we ask for more??? We are in the driving seat… he has a long term contract and he has a big reputation now.

  • Exactly Mikey (and I also MORE than agree with you Clint) if Bellers can be worth up to £12 million (?!?!) then why should Benni (who lets be honest is a PROVEN goalscorer and only a couple of years older!!!) be worth any less just because he plays for Rovers or the fact that he is 29-years-old? I know Shevchenko is a different kettle of fish but Chelsea paid £30 million for a 30-year-old why is it unthinkable that Rovers SHOULD demand at least £10-15 million for Benni.

  • I am not convinced by Darren Bents myself! WHY people are willing to pay ANYWHERE near that for him I can’t understand?!?!

  • Form the looks of my last post there are actually TWO Darren Bent’s (as I seem to imply with my plural as opposed to singular reference to him!) so that is fair enough LOL!

  • benni and bent are similar in a way, Bent scored a lot of goals one season and failed to live up to that, we have to see if Benni can do the same. I agree that if Bellemy is supposedly worth £12m then Benni is worth the same if not more. I think the bigger clubs think they can get players cheap off the likes of Blackburn with talk of wanting players who then say they want a transfer, but we do hold the cards with Benni, long term contract and no need to sell, its going to take a really good offer from Chelsea to get him, so lets see how much Jose wants him, or is he panicking after only winnig 2 cups?? going for a player who he knows and that he could have picked up cheap a couple of years ago, but didnt!! I think this tells a story in its self

  • In the current market as it is (price paid by Villa for Young, price paid by Chelsea for 30-year-old Shev, price quoted for Bent, price quoted for Bellars) with those in mind Rovers should clean up £20mill+. This may sound unrealistic to many but that is what the market would dictate. A prem second top goalscorer doesn’t come cheap. Alas he won’t be going anywhere no matter how much he moans. He will learn to love the club again!!!!!

  • Im sorry but you wont get that price for him at his age, i know you can name shev 30m price but there was a difference in reputation and no offence the club they were dealing with ac milan ARE a bigger club than chelsea so this inflated the price and at the time shev was seen as the worlds number one striker. mccarthy is good and i honestly think u cud get around 10-13m from chelsea but that price only from chelsea.

  • Buckers you are rite in wot u say in the fact that Sheva was bought by a team with a lot of money from a team which history wise are bigger, but why should this matter when it comes to buying players? Would it have been, that say Sheva was playing fro Rovers that Chelsea would have got him cheaper cos it was Rovers?? ( saying that Sheva still had the same reputation and all as he did at AC ) I just think its stupid that it depends on the club which dictates the price a player should be. As Roversman has said Benni was 2nd top goal scorer in the league just behind a player, aho granted is younger, but cost £24m, now why shouldnt Rovers ask for the bidding to start at least £15m then?? not saying that wot we’ll get should he leave, but just putting forward the idea!?

  • THERE IS NO RELEASE FEE CLAUSE IN HIS CONTRACT!!!!! im sure i even heard the lad himself say it. If there was it would be triggered by now, unless we were smart and put it at 20 mill or something

  • when we say Bent we dont mean Marcus Bent by the way ;)…. Benni should be worth at least £20 million. Goals wins games and he scores them on the highest level all the time.

  • clint…dont get me wrong ur points are valid but u and i both know it doesnt work that way. Shev was proving himself as the worlds best for 5 years ( or was it more) at one of the worlds best clubs u cant do much better than that combined with chelsea throwing silly money around 30m was the price. However chelsea are not throwing their money around now and wont be held to ransom furthermore ac milan ar a bigger club so they can keep shev if they wanted to offer him more money than chelsea and still claim to be a bigger club but in this instance, blackburn cant match what chelsea offer to mccarthy chelsea know that mccarthy wants to leave and “dirty” tactics could easily be used to issue a transfer request. I think an offer of 12m would be very hard to turn down as the player wont be able to command that few this time next year and you could use that money to strengthen other areas. I dont want it to happen as i hate the way chelsea go about business but when it comes to buying players from (no offence meant) smaller clubs chelsea will use every trick in the book to get their man

  • oh I know that mate and i agree with u but I was just saying it shouldnt work that way and I agree that once Chelsea and especailly Jose want a player they use all the tactics in the book, Like the pther day when he said that he ( Jose ) knew that Benni wanted to work with him again. But again as Mikey has just said goals win games ( as do defences and goalies but another topic lol ) and a proven goalscorer should go for big money no matter who he currently plays for. Why should Rovers lose a player that scored 20+ goals and cost anywhere between £1.8 -£2.5m for leats say less than half the price of a player who is 1yr older, cost £30m and didnt have the impact on this league that he should probably have had!!! Benni does not ahve the reputation that Sheva has but its proven that he can cope with teh Premier League better, therefore a team from England should pay bigger for a player who can cut it here, regardless of world wide reputation – Chelsea know they would get a player that would fire them in goals and should pay Rovers a fair price wot they could potentially lose out on.

  • Lol Mikey. Clint does make some valid points, soi much so I shalln’t waste time repeating them. Alas, I don’t think Chelsea will get their man cos they wont pay the £15mill required to prise him away.

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