Date: 31st July 2008 at 11:00am
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Dear football fan

With the new season just around the corner we’re running a short survey asking fans about their hopes for their team.

How will you do in the League? How will you do in the Cups?

It just takes a couple of minutes, so please click here to take part.

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Many thanks for your support

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4 Replies to “FFC Survey – Hopes & Fears For New Season”

  • Walker iv not filled it in pal but iv gotta say that my concerns are growing by the day!!! Im bein totally truthful when i say that i have the inside track on the current squad through one of the players that currently plays for our boys. What i’m hearing is worrying to say the least….
    Apparently in Portugal last week the players were put up in a hotel whilst our new leader spent his time in his private villa sending texts to Ray Mathias regarding team selections and what he wanted. It’s not gone down well with the players at all.
    Ince also brought in a military phys trainer who ended up toe to toe with Bentley which was the real reason that he left the training camp and came home. This happened in front of the squad and there’s already a few people that are unhappy with the set up.
    Some of u may think i’m talkin B*&%ocks or scare mongering but i’m not………………i really want Incey to do well but appareantly he’s nowhere near as hands on as Hughes was and leaves 95% of everything to Ray Mathias who has never dealt with Prem footballers before!!
    How do you motivate players who earn £30,000 per week??? It’s gotta be different to managing players on £300 per week who know that if they don’t do what they are told then they cant pay the mortgage next week…
    Mark my words fellas it’s gonna be a tough time!!

  • Cant say really mate, he luvs the club n isn’t sure what’s goin on. Wouldn’t say he’s made up his mind on Ince but the feelin isn’t brilliant. I dont want us to slide down the table in to another Fulham or Middlesborough…..a weekend paper has put us finishing 13th!!! Behind Boro… bad’s that??

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