Date: 2nd November 2009 at 12:46pm
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With most players keeping one eye on the 2010 World Cup, Benni McCarthy and Elrio Van Heerden appear to be on the outer, with both finding time in the first team squad hard to come buy.

This morning’s press is reporting that player agent, Rob Moore, in an interview with Kick-Off magazine, is looking for alternate options for his two players.

It appears Portsmouth might be interested in a loan bid for McCarthy, with Spanish outfits also looking at him. What may come as a surprise is that recent signing Van Heerden is also being touted for a move…

More rubbish in the media? Who knows…

Though I would be dissapointed if Benni leaves, for me, he needs to be starting…


11 Replies to “Internationals on the outer at Rovers????”

  • Benni’s time will come, he looked tricky at the weekend when he came on. But if he doesnt get more games I can see him wanting to move to impress the SA boss. The bit about Van Heerden moving sounds like a load of rubbish.

  • I have had enough of this formation go back to 4-4-2 with dunny in midfield and benni upfront hes a good player and he just needs a spark to kick start his campaign

  • But Dunny isnt nearly as effective a two man midfield as his defensive work is not that good…. thats the problem with going 4-4-2, we will nullify most of Dunns good work!

  • What about a 4-3-1-2 formation? Might have to drop to a 4-1-3-2 for away games. Allows for Dunn in the hole, plus Benni & 1 other (not JR). Mid 3 of N’Zonzi, Emerton & Grella or Peds, it would make us be a bit narrow but that can change with a quick switch to 4-4-2 if needed…’s not like our wingers work very well as wingers anyways 🙁

  • I like that fat-elvis! But I would play Diouf instead of Pedersen in that system – leave MGP till he sorts himself out!

  • Great formation there fat elvis….though id leave gamst and diouf out of it……Grella, Nzonzi and reid or Hoillet, with Dunn infront of them

  • Mikey, Morten doesn´t have it anymore. He totally lost himself. He thought he could be among the world greates to early, it´s like the same syndrome like John Arne Riise and his L´pool career. For us norwegians we have seen both of them being young players with talent and skills. Then they came to Premier League, did some well matches and then they took everything for granted.

    I´m sorry to say, but Morten took it for granted that he could be a starplayer for Blackburn, specially with all the rumours with Man U and Spurs for some years ago. He definitly got the typical norwegian sportsmentality, and you don´t come far with that one.

    I remember Morten before the season and his predictions for his own season, he promissed us goals and assists, where are them?
    Don´t ever trust a person from the north part of Norway, all of them are just crooks. Sell Gamst, that basterd. I feel his last chance is coming closer. And whatabout starting to practice a little bit more?? You can´t run, you can´t dribble or pass, and your finishing is just like Ryan Nelsens. It´s time to wake up, Morten. You have never been a star for more than 1 season. Do you really have that high thoughts about yourself and believe that you belong to PL best players???? Go back to Norway and show your real face, Morten. I doubt that you could be one of the best players in Tippeliga. Isn´t that scary? I really hope someone would love to buy your for 500 000 Pounds. That would be a good price for us. Come on Big Sam get rid of that *****ty norseman.

  • Ouch, that’ll leave a mark lazyfrog!! Some would say harsh, but I’d have to say in the main probably true. Well it looks like two South African’s will be on their way out in January then??

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