Date: 11th January 2008 at 11:43am
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Blackburn Rovers manager Mark Hughes has played down the speculation linking him with Newcastle United.

Since Sam Allardyce was sacked as Newcastle manager on Wednesday unsurprisingly Hughes has been one of the men linked with the position (with Portsmouth’s Harry Redknapp the current favourite), however, Hughes has denied ANY contact from Newcastle and he is not expecting it, nor would he appear to welcome it as he is happy at Ewood Park.

Hughes said: “There’s always speculation when any big job comes up. I seem to be talked about in good terms and I’m appreciative of that but it’s just recognition of the work myself and my staff do here.

“I have not spoken to anyone from Newcastle, I spoke to my chairman last night and he has had no contact, and I don’t think there will be any contact.

“I am in a very strong position here, I have a great relationship with the chairman and the board and that is really important.

“When managers have that relationship it’s a big decision to forego that as the relationship is the key to whether we can be successful

We can’t say conclusively that this means he is out of the running for the job, but I think we can say that it’s looking promising for us.



17 Replies to “Hughes Plays Down Newcastle Links”

  • We’ll be OKAY dudes, I have NO worries at all and CAN’T see Sparky leaving for Newcastle, this (what he said) helps though doesn’t it.

  • He won’t go. He has built a good team here. He will have to rebuild, cement and start winning games from the off at Newcastle. He won’t have time to do that. He won’t be able to play the type of football that the fans desire in order to do that. When he started at Rovers we played the most unattractive football. Gritty, dirty. It could not be described at silky or sexy. However, it got results, and it got us to where we are now. I reckon Newcatle should keep with Pearson till the end of the season, and appoint a new manager then. He will have a good 3 months to build, mould and shape a new team, fit for next season. Newcastle will stay up, due to the fact that there are three worse teams in the premiership.

  • No we do need money otherwise were gona get left behind and plunge down the league.

    He wont go their, its a poisong chalice, nobody can win ***** there.

  • Sorry guys.. I think with Harry saying no they are going throw everythin into Mark hughes.. They offered to double Harrys salary, the use of Ashleys private jet and a £30m kitty.. they are going come looking.. Hopefully Hughesie will stand firm, like Harry did.. I don’t think the geordies can buy their way out of this one.. but they are going to have a good go…

  • We need to dig our heels in here guys. Hughes has been the best thing to happen to us for years and I for one will be devesated if he does go…. having said that I think he will stay. He signed a new contract not so long ago remember…. keep the faith.

  • surely john williams will do what sparky does to his players- “you’re contracted to blackburn rovers and will leave on our terms, now shut up and do your job!”

  • All u have to do is look at the way Big Sam was dealt with, £20 odd million and 6mths is no-where near long enough for an experienced, well respected manager like Sam to turn that dire team in the North-West around. Newcastle are not a great team for some of the players they have, on paper there a lot better than on the pitch for some reason and NO manager has been able to turn that around, basically cos they are given no time based on the fans undying belief that they should be in the top 4, well maybe based on the fan base they should be, but not, unfortunatley in real-life. Hughes has a better team where he is, has taken the time to build the foundations of a well run club, something that will he will not do at Newcastle as the Man Utd job will come around long b4 that happens!! His chairman HERE supports him, fiar enuff we dont ahve the money that Newcastle seem to be able to throw at mediorce players that do nothing for the club but hey, we’re always in a better position so I think that says it all

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