Date: 11th March 2007 at 11:23pm
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Mark Hughes basically brought Blackburn Rovers that battling quality required to survive relegation, but he has taken us on since then but is he really the man for Rovers?

IsraeliRover recently posted a comment in an article which read as follows:

I know what I’m going to say will be seen as unpopular but I think it’s too obvious. Hughes is a great character, was a brilliant forward, but has he really brought Blackburn that extra thing we needed besides fighting?

When R Hodgson became our new manager a decade ago I felt we finally made a step forward: someone who brought experience, composure and most important- knowledge of the game.

I still think we need a more accomplished manager, though I really like Sparky as a man

I’m not looking to single IsraeliRover out for undue criticism or abuse as we are all entitled to an opinion; this is his and as such should be respected even if you don’t agree. Personally I think it took more bottle to write something like this than people think so hat’s of to IsraeliRover in that respect. Elements of what IsraeliRover says I can agree with I guess but is IsraeliRover really right?

Do you share IsraeliRover’s views on Sparky? Leave you comments below…


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12 Replies to “Is Mark Hughes The Man For Rovers?”

  • I personally think that Sparky has the potential to be one of the very best in the Premiership, if not Europe. I think he’s really brought us on great strides and personally wouldn?t want anyone else (that we could realistically have). He’s already managed at International level alomst taking Wales to their first major tournament in god knows how long. The experience he lacks as a manager he more than makes up for in his experiences as a player, this experience saw him play around the globe learning all the time.

  • Lets remember we are all entitled to our opinion so if you don’t agree with IsraeliRover (who gave me the green light to use this article – I appraoched them first to make sure they were OK with it) lets not get personal with insaults etc. say you don’t agree and why. If you do agree likewise, say so and why.

  • Ilove the guy and think he is perfect for Rovers! His attitude towards the club is amazing and he always works hard to bring the best out of what we have.

  • Very true im_a_blackburn_rover. He had that fighting quality about him as a player and brings this to his management but he also had a great deal of technical quality about his game and is also bringing this to the club.

  • I think he has got the team balance perfect. When we need ot play football, we play football. When we need to battle, we battle. All of Rovers’ players can play football but not one fo them will shirk the dirty work. When he first joined Rovers we were poor – bad defensively, lack of attacking options etc… He got players like Gamst and Reidy playing above the level I thought they would, brought in Bellamy as well as other numerous signings. Look at Nelson and Samba – what did they cost? They have played 6 games together, what will they be like after 12+???

    Personally I cannot wait until next season when we can add Reidy and Savage to the squad – We’ll be top six – no probs.

    The only downside is that I believe it will only be time before Hughesy leaves for the Managers job at ManU – he will thoroughly deserve it…..

  • Spot on analysis Wellsy, nail right on the head here. When the United job comes up he’ll be a front runner no two ways about it. Siry Alex says he’ll go in two years, hopefully Carlos Q will get the job as Fergie suggests giving us more time with Sparky… He may see it as too soon to accept that challenge if he’s offered it?!?!

  • I can;t even being to credit that anyone should suggest that Hughesy isn’t the man for Rovers – although he hasn;t won anythign yet – he has shown that he is not only a great manager of the team (the players won;t to play for him) but also a great tactician. PLUS he gives us clout as he can persuade players to come and play for us… even if it is only temporary as with Bellars… So yes he is the man for Rovers… yes we might lose him to United, Chelsea or Barcelona – he has already said he would like to manage the clubs he has played for… and no-one can begrudge him that… If and when that happens hopefully John williams will be able to persuade another quality manager to come to Ewood, but let’s worry about that when it happens.

  • I kinda know wot Irsaelirover is on about in a way, Hughes isnt the most experienced manager in the league yes its true and i suppose he is niave in team matters at times but not very often that I can think of, when u think of the players that he has brought to the club, the obvious fittness programme that he has instilled in the team I dont think Blackburn would be anywhere near where they are now without him amd his backroom staff. It was mentioned that Hodgson brought the team forward but I dont think he had nearly as much impact as Hughes has had or will continue to have until he leaves for the bigger challenge that will be offered to him, hopefully in the very distant future

  • I think if Sparky could hold off the temptation of ‘The bigger clubs’ then why shouldn’t he stay 10 years and do what Alex Ferguson has done for Man Utd? Its his train set and with the way we are progressing (not forgetting we are only a town team) I think he could. Every decade has a team….why not Rovers next?

  • I really hope ur rite Govtpros cos I think given that time Hughes could do wonders at Rovers, like he has already started!! It will be a big temptation as I beleive its only a mtter of time until the Utd jobs comes around! and with his connections I wouldnt blame him if he was really tempted, although again this is if the Utd board dont go for an International manager to replace Fergie, anyway ubtil this happens Rovers and its fans are in for some really good days ahead

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