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Its time to ask Bombom the Vital Questions…..

Your turn matey, GREAT, I think LOL

Bombom, what do you think of the progress achieved on Vital Blackburn. How far have we gone from when you started?

To be honest, I cannot remember how I stumbled across it, it was probably via an article by HDM or RM though the Blackburn section. Was mucho quiet back then, there was a few people on the boards but it was literally 4-5 regulars that posted on the articles, HDM being the main one (Like much has changed eh? Lol) For some inexplicable reason, I stuck around, enjoyed the banter with the other lads, Clint and Ex Ewood Resident (Simdoquo I think he is going by these days) and maybe one or two others. I just started answering the comments left and generally raised hell (and debate! Heh) During that time I got on really well with HDM and RM and then back in the summer He invited me and Mikey to join the team (largely in part, I believe to the effort me and Mikey put in during the infamous “Spuds War” LOL)

As most of you will know, I had to take an enforced break last year and since I have returned on a regular basis I have noticed that there is a much increased use of the forums and we are getting lots of people commenting on the articles now. That`s down, in large to the superb stuff the rest of the team has been churning out in my absence. I have long said that this is the only Rovers website that I post on, on the net. I have many accounts at various Rovers websites but I always came back here as I enjoyed the banter and firmly believe that this is now the premier Rovers website on the net for fans. So I think that this place has moved on incredulously since I joined up as a member and, as far as I am concerned, the sky is the limit for Vital Rovers.

Looking at the current squad, where do you think our weakness lies and who could we sign to improve that area. Where do you think our strength is?

The current squad is probably the best team that we have had since Sherwood hoisted that strange looking trophy back in May 1995. We have the most consistent Keeper in the league, possibly in the world in Friedel and some very strong defenders in Samba, Nelsen and Warnock. We also have some quality in the middle too with Tugay, Dunn and, on his day, Reid (wish he started having some of his “days” is all!) When they are on form, we have the best wing combination in the league IMO in Bentley and Gamst. Up front, I cannot remember being in a stronger position to be honest. Santa Cruz was a stroke of genius with a little helping of luck too. McCarthy on his day is lethal and we have the most promising English striker in the league in Matty Derbyshire. Overall, it is a very strong squad but I feel that the strength of the team is the back five. I remember not too long ago and the defence that lined up with Lorenzo Amoruso and Martin “Deer in the headlights” Taylor with Vlatty Gresko at left back (and Sebastian Pelzer backing him up!!) we used to concede goals like it was fashionable.

That is the exact opposite now. We have a solid back line which gives us confidence to push forward more and be more attack minded, which makes us a much better footballing side. As for weakness, I have long stated my opinion that we need a recognised Right Back and I still stand by that comment although I think Emerton has improved immeasurably in that position this year to be fair to him. I also feel that with the sale of Savage we are very thin on the ground in the middle of the park (the recent game against Arsenal will attest to that) and could do with strengthening too. As for signings, if money was no object then Right Back, I would go got Rafinha of Schalke and Rafael Van Der Vaart and/or Wesley Sneijder for the middle of the park. If we are being realistic however, then Right back I do like Ryan Taylor or the lad Sunderland signed, Paul McShane and midfield I would love to see Tom Huddlestone in there. We aren`t far from a squad to challenge seriously for a top 4 spot IMO though!

Everyone has a favourite. Who is your all time favourite Rover and why?

That`s a difficult one mate. The obvious answer is Super Al for what he did for Rovers and what he achieved whilst here (along with the fact that he had his best years at Rovers and was ABSOLUTELY WASTED at Newcastle!) but, hand on my heart, I would probably have to say Colin Hendry. That guy would put his head, chest and on a few occasions even his testicles on the line for Rovers` cause. He was nicknamed “Braveheart” for a reason! In the same vein, that why the player that probably got closest to my heart however was Matt Jansen. That lad had so much potential and more importantly, he didn`t know the meaning of the words “Give up”. I loved his attitude when he played for Rovers and he was beginning to realise that potential when the silly sod went and rented a moped in Italy. If he hadn`t been ill and had to pull out of one of Ericsson`s friendly games before the WC 2002, who knows what would have become of him. For that, Matt Jansen will always hold a special little place in my heart.

What do you think of the so called plans to play a 39th premier league round abroad?

I do not see what all the fuss is about to be brutally honest. The idea itself is fine but, for me anyhow, it wouldn`t be an extra game, it would be one of the existing 38 games. There are some “kinks and quirks” that needed to be ironed out before it was ready to be presented to the general population. In theory, I really did not see what the issues were. For example, there has long been a cry for a winter break, why not implement a month break, starting at the end of November, with the first games back being Boxing Day and the last game before that winter break could`ve been the “abroad” game. I think it is a moot point now however as everyone and their respective dogs have basically poo poo`d it.

Where will we end up, who will win the premier league and who will get relegated?

If we can put a run together, we realistically have an opportunity for grabbing 4th. I still think that we will get a UEFA place and to be brutally honest, if we don`t, it will feel like a failed season, especially with the poor showing in the cups this season. As for the other half of that question, I think Arsenal will grab the title, just! Relegation is sewn up for Derby, so congrats to them (Sorry Derby fans!) and Fulham would do well to stay up too. The final spot could be one of about 5. Personally, I hope that Newcastle get dragged into it and what better way to help but by putting a few goals past them during the next fixture at Toon Town, in front of the “Geordie Massive!”

VBer Forever, Peace!

Thanks Bombom,

I wonder who could be next





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