Date: 28th March 2007 at 11:30pm
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Blackburn Rovers manager Mark Hughes has brought in some fantastic footballers but also a couple of shall we say suspect ones, who is the worst?

Hughes has rarely got it wrong when he’s dipped into the transfer market during his time at Ewood Park, almost always getting it right in fact, but has picked up a few damp squibs, as does everyone. It was hard to sound out anyone for special praise for Sparky’s best Rovers signing, so maybe people will have the same view trying to single out the least effect signing?

When Andre Ooijer arrived he looked like he could be bad; maybe the worst but he overcame his early struggles to really establish himself before his injury. Players like Youri Djorkaeff and Florent Sinama Pongolle came with great expectations but ultimately failed to deliver, maybe even Shabani Nonda and Francis Jeffers to a degree also fit the bill, or is this too harsh? So these could be potential names to name but a few.

So which Sparky signing in your opinion has been his worst and why? Share your views below…

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24 Replies to “Hughes’ Worst Rovers Signing”

  • It’s hard to pick out really isn’t it as there really haven’t been many bad signings but I’d go Youri Djorkaeff. Sure the guy was past his best but he arrived but off the back of a couple of great seasons with Bolton that saw him rejuvenated I expected more. Less than a handful of appearances in several months and he was gone!

  • Djorkaeff was a signing of Souness. Personally, if we are talking value for money, definitly say Jason Roberts. Nonda and Pongolle( who i also believe wass a Souness signing) were both here on loan so realistically we have nothin to lose. If not roberts, then it would have be Franny Jeffers. He is on an incentive based contract, so from what i think, i doubt he is gettin paid much so Roberts would be a worse signing

  • yeah was hoping for more from Youri as he was a great player in his prime. He signed in 2004 for us played 3 games and then signed for a MLS in February 2005. Sourness joined Newcastle in 2004 and Sparky quit the welsh job and joined us in September 2004 and I think Youri was already here, fortunately he didnt stay long, not sure about pongolle as i really cant remember him doing anything so cannot say who signed him, lets give him to Suorness, so who does that leave? Roberts? Berner? Jeffers? i think we will see the best of Roberts and Berner in the future but I really cant see Franny coming good, I here your argument sas about value for money and it does make sense but for me i think Jeffers will probably stay on at ipswich or join their like in the future and good luck to him.

  • I’d say jeffers aswell, what a waste of talent that kid is, scored a few for us got big headed to go with his ears, went to arsenal and faded away into the gloom, we took him back on loan (but i think that was a kenwright publicity stunt) and since then has done nothing at a few clubs, what’s he been like for you??

  • I think Jeffers for sure, maybe Roberts because hes not had a good time for us so far and Nonda he has his few good games (pompy) but apart from that hes not showed anything for us to keep him here. Sinima he didnt play very well for us, i think when bruno settles in he will be a great signing because he has a great left foot and he can tackle and cross also a good touch, and hes still young to i believe ? 22

  • come on Jeffers hasn’t even been given a chance – Pongolle and Nonda have both have chances to break into the team. Pongolle was definately the biggest failure of those two but typically wise old Sparky – he was only a loaner and was soon sent packing back to Scouseland.

  • I would say Kuqi, just cos i didnt rate him at all, Pongolle and Nonda have been loans yeah and thats good as they would have been really bad should we have paid anything other than wages. Jeffers hasnt been given a chance but then he didnt take it either, so I would lump in with the ones that should have done better. I do also believe that im Roberts biggest ally on this lol so im going to say again that the boy will come good when he’s over his injuries!!

  • Souey signed Djorkaeff did he, I thought it was Sparky? We’ll add him to Souey’s list then LOL 🙂 I’m almost 100% certain Sparky signed Pongolle though. I thought he started OK but just declined into nothing. Pongolle and Le Tallec went to Liverpool as future Platini’s didn’t they but saw VERY little of that with either.

  • Jeffers may not have delivered but he hasn’t had much chance has he, 10-15 minutes here and there isn’t enough for many players let alone one with such fragile confidence as Jeffers, injuries haven’t helped. Berner hasn’t been given much of a look in, but what I’ve seen he’s been OK but he’s no spring chicken, pushing on for 30, if not over 30 now isn’t he, a VERY good player to have around though. As for JR I can’t and won’t accept him as a bad signing yet he’s spent most the season injured so for him to be classed as a bad signing is VERY unfair for me (similar to why Jeffers can’t really be classed as a bad signing) lets see what happens for the rest of the season, in fact next season before we judge. Think the proof is stacking up already Sparky hasn’t really made bad signings!

  • Another Souey mistake was Dwight “Iwant the ball to my feet or i wont play” Yorke. What a lazy ********!!! Javier De Pedro was another who promised so much but delivered nothing. You can’t say really that any of Hughes signings have proven to be busts….yet! If you look at the Jeffers transfer, no fee, just wages, good move IMO was taking a chance on a lad who had impressed him when he was at Everton. Biggest waste of money so far is probably JR, has done nothing to suggest he warrented that amount be spent on him, time will tell however

  • In my opinion Djorkaeff was’nt brought as a 90 minutes striker, but to bring experience to our squad.I think Jeffers was a bad signing.
    I think that keeping Mokoena is as bad as any other signing: the guy cannot control the ball and gives us nothing in attack. In the PL you can’t keep a player only for defending, can you?
    Kuqi was also a bad idea- a good striker for the first division.

  • As much as I diss the Axe, he is doing a more than decent job for us at the moment with injuries, without him we have no recognised “destructive” midfielder. Not a great signing but, IMO anyhow, not a poor signing. He was also captain of his country when we signed him, cant be that bad to get that recognition eh?

  • I do like the Axe. He knows what he can do and does this, certainy don’t rate him as a basd signing, quite a good one for me. He’s come into his own recently. Comparing the Axe to Sav is unfair but he isn’t the most technically gifted of footballers and doesn’t offer much offensively does he?!?! The Axe is still young so has a long future ahead of him with Rovers.

  • Hey hey, leave my man Kuqi alone. Was second top scorer for us last season and scored the most goals of the bench of any premier league player. Also we made a huge profit when we sold him so obviously he was a better player when he left us

  • And i will always remember that full length belly flop dive thingy he did as a goal celebration, for that alone he cant go on this list.

  • The problem with the AXE is that rovers unlike united don’t have Giggs/Ronaldo on the wings and Scholes in the middle who can create things. We have Bentley, but Dunn isnt in the best shape yet, and Pedersen is a great player but cant really round his defenders. Thats why having the Axe in the starting line-up is something we cant afford. ( A decent sub though)

  • The Maestro can be the creative one. Fair play to you though Israeli you are certainly backing up your opinion which is great.

  • Thanks HDM, yet, Tugay is almost 37!
    What I meant to say is that we cant afford to play the “Diamond”, in the way the United played for years (Keane at the back, scholes behind the strikers, and giggs and bechkam on the wings).

    However, I’d really like to see Danny Murphy when Tugay retires.

  • Who knows, maybe tuggers would relish the tip of the diamond?? I have faith in Sparky bringing in the next great white midfielder (or black, not fussed!) in the summer to groom alsongside Sav, Tuggers and Dunny, p0lus we might just get Reidy fit for next season, now he has sat on his arse all season long, spending his new wages from his spanking new contract!!!!

  • Sparky will find someone (if needed!) but I still have this feeling that if he really wants it Emerton could (this is just a could and a thought not a will!) be groomed by Tugay?!?!

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