Date: 5th June 2010 at 12:18pm
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Vince Grella looks to be on his way to Galatasaray as the club has reached an ‘agreement in principle’ to buy the player off Blackburn Rovers.

Vince has been plagued by little injuries ever since joining Blackburn back in 2008 – something which may have played a part in their willingness to sell the Aussie.

It is now in the players hands what he wants to do but Grella is borderline impossible to get a comment from as he prepares for the World Cup in South Africa.

£2 million is the fee reported by the Lancashire Telegraph which has been agreed between the sides and could pave the way for extra cash to buy a striker with.

One more striker and one less midfielder would not be a bad thing.


19 Replies to “Grella set for Galatasaray”

  • Seems to be like were clearing as much off the wagebill as we can so we can get a Guti or some such player.

    If we do all this hard work only to sign Beattie though. I would be biterly disappointed!

  • Wish him all the best but if this does go through its probably for the best. It just hasn’t worked out and the extra funds will be much needed.

  • whay! Guti or Ledley in to replace! + a 6 million striker now we have 2.15 from the league.. 1.75 from benny sale.. and 2m from this!

  • yes but we budgeted to finish 13th and its 750k per position.. so 750k x3 – £2.25m for the 3 places higher we finished which sam gets to spend..

  • IM BACK! lol

    So, I wouldn’t mind putting afew quid on Grella having a blinder of a world cup!! Anyone know how to get names removed from the back of shirts!! I was so certain that Grella was going to do the business for us… well he has, just only those few times hes played! GRRRrr

  • It’s a shame to see one of the Aussie boys go, I do like Vince. But his injury problems have been a nightmare. May have been worth the gamble to see how he goes in the World Cup and ask for more, But if he was to get injured there would probably be no sale. So all things considered its a good move for Rovers.

  • hey hey it was sat night, dont expect me to be hanging around here on the computer!!! devestating news, also not the perfect timing with the aussie tour

  • This is the dumbest move Rovers have made under BSA. Can Grella play? yes. Will his price go down further if he gets injured? Not by much. Will it go up if he stays fit? yes. Do we need him alongside the Zonz to progress up the ladder? yes. 2million is not enough considering what we payed and how good grella is. like him or hate him, Grella is quality and there doesn’t seem to be any great logic in this move… can’t honestly believe we will spend this money on a 6million striker…

  • Thought we would get a minimum £2.5 million for Grella, maybe with some extra’s or sell on fees. If we don’t manage to snare Guti it might look like a bad sell.

  • This is for us to afford a good striker and a Guti I think… this will give Sam more room to manoeuvere. I think it is a shame as whenever Vince and The Zonz have played together they have looked very good. Blue and Whitey… welcome back sir 🙂

  • Retro.. answer to your questions… yes he can play.. but not enough… will his price go down if he gets injured.. yes.. he will fail a medicall.. and we will have to keep him until January.. when he will be older, and closer to the end of his contract, do we need him along side the zonz? No, Guti, Zonz n Gamst will be the CM 3.. we payed 4 million euros for Grella.. which at the time is was about 3.5 million, can’t afford to keep him if he has a season like the last 2.. if it funds the way for Guti. then GREAT stuff..

  • The sunshine might be just the tonic the guy needs and £2 million aint to be sniffed at in this era the Bosman….

  • It was time to send him off. Same with Reid. Good guys, decent players but they no longer fit with the squad. Sam has shown that we have talent and depth in youth. There’s no reason to collect players that don’t improve our starting XI when we have clear holes that need to be addressed.

  • I just don’t see the benefits. If we wait and he doesn’t play another game, maybe his price goes down to 1.5million… seems to be small risk for the potential gain. selling him for 2million is not a 2million gain- its a 2million loss. If he plays to his potential, we have a valueable player who fits well in the team… ahhh i don’t understand the point of selling at this stage

  • too true Mikey… maybe i’m just a little upset because Grella is my favourite player (i’m not biased at all LOL)

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