Date: 4th February 2007 at 10:30pm
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If you had the money of a Roman Abramovich and even a time machine I’m sure you would love to put together a Blackburn Rovers Greatest Ever Squad? This is your chance as we continue compiling this squad with the Central Midfielders!

We all have our favourite players and know of the legendary ones even if we haven’t seen them so now is our chance to get these brought together as you the Vital Blackburn Rovers fans get a chance to compile what you consider the Greatest Ever Blackburn Rovers Squad.

This squad will comprise of the following, with the goalkeepers, left-backs, central defenders, right-backs and left midfielders already selected:

3 Goalkeepers (Tim Flowers, Brad Friedel & Bobby Mimms)

2 Left-backs (or Wing-backs) (Stig Inge Bjornebye & Graeme Le Saux)
4 Centre-backs (Henning Berg, Mike England, Colin Hendry & Ryan Nelsen)
2 Right-backs (or Wing-backs) (Bob Crompton & Lucas Neill)

2 Left midfielders (or Wingers) (Damien Duff & Morten Gamst Pedersen)
4 Central Midfielders
2 Right midfielders (or Wingers)

4 Forwards

To put together this squad we need to think of names so below leave your suggestion for the CENTRAL MIDFIELDER or CENTRAL MIDFIELDERS you would like to be considered for selection. It doesn`t matter if the player is an attacking, defensive, holding, whatever so long as he plays, or played centrally.

Once we have enough names (at least five, ideally six) we will put it to the vote and the top four will make it into the Greatest Ever Rovers Squad.

Should you suggest more than six central midfielders I will either have to consider those most frequently suggested or somehow get you to decide on the final six people voted on? JUST BECAUSE SOMEONE ELSE MENTIONS A PLAYER DON’T THINK YOU CAN’T AS YOU CAN; the more mentions a player gets the better his chance of at least making the poll!

This is your chance so post your central midfielders names below. Why not also post a word or two on why you have selected them…

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31 Replies to “Greatest Ever Squad Central Midfield”

  • There are names a plenty to be listed here, as always I want to mainly leave it to you guys and see what you come up with but to kick things off lets not overlook Ronnie Clayton, Duncan McKenzie and Eddie Quigley.

  • If the MAESTRO does not feature in this top central midfield vote, I will walk around SYdney Australia in a Burnley Jersey. TUGAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. ALso might as well throw in Savage, Reid, Dunny as they have all played fantastic football in the central role

  • Tugay will almost certainly be one of the six in the vote, hell one of the four in the squad maybe even one of the two eventually selected in the Greatest XI! Sav would also get a mention along with Dunny. As much as I rate Reidy not sure he’ll have done enough just yet but again has to get a mention or two. I’d probably have mentioned all four so good calls sasman, sure others will agree with most also. There are still plenty of names out there.

  • Ill state the obvious, Tim Sherwood. What about Steve Archibald? Ossie Ardiles? David Batty? Goping back a bit further you have to include Ronnie Clayton and Jimmy Forrest along with Howard Kendall and Eddie Latheron.

  • Surely we can’t take Ossie into account can we? Without doubt a legend of the game but he only played a handful of games didn’t he. Howard Kendall, one of the best footballers not to gain England recognition (if he did it was only a cap or two, but don’t think he did?) and what a great manager! Batty, Sherwood, Latheron for sure. Archibald, another real quality player but was more of a forward though wasn’t he, and again only a few games really whilst on loan.

  • Shocking wasn’t it BomBom, Moran only got a few mentions (one was mine!) so missed out on the votes. God old Cowans, was such an underrated footballer for me.

  • depends on whether your going for a “best player to play in a rovers shirt” or “most sucessful players ever to play for rovers” I mean Archibald and Ardiles were very classy players who, granted did not achieve much with us but did wonders at other clubs, yet they still played for us. Other wise, its players who had their finrst moments in a rovers shirt

  • It is understandable that more recent players feature rather than indivioduals from the past. Gordon Cowans was superb. I cannot believe that Keith Newton is not in at right back though. It is good to think back too. We had a wonderful midfield player called Colin Randell. He was majestic, but only played for us at a lower level. He was a diamond though.

  • It may be understandable but it still isn’t tight nut all, so I can relate to the frustration of people. Players like Keith Newton missing out wasn’t right be this at left or right-back. The squad, and even the selected XI CAN and WILL almost certainly change over time. Once the squad has been selected before the Greatest XI selected from this the current squad will be looked at and maybe changed, at this moment especially left and right-back’s will come under the spotlight. We’ll then look at if players should or shouldn’t stay in but more on this nearer the time.

  • There are a lot of names from the past not represented, such as Jim Branagan, Kevin Hird, Bill Eckersley. Walter Crook, Derek Fazackerley. All names from the past who would not be the firdt into the mind when it comes to Rovers Greatests but have served the club very well throughout the years!

  • In fairness BomBom some of those names had been suggested in previous positions and maybe even made votes but didn’t make the cut…all this can as I say be re-addressed at a latter date.

  • If … (I’ll not say the name as technically it would be another mention for him) got into the selection I would honestly pack in running this site, would make a mockery of all that is great about Rovers!!! As for the Maestro if he doesn’t make the squad it would be a crime and could be worthy of a similar treatment!

  • So, does that mean that Georios Donis isnt going to make it into the greatest Right sided midfielder vote then? LOL Jimmy Forrest and Ronnie Clayton for me!

  • Donis was to be the first name I mdentioned! lol 🙂 Don’t forget BomBom it will be FOUR central midfielders getting into the squad not just the two.

  • a ha! but only 2 can start, and that would be my midfield pairing. When you think about it, there isnt a whole wealth of talent we have ever had at this position.

  • I thought you meant as much BomBom. Don’t worry sasman you’ll not be walking around Australia wearing it as he’s almost certainly got enough mentions already to make the poll…you’ll have to put up with me running this site a little longer lol 🙂 One thing you will have to bare the shame of is watching England BEAT you guys in the best of three one day final! The three loins are roaring back!?!?!

  • I have had a thought HDM, we both know that the “newer names” will be more popular, so will you do me a favour? will you let me know when you put up the vote and post a link to the discussion in the 100% Rovers section for discussion on it too? I will provide some background on some of the older players to try and highlight the reasons why they should be included. Would that be OK?

  • Drop me a PM BomBom to clarify exactly what you mean, think I get it but that will clear up any lingering doubts. Basically my take on it is you want me to direct people to a thread in the forum you will post detailing each persons merits at getting into the squad.

  • TUGAY is obviously a cert or at least should be! Dunny has played his best football at Blackburn and would get my other vote. Kendall also was very instrumental especially during the promotion push that got us out of the then 3rd division way back when – I remember him being the main player from midfield. By the way HDM have I missed Tugay’s answers to those questions we put to him?

  • Basically, you have six names, most, unfortunatly would go for Sherwood (Prem winning Captain) and Clayton i would think, but there are soo many other players deserving of people vote. Does anyone on here actually know Jimmy Forrests achievements? Realistically, Tugay should not be in the greatest XI but he probably will, same goes for Dunn. It is a matter of opinion and anyone under 30 will never have heard of most of the bygone era Legends (YES, I am still in that age bracket!) and will click for the name they recognise and identify with. I have been scouring various sources for info on other midfiled players throughtout our illustrious history and, i have to say even i wouldve probably voted the same way, until i did a bit of research. There are far more deserving candidates than the obvious ones over the “premiership” years. Also, MARK ATKINS WAS NOT A ROVERS GREAT! Before anyone trys to argue that point, get a copy of ANY game he played in during the championship season and just watch him, good god, he was lazy, pointing at other players and telling them where to go etc, all he did was wear out the centre circle, unless he got forward for a goal scoring opportunity! I think it would be nice for some people to “clue up” on long gone players before voting!

  • OK then BomBom when I know the suggestions are coming to an end, which will be in the next day or so as I doubt anymore will be suggested now I’ll let you know which six are up for the vote then if you want to prepare something in the forum with information on them when I post an article on them going on I will link to what you’ve said. So I’ll PM you the names and you can work your magic and I’ll link you up.

  • A bit of friendly banter is always welcome. England to win the one day series now aye. Ah u pommys can keep on dreaming, i dont think you will be claimin the ashes again for another decade, let alone the one day trophy

  • Ahh we will see about this one sasman, a week ago I thought we’d be back home by now with almost certain elimination from the one day series but the boys dug in and (eventually!) done us proud. A morale boosting trophy win over the Aussies will set us up nice for the World Cup. The Ashes will be returning to England in the summer of 2008. By the way sasman there is a thread in the forum about England – Australia and the cricket so may be worth checking it out and our friendly banter can contiune? Here is the link

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