Date: 19th June 2007 at 12:02pm
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Word circulating this morning is saying that West Ham United lodged a bid for McCarthy.

It is not known whether any value was offered or merely a question of his availability but Blackburn Rovers rebuffed their advances.



22 Replies to “Hammers in Benni Enquiry”

  • If this is indeed true………LMFAO. Eggert has totally lost the plot. hes got money and he wants to buy EVERYONE!!!!!! Party at Eggert’s house and we are all invited!!!

  • The fee I’ve heard was 10m. So if we’re rejecting that sort of money, it just tells you how much we want to keep him

  • Good, dont ever sell him to the spammers.Seems Eggert’s has lost it, thinks he can buy a squad of great players, with no hope of European games, and battling to stay in the premiership last season. Why would a player want to move to a club like that, when they are better of at their existing clubs. Maybe he should invest in some good scouts, would save him a fortune!

  • theres no way benni would leave rovers for west ham… well then again theres no way lucas neil would do that!!

  • Neill was different – he did it for Footballing reasons lol Benni would not go to West Ham sure he says he wants to play in the Champions League not the Championship!!

  • I said it a few weeks ago when the whole benni saga died down. Apart from Chelsea and Man U, the only other club who would be intereseted are West Ham. Benni wants to play champioins league, and as much as i hate to admit it, west ham are building a strong squad which will suprise many people next year (depending on the arbitratioin trial of course)

  • Right thats it I’m getting my coat… I meant £10 million, if West Ham actually bid £310 million then I think we should accept 😉

  • One quick unrelated question – Who’s voting for Bobby Zamora in the poll, come on lads even Nonda’s better but wouldnt have the two of them!!

  • LOL – I never heard such audacity! we don;t sell him to chelsea despite Moaniho asking us to “name our price” so why should we sell him to the Hammered… who might not even be in the Premiership come August!

  • i’m with MikeyGamst – Zamora is raw talent just waiting to be moulded by Sparky! Nonda had his chances… did better than Pongolle but still didn’t deliver – I still haven’t really forgivien him for the misses against Bayer Leverkusen

  • The Hammered are REALLY becoming a joke aren’t they, they are trying to do what Chelsea (and to an extent Rovers did before them) and that is buy success! It’s all very well splashing the cash but you have to do this wisely, the Hammered are not! We did, and for all their faults and for all the money Chelsea have spent to a degree they have too, as they have picked up players for the long run, not just the NOW! The only thing Benni is missing is Champions League Football, unless the Hammered can magically BUY that for next season no amoutn will tempt him, will it?!?!

  • LMAO i bet Eggert is furiously trying to work out how much CL footy would cost him for the coming season!!! I can picture it now hehe

  • Egghead has probably already tried dude, as he’s tried (and mainly failed!) to buy everything else LOL!

  • I vote for neither, but if had to chose def zamora, at least he is 26 and still has a few years in him, the clock is running down on nonda, plus i dont rate him

  • Zamora is guff lads thats why he dosnt really even play for the Hammered, Sorry lads I usually agree with the pair of u on these things but not this time

  • I think west Ham are trying to improve which is admirable but just randomly throwing money at things is not going to do much apart from cause long term problems…

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