Date: 4th February 2008 at 10:17am
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Blackburn Rovers manager Mark Hughes has expressed his surprise that Stephen Warnock wasn’t named in Fabio Capello’s provisional 30-man England squad. However, he was delighted to see David Bentley named not only in that, but the final 23-man squad as well.

Warnock has had a few downers this season but on the whole he has been superb (as he has since his arrival from Liverpool) so Hughes was very surprised to see him left out of this squad, even more so after Capello would’ve seen the left-back first hand when we played Aston Villa recently, that he didn’t give him a call.

Hughes told the Official Blackburn Rovers Website: “My understanding was that Mr Capello was at our game against Villa last week and I have to say that I thought Stephen Warnock was, along with probably Andre Ooijer, our outstanding performer on the day.

“So he’s obviously seen what Stephen can do, but I guess the other left-backs must be playing exceptionally well at the moment

However, Sparky was delighted with the inclusion of Bentley and believes that after the hard work, effort and quality that Bents has shown over the past 18-months to two-years he now deserves his first start for England after two substitute appearances. If he gets this Sparky believes that Bents can make the right-sided midfield position his own.

Hughes added: “We’re delighted for David.

“It’s been the result of consistent performances over an 18-month to two-year period we feel. He’s consistently hit a level that’s enabled him to shine in games for us and, in fairness, when he’s been involved in squads with England before.

“What we hope now is that he’s going to get an opportunity to start games and if that’s the case, then we have great confidence that David will be able to make that right-hand side of the field for England his own.

“He just needs the opportunity to start games and if he does, then people will see the quality that he could offer



21 Replies to “Hughes’ Warnock Surprise”

  • Stevie W was VERY unlucky not to have made the 30-man squad at least, but hopefully if he keeps playing well as Rovers WILL be watched regularly (due to Bents) he WILL get noticed, the same applies to Derbs and Dunny as well.
    Bents MUST start this friendly, he has been deserving of this for some time now. I think that he is now showing just WHY it was the right thing for him to have not taken part in the European Under-21 Championships last summer, some people still see this as a betrayal of England (which is wasn’t) but if Capello gives him a run of games they will soon change their minds!!!

  • Better than shorey IMO, so should of been in the 30 man one, probably not got the experience of the chelsea boys though so probably would of been cut anyway. SO makes little difference.

  • Surely it would have made a difference though dude wouldn’t it?!?! He wouldn’t have made the final 23-man squad I agree, but being part of the 30-man squad (which I honestly think he deserved) would have at least had him thinking he was in Fabio Capello’s thoughts?

  • Great news for bents to make the cut, congrats, well deserved, warnock has been unlucky, but the big boys will always get there lads in ahead of ours….

  • I can see why he wasnt included as the left back club is a bit of a closed shop. Cole and Bridge… Warny just needs to keep on doing his thing and he’ll start to make inroads. I agree with peeps though that he is better than Shorey.

  • England surely cannot start with the “Can’t Cross, Won’t Cross” combination (Shawn Wright Phillips and Joe Cole, in case you wondered) Bentley IMO is deserving of a starting spot and a full game to show what he is capable of…….being a match winner!

    As for poor old Stevie Wee, whats the lad gotta do? Hes at least on par with Bridge and IMO, better than Nicky Shorey. Maybe he will get a chance as Capello gets more game under his belt in the prem and sees a lot more of different players. We all know that Ashley “Still Sleeping On The Sofa” Cole will start if hes fit but Warnock has a chance to deputise for him IMO/

  • Ashley Cole is the #1 left back, but if Stevie W keeps playing well and Wayne Bridge isn’t playing period then Stevie W has a superb chance of making the squad.

  • He should be there now, this is a friendly after all, we know that Bridge can deputise for Cole (albeit poorly heh) why not see what another left back can do against international opposition. Come on Fabio (doesnt that sound a gay name? or am i opening a MAJOR can of worms by saying it? LOL)

  • Bridge is playing for Chelsea at the moment though isn he?? And I think your safe Bommy but you always like to push the boundaries!!!

  • I think he was when Cole was off shagging that other bird (why Cole why when you have what you do!!!) sorry, I mean suspended/injured but Cole is back in again now I think.

  • So hes got Cheryl Tweedy at home….wouldnt you go elsewhere? now the rings on the finger, shes looking to “Parlour” him for every penny she can screw out of him. Kinda ironic that its his missus thats screwing him now hes screwed someone else LOL

  • Nothing wrong with Cheryl, come on you wouldn’t say no!!! You are right Mikey, he went from a Rolls Royce to a Lada lol!

  • Its ok to drive a lada lads, just dont let your missus know you are driving it!!!!!! an Sorry but Tweedy Pie isnt my cuppa! Merlin, are you serious mate? Warnock is AT LEAST on par with Bridge, if not past him now as Stevie Wee is playing week in, week out, not like Bridge, only playing when Cole is in court for his divorce!

  • In all honesty I still think that Bridge is better than Stevie W, as I don’t think there is much between Ashley Cole and Bridge, but Stevie W IS playing week-in-week-out, which should be the clincher.

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