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Sas is of to the land of the free, the US of A!

Sas had dissapeared off the radar. After his last international trip, and the mischievous behaviour he got up to, the granting of a tourist Visa has been difficult to obtain. However, the lovely Americans allowed him into the country, and he bumps into a fellow Rover!!

1) Tell us a little about yourself! Who are you, what do you do, and why Blackburn!

I would first like to announce I would be DommyWalker from now on instead of dominator2800. This change is to partly pay tribute to our legendary Jack Walker, partly pay tribute to my favorite drink of all time, and partly take away any provocative thought that may arise from my old screen name.

I am currently a master student for city planning in Philadelphia. I have lived in a couple cities in the US but I grew up in Hong Kong.

hen I started watching football when I was 10, Blackburn had it all. They have the best players at every position, playing in my favorite formation. Not to mention Blackburn have the coolest looking kit and logo. The club basically has it all and it was love at first sight. I may not be the most loyal guy to women and other things, but Blackburn will forever be my club.

2) Sam Allardyce’s Babes they are calling them. Nikola Kalinic, Martin Olsson, Steve Nzonzi and now Phil Jones (darn i feel I am missing someone lol, if I am, just add him in). What do you think of these arising stars? Which one will make the longest impression

I can’t believe you missed out on Hoilett.(oops!) Their rise to prominence has been a huge boost to the club. They combine to fill up 6 different positions that the club is short in talent. Great job by the academy and Big Sam for bringing up these youngsters as they are particularly important to a cash-strapped club. I share the same views on these youngsters with most of the fans, but I do need to give a shout out to Jonesy, and i have faith that Kalinic will come through next season. He reminds me of RSC in terms a style, but with better dribbling skills. I really do think they are all big-time players, so the question is who we would be able to hold for the longest. I would put my bet on Phil Jones ’cause he’s local and Nzonzi ’cause his game is less flashy.

) El Hadji Diouf. Love him or hate him? Is Sam Allardyce the only manager that can get the best out of him?

Touch question. I would go with like just because he has been committed to the club and he seems to score the important goals in the rare occasions that he does. This, however, does not mean he should be a regular starter for the club. He lacks pace and creativity. It is so frustrating to see him to cut in and bring the ball back on fast breaks. Hoilett and Emo should be better choices for his position. I do think Big Sam is the only manager that can get the best out of him, but unfortunately, this is as good as he is going to get .

) Goal Keeper! Would you persist with Paul Robinson in goals heading into next season? Or is one too many errors enough for a replacement to come in?

This is a no-brainer. I have my vote behind Robbo. He has settled in well and is especially great with head-on shots. He may be shaky with crosses at times, but who isn’t. He’s definitely one of the best in the league and I don’t know how many times I need to ask: Why isn’t he on the England team? He has to be the top 3, if not the top, goalkeepers of England.

) Looks like transfer season has come early, with rumours flooding in and we are not even half way through April! How do you think our offseason will shape?

Like Big Sam said, it will be a quiet summer. Our frontline will certainly be stretched thin with Di Santo leaving. This is an area where Big Sam will take care of certainly. To me, I have a bigger concern for our midfield. We desperately needs some pace, creativity, and flair in the middle. My priority would be on an attacking central midfielder and right wing. With better provision, even Roberts will start scoring some. I have a nagging feeling Gamst will leave for Olympiakos though.

) Where will we finish, who will win The EPL and who will get relegated!!

Cause of my late response, I am essentially cheating on this question. Chelsea seems to be a safe bet at this point. Portsmouth and Hull City will go down for sure, and I am calling a dramatic escape by Burnley at the expense of Wigan. As for us, I say we finish at 10th.

Superb! Cheers for that Matey!

Bon Voyage!!!

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