Date: 10th May 2010 at 1:04am
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With only the finalisation of the finer details remaining, it looks like Australian Outfit, Sydney FC, will host a pre-season international tournament against Boca Juniors, Rangers and the mighty Blackburn Rovers.

Details are to be finalised, however speculation is that the mini tournament will take place towards the back end of July, as Sydney FC has booked the Sydney Football Stadium on 4 seperate days.

With the World Cup due to be completed, it looks like all teams would have their international stars available, hopefully filling the 40k capacity stadium.

It could prove to provide a financial windfall for Blackburn, with Brett Emerton and Vince Grella leading the merchandising sales for the club.

What makes this sweeter is that all the games will be played in Sydney!!!!! Go you good thing!!!

Everton will also visit Australia, with their pre-season tour beginning early July


15 Replies to “Exclusive- Rovers to Tour Down Under!!!”


  • Oh my god!!! This is the greatest news i have heard… EVER!!!
    I nearly peed a little bit of happiness in my pants!!!!!
    Cant believe it!!! This is s awesome!!
    Am almost lost for words!!! OMG,OMG,OMG,OMG!!!
    And i’m a Sydney boy!!!
    To have them play in my backyard is just fantastic!!!
    Won’t be getting much sleep tonight, Very excited!!

  • woooot!!!! still celebrating!!! we catching up for a drink ozirover!!!! il be at all 3 games or however many they play!!! woooottttt

  • Definetely!!!! No doubt in my fuzzy little mind…
    It would be an honour!!
    And mate i will be at all of them too!!!
    I’m even having a few celebratory drinks!!
    This is amazing! Such great news!!
    Although i must say i am a Sydney FC fan… But my much loved Rovers come first, By a long shot!!

  • Dont kidnap them guys, we need them back in England for End of July please… seriously though I am pleased for all the VB Aussies, enjoy yourself and say hello to Vince and Brett in style!!!

  • Ive been lurking in the background, Checking the site pretty much everyday, But only signed up when the original news came through a couple of weeks ago..

  • ahh crap… happy for all you sydney boys. cheers on the rovers and make them want to come back (this time to perth)

  • Oh my God we’ll never hear the last of this lol!! However, I’m glad for our Aussie Rovers (and we’ve got a lot of them) that they’ll see the boys this summer.

  • As I read this last week, I was looking at flights from SA to NSW. I am so there!!
    Having never seen the boys in the flesh, you poms don’t know how good you have it…
    Plus the chance to see Boca & Rangers, too good to pass up. Who else on here is planning a trip over?

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