Date: 30th March 2007 at 12:54pm
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For sometime now we’ve been trying to put together what we feel is the Greatest Ever Blackburn Rovers Squad. This has been selected but now is time for a recap and in some cases a re-evaluation.

This recap will entail us going through the positions, looking at those already selected and deciding are “they really worthy of their place in the Greatest Ever Rovers Squad?

This squad comprises of:

3 Goalkeepers

2 Left-backs (or Wing-backs)
4 Centre-backs
2 Right-backs (or Wing-backs)

2 Left-midfielders (or Wingers)
4 Central Midfielders
2 Right-midfielders (or Wingers)

4 Forwards

When we looked at the goalkeepers first time round, these six men were the men with the most mentions, and hence they made the poll.

Jim Arnold
Reg Elvy
Tim Flowers
Brad Friedel
Terry Gennoe
Bobby Mimms

From these six the following three were selected.

Tim Flowers (17%)
Brad Friedel (27%)
Bobby Mimms (41%)

In this article I do not really want to influence people as this is unfair, but I think we would all agree that someone within doesn’t really deserve the amount of the vote they gained, I’m not saying they shouldn’t have been in the Squad but the amount pulled is too much (in my opinion).

So what do we do next?
Next we will go over the positional selections and once we have these positional placing selected to a level the majority agree on (not all will, but the majority will speak and be heard? hopefully!) we will start selecting the Greatest XI!

How do we review this?
Quite simple, YOU look at the people who have been brought into the squad, if you are not happy you mention the name in the comments section below for the name you think should come out and put forward the name (PLEASE NOTE – This doesn’t have to come from the original six mentioned!) you thought should come in (ideally why in both instances!)

From the names put forward to come in, and those to go out we should have a majority voicing their fair and honest opinion more fairly than a poll for this process. In a poll you just select a name, in some cases maybe that you like, by asking you to comment you mention a name with a reason why!

What happens if no one comments?
Quite simply if no one comments then no one comes in or out of the Squad and we’ll select a keeper for the Greatest XI from what we already have.

I DO NOT want this re-selection process to go to a vote, I want this process decided by the majority through your comments. People have no excuse to moan or be unhappy about who is and who isn’t in if they will not debate (not argue!) their point. In a split decision we will, well we will cross that bridge if and when it comes to it!

It’s a lot simpler than it may seem!
So simply leave the name(s) below for who you think should go out and add the name for the player that you think should come in, all ideally with reasons. This doesn’t need to be fully detailed but some reasoning would help.

Things can and will change over time
Do remember the squad can and will be changed over time at your request. This is a long running process as hopefully I will be around this site for YEARS to come, as will you?

Once we have decided (to the majority, not minority I’m afraid) we will have a finalised squad and then select a Greatest XI (this will go to a vote though!) I will reveal how the “appeals” process for change will happen once we fully finish this project.

So what are you waiting for?
You know what to do, have your say below. This re-evaluation process will run for a maximum of a week, this should give people plenty of time to have their say. If you don’t the true Greats (again I’m not saying those already selected aren’t, I’m not looking to sway opinion within this article, will do this below LOL!) could miss out, then who will be to blame? Without wanting to be harsh you, the Vital Blackburn members will as you would not have voiced your opinion?

Don’t forget “Walkerbout” Sunday Evening in the forum between 6pm & 8pm. Manchester United at Old Trafford is one subject; other topics up for debate are down to you! For more information click here.

Also don’t forget the forum itself, you can talk about whatever you want there and YOU decide what it is! Forum Link.

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25 Replies to “Greatest Ever Squad: Goalkeepers”

  • I don’t really want to start commenting just yet, want to sit on the fence and see what happens at first. Some of you already started with your thoughts on the goalkeepers (in a different thread) do share them again here, copy and paste if needed 🙂

  • Oh and the selection of Tim Flowers for the image doesn’t mean I think he’s the Greatest ‘keeper we’ve had, just means he’s one of them hence he made a good selection (plus I got to use his image LOL). Without question Flowers is one of the top three though, so will stay in 🙂

  • Well, Ill start off (no surprise there eh? lol) Mimms out, Gennoe In. Mimms didnt play as long as Gennoe and IMO Mimms was a servicable keeper but had his best years at Everton/Spurs. Although he played over 100 games for us and was the keeper when we won promotion, Gennoe was a great servant for us in the 80s, albeit at a lower level. If i am brutally honest, not really fussed whether Mimms stays or goes in this squad but am sure that if he stays, hes definatly number 3! Thoughts????

  • Spot on BomBom (Sorry, no arguement from me 😉 ) Gennoe in, Mimms out (Nothing against Bobby, but Flowers was always a personal favourite and Friedel has been arguably our best player, let alone goalkeeper, for years)

  • People are speaking so Mimms is gone (well so it looks!) unless people save him?!?! No argument from me on him being number three (if he stays, but looknig doubtful) he was NEVER the Greatest out of the lot as the poll suggests.

  • Yeah, sorry Bobby.. I think Reg Elvy should get the vote before Big Bradders smashes his consecutive record of 152 league appearances! some record whatever level of football.

  • well, seeing as I am the only one who has stated why i think mimms shouldn’t be there and why Gennoe SHOULD, I win. Seriously tho people, come on. Don’t just be saying, i think Mimms should be out and “Dai Jones” should be in, back it up, say why. Its called a discussion because we are supposed to discuss!!!

  • Don’t worry BomBom all is being taken on board. In fairness when one person gives a player credit (as you have) sometims people might not for fear of repeating what has been said. Mimms is out ????? will come in. Still a number of days yet before a decision is made SO KEEP PUTTING FORWARD IDEAS WITH REASONS (ideally!)

  • I’m not trying to shy away from saying who I want to come in or go out, I do like Mimms and think he was instrumental in our getting to the Premiership and our early success in it but I’m not sure he should be in?!?! On the other hand I’m not sure he should be out?!?! TIM FLOWERS and BRAD FRIEDEL are two that I would unquestionably keep. I’m torn between three, maybe four to join them so don’t want to jump in just yet!

  • I think that people should only post,if they have seen the player in person,how can you comment on someone u have never seen play.Roger Jones was an outstanding keeper,as was paul bradshaw,who once made the save of the season at cardiff,it was like goal of the season.I think that Tim Flowers was our best ever.That is because we won the league,Brad has been brilliant.

  • As I’ve said before Boddington I can see your argument but don’t agree! If people only posted on players they had seen play it would explain just why Mimms, Flowers and Friedel are the men selected here (and for instance Stig Inge Bjornebye is classed as a “greatest” left-back!), granted Flowers and Friedel are true Rovers Greats though!

  • For me, as good as some of the guys from years gone by have been I would tend to agree merlin although Bradders and Flowers are very closely matched, not sure how I could call between the two but may just go Bradders?!?!

  • If you aint seem em play,what are you basing your opinion on?.What someone else has told you.Then its not your opinion.Mimms was afectionately known as booby mimms,for obvious reasons.

  • Well not everyone can be wrong though can they?!?! Players gain legendary status through those that have. You can usually find some footage of them though can’t you. I still liked “Booby” Mimms though.

  • Moore, Pele and Clayton! i can’t say they are legends cause i never saw them…….. ummmmmm better go off archive footage, reports ohh yeah and what other people say. utter rubbish Bodd. I tell you what lets re name this fantastic idea of HDM to greatest Rovers players we’ve had lunch with in the last 20minutes……

  • Mimms out because although he had a fantastic record it was more the defence he had infront of him. Bradders Greatest because every week he pulls out something truely amazing… flowers close behind but not in the same league. (going to dig out my old archive vhs to see who really belongs in the team………

  • LOL Govtpros. As I think I’ve diplomatically said I’m with you. I’ve only really seen Bradders, Flowers and Mimms so would have to vote for them with such an argument. As much as I genuinely liked Mimms he wont get my vote. I want to go JIM ARNOLD as 19 clean sheets in Division Three in the 1979-1980 season is some feat! Keeping clean sheets is hard enough but keeping them at a lower level of the game even harder. This doesn’t help Mimms replacement much though!?!?

  • Right I’ll give this another day or so SO GET THE PLAYERS YOU WANT IN MENTIONED QUICKLY (AND WHY!) before it is too late. Then a final decision, based on what has been said will be made.

  • After a lot of soul searching I’m going to join BomBom (an others) and go with TERRY GENNOE. I’m not doing this to follow the crowd but think a decade of service, not often letting us down gives him the nod over Jim Arnold, the player I was weighing him off with.

  • Not sure we’ll get much more addition to this now so I think its about time to call it, who has made the FINAL squad will be revealed shortly!

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