Date: 20th February 2007 at 12:16pm
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Sunday saw the launch on the new online vital Blackburn forum “Walkerbout”. Why not join in yourself next time round.

The forum was designed in the hope that members will (if they can) meet up on a Sunday Evening between 18:00 and 20:00 to have an online style chat in the forum. It’s difficult to find a time to suit all our members from around the globe but Sunday Evening seemed the best but this could be altered. Walkerbout (click here for more details) gives us the chance to discuss our views of specific topics each week giving us a chance to have a good bit of banter, chat and discussion about all thing Rovers and otherwise.

The UEFA Cup tie with Bayer Leverkusen and the Premiership match with Portsmouth that will take place earlier that day will almost certainly be two topics on the agenda for Sunday 28th February’s Walkerbout session (18:00-20:00) but other topics are being sought so to suggest something click here, comment below or contact me on this brand spanking new email address

There were only a handful of us actually participating in Sunday’s Walkerbout but others where online probably just surveying the situation having a look around so why not this week get involved. It kicked off well though; went down far better than I feared it might so hopefully this will continue and get even better. However DON’T FORGET Walkerbout isn’t ONLY open to Rovers fans, it’s open to all vital football members (as bmb from vital Bournemouth knows!) as when all is said and done we all follow the same path even if our kits are different? and that’s football and the talk of it!

Whilst on the topic of the forum don’t forget ALL aspects of it. It is yours to use as you wish, you can talk about whatever you want and YOU decide what it is! click here to find out more.

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11 Replies to “Join In the Weekly Rovers Forum”

  • Thanks to those who were involved in the launch, it went down VERY well, here’s to more of the same and better! It is worth following the links in this article and chekcing them out and do get involved if you can.

  • Have you seen that we have been linked with the “putter nutter” – wouldn’t it be great if he returned. Imagine him partnered with McCarthy.

    Add in Jason Roberts & Derbyshire we would have an awesome amount of attacking options.

    No golf days though!!

  • Wellsy – i’m not so sure… before he left there was talk of brockhall bust-ups between Bellamy and MGP and Reidy… who would have left if Bellamy had not gone… do we really want to saddle ourselves with, albeit a great football player, a prima donna knob head

  • I never heard about the bust-ups, where did this come from? If that was the case I would share your views but Hughesy wanted to keep him so I doubt that was the case.

    Let’s be honest anyone that has played football at any level has seen bust-ups with their team-mates – I can remember a few.

    I am sure it happens quite often up and down the country, but it is only the high-profile ones we hear of.

  • it was only a rumour – someone would works with the under 14’s – probably nowt in it… but if Villa are prepared to pay 8 mill should we pay the same?

  • HDM – a topic for you…

    End of Season run in… ours looks quite good – after Man U we play… Aston Villa (H)
    Tottenham (A)
    Watford (H)
    Fulham (A)
    Charlton (H)
    Newcastle (A)
    Reading (H)
    perhaps UEFA again?

  • We’ll be outpriced for Bellers so I doubt he’ll come back. I too had heard stories of bust ups between Bellers and others, think it’s quite clear that Bellers and MGP don’t get on. If all is true then I can’t see Sparky risking losing two or more players just to get him back? Thanks for the tops Ex Ewood.

  • The outpricing may not be a problem if he refuses to go elsewhere.
    It all depends how money motivated he is.

    Villa can bid what they like – if he doesn’t want to go there it’s irrevelent. Personally, I would rather Roberts fulfilled he undoubted potential – sooner or later he will start banging them in.

  • Aye JR will di just that I totally agree. If it’s not in Liverpool’s interests to sell they won’t, if it’s not in Bellers interests to return to Ewood again he won’t. I’d think being able to work with Martin O’Neill again though could sway a move to Villa if they really want him, and lets face it they do they could afford him even at £8 million.

  • I would have Bellars back, so long as it doesn’t disrupt the harmony of the squad. Players like MGP and Reid are too important to this club. I think Bellars would want to come back as well. As for JR jury is still very much out for me. He hasn’t demonstrated anywhere near enough to merit the praise he receives on these pages. Anyway back on topic, I really enjoyed the first Walkerbout. I think it went well and I’m looking forward to a similar session on Sunday, something cool to end the weekend with.

  • In fairness to JR he has been out virtually the whole seasno though hasn’t he. He showed glimpses before his injuries and showed some gain last week in the UEFA Cup. He’s getting back to fitness and when he does we’ll see the real JR. Yeah peps get involved with Walkerbout, it’s worth it.

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