Date: 25th July 2007 at 2:39pm
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Blackburn Rovers’ interest in Roque Santa Cruz first came to light several weeks ago, all went quiet until it resurfaced again to again go quiet once more. Now it is claimed that Mark Hughes is awaiting an answer from him.

The news that Hughes might go for Paraguayan International Santa Cruz has been met with mixed feelings, but reports today (in the Daily Mail) are saying that Sparky is looking for Santa Cruz to give him an answer this week over a proposed £4.5 million move to Ewood Park.

With Sparky still very much in the hunt for a new striker, Santa Cruz fits the mould and at £4.5 million is not ridiculously priced (as most are!!!) and would make a good addition to the squad, even though personally I don’t think he is needed!!!

Given the choice of Santa Cruz or James Beattie (who is the alternative) I know who I would rather, and it isn’t the player with previous ties to Ewood. What about you guys?!?! As always you know what to do, comments below.


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16 Replies to “Hughes Awaiting Santa’s Reply”

  • Like I say I REALLY don’t think we need another striker, but if Sparky says we do who are we to argue!!!
    Out of Santa Cruz and Beattie, even though Santa Cruz has no previous experience in this country he is the FAR better player, and a FAR better option to bring in.
    Although personally I didn’t even realise things had got to such an advanced stage with Santa Cruz (if the papers are right for a change!!!) as they have (but then again why should I LOL!) with us now demanding an answer.

  • Maybe Sparky wishes to bring in another striker to replace a striker once the January window opens. Bring him in now, let him settle, and replace either McCarthy or Roberts. Well, it’s a theory…

  • Santa Cruz over Beattie any day, Hughes will get the best out of him and could make him very good i feel, he made Benni adjust to the premiership so why can’t he with Roque,adn Roque will be very good in the Uefa cup anyway. Yeah i thought it would never get this far and before the price was £8 million so £4.5 a fair price really. Quite excited about this signing really now.

  • Decimus Poole – That is a pretty decent theory you have there, and could be one that may very well prove true?!?! Altho I think that if a player stays beyond this transfer window unless it is on Sparky’s terms I think they’ll stay until next summer.

  • Well Sparky has already admitted that he’d like to bring another striker in and 5 (6 if you insist on counting Jeffers) is simply too many no matter how you look at it, so I’d say it must be curtains for Roberts or McCarthy. Maybe Derbs out on loan or something?

  • Derbyshire4England – Although untried in this League I don’t think we will find many better than Roque Santa Cruz dude, that would come here (which is something that also needs to be taken into account.)

  • theirishrover – I see what you are saying, and you would suspect someone’s long-term future is in doubt if he is looking for another, but I have to say I’m with Derbyshire4England on the Derbs issue dude, maybe it would not be crazy to send him out on loan, but it certainly would NOT be a good thing. This would send out the wrong message and could quite possibly spell the end of his career with Rovers even though he loves the club. It wouldn’t make him seem wanted.

  • Derbs won’t be going anywhere, I think Hughes is thinking of having 4 main strikers and deploying Rigters as a wide attacker. The only player with question marks should a new plaeyr arrive will eb JR.

  • I honestly don’t think any question marks will be placed on JR, he is a player that Sparky likes and will look to be the basis of any pairing he goes with, so I think more question marks would go against Benni again, and where his future will lie in January?!?!

  • If we are to have a crack at the Top 6 and Europe then we do need a new striker, to cope with the demands of both competitions and to do the best in both! With Roberts injury hit last yr and Derbyshire still learning then to bring in a striker of the calibre of Santa Cruz and Smith would do the club the world of good. We have good strikers dont get me wrong but we do need more firepower.

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