Date: 11th August 2008 at 7:26pm
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Blackburn Rovers manager Paul Ince is pleading for the chance to prove what he can do in the Premier League with Rovers before he is judged, which is something that is already happening.

Ince has been subjected to constant speculation about his own future and what it might bring, how well Rovers will do under him due to his lack of experience as a top-flight manager and how happy his players are to play for him (with a mutiny understood to be set to happen at Ewood Park.)

Ince told The Sun: “We can’t settle down because people want to unsettle us and it’s not fair or right.

“Everyone needs a chance and the season has not even started.

“We’re trying to build something here. It’s not going to happen overnight and we need time to do it. And we will do it.

“I’ve been in the game 20-odd years and I can deal with most things.

“If we lose the first five games of the season then, yes, you can have a go at me. But until then you have to give me a chance

Well said Incey!!!


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12 Replies to “Ince: Give Me Time Before You Judge!!!”

  • I’m backing Incey, and I hope others are giving him a chance. Don’t ALWAYS listen to what you read, as it’s not always true!!! Hopefully we’re ignoring it.

  • although i must say i am not a big ince fan
    i don’t want him to hav 7 games and then get sacked if he does bad like dowie with charlton i want him to get his fair chance to see if he can step up to the prem league

  • The problem Ince has is that he is following a successful manager. BEfore we would be happy with survival, then it was top ten, now it’s europe every season…. Ince will need time to come in pick his team and get them playing how he wants them to play. If we go back and think of how we played under Hughes in his first season and the reputation we got as bully boys and playing defensive football, it wasn’t good – but he got the job done and was then able to develop the team his way – Ince needs time to do his job and I for one wish him all the luck in the world

  • Ur right guys it will be much harder for our new leader!! Hughes took over when we were at a very low ebb, with low class players and no hope of ever achieving…..he was always going to succeed because of our plight at the time. Ince has to continue to achieve the somewhat false position that we have held in this league for the past two seasons AND he must build on it if he wants to be “a Success”. It’s hard to put this on his shoulders but it is true….we’re used to pushing for europe every year without spending the money that others spend!! GOOD LUCK, ur saving grace is that u work for decent fotballing men who will give u a better chance than most!!

  • I gotta say – I feel bad for you lot. I really wouldn’t be happy with Ince as a manager and was really surprised to hear him land the job. I can’t imagine foreign players being tempted to play for him. Do you worry about Warnock and Santa Cruz leaving this summer due to their perhaps, second thoughts about where the club is going? Personally – I think they will jump ship.

  • personally the ambition of a club is depicted on the selection of its manager..when we won the league we prized Dalglish out of Anfield..Here its a diffierent game plan now but I think Ince if wanting to be sucsessful must LEAVE FRIENDSHIP out of a professional job because if he thinks this is ONLY Blackburn then he has a lot more to learn about management than keeping internationals happy..IF FOWLER EVEN GETS IN THE STARTING 16 HE WONT GET MINE..No offence to Robbie Fowler..

  • I think everyone needs to calm down a bit. Ince has done nothing wrong so far in my book. bentley leaved because he NEEDED to leave in his eyes and Brad left because he felt the time had come. His signings have been shrewd so far and I am backing the Ince. Let the others stir up trouble… We should just ignore it.

  • I for one will give him time, Ince has kinda come in at a bad time as he seeks to continue wit Hughes has done with the club, but by all accounts his teams played some very good stuff in the lower leagues and i dont care wot u say, if he can do it with – wot some people – would term as inferior players then i have no doubt he can re-create it with better players! From wot i can remember Keane at Sunderland didnt really have any real experience when he took over and they are a decent team, Hughes himself had no league experience when he turned Rovers around, so i think it more about the man and not so much the teams they have managed b4 they arrive at ur club and Ince strikes me as the kind of man who has the will to win and will pass this to his players!! At present i think he is doing a good job wot with the Premier league vultures floating around trying to pick the bones of a supposeded dying team without Hughes – but when u look at wot may happen over at City i think some of the players will realise that they are at a good club already – Bentley is clouded by England ambition and Frediel got an offer a 38yr old couldnt turn down, apart from that the mainstay of the team is still there with new arrivals only making it a more competitive team – The future should be bright at Rovers

  • you got till Xmas,

    PS oz its 18 now not 16 7 subs this year, hence why we need a 5th striker to cover injuries we will have two on the bench every game.

  • Good luck lads, I hope you do fine with ince, but i saw him from the kop a bradford city last year and thuoght his antics to be a bit embarassing…PS can we (villa) steal Pedersen of you, please?

  • Point proven. Warnock’s submitted a transfer request. Another star bites the dust. If Roque Santa Cruz isn’t gone by the end of this window, he certainly will be gone in January. I feel for you, I definitely don’t wish that upon blackburn. Liverpool, yes.

  • Los Angeles Villain – Warnock hasnt handed in a transfer request at all… and we are fine mate. And Roque will be here for a while. Oh Yes!!!

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