Date: 6th November 2009 at 11:57am
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Chelsea look set to be able to buy and loan in the January transfer window after the Court of Arbitration for Sport agreed to suspend their FIFA-imposed transfer ban until a final decision is made in the case of the signing of Gael Kakuta.

This could be good news for ourselves as Chelsea will more than likely need players back as Drogba, Kalou etc al are away on African Nations Cup duty in January…

But could this ruling allow us to keep Di Santo for the full season?


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  • May allow us to keep him if chelsea sign another striker in the january transfer window but he may still go back as a cover for the african cup of nations

  • Just a thought. Is this good news or bad news. Bare with me.

    If we get to keep Franco for the full season, it may give Sam the green light to sell Benni.

    This in my books is a really bad idea as Benni is our only proven goalscoring striker in the Premier League. Di Santo has scored 1 and that was just a headed tap-in, Kalinic although cheated out of a tap-in goal at Old Trafford has not scored in the Premier League and Roberts is not a consistent enough goalscorer for our clubs needs.
    Dunn on the outside edge is scoring, but the question mark of when his next injury will be should be a worry!

  • Dont jinx it Tombo lol! Dunny has been doing well so far but there is always that worry in the back of all our minds! I would like to keep Di Santo if the option is there… but there are a lot of peeps who wanna keep Benni!

  • If we get to keep Di Santo until the summer, it will mean kalinic has more time and less pressure to get used to the PL. If Benny goes, sam has already said it wont be without a replacement. Hopefully he will get someone with quality who can run.

  • This is great news!! I think Franco will score goals for us 6 last games this season and prove that we can count on him next year aswell. I´m serious, sell Benni because he hasn´t been happy the last 2 years now, and spend the money on Di Santo.
    There´s no doubt about it, Kalinic will finish the season as out top scorer.

  • I doubt we will keep him unless we sell benni and chelsea will agree a price, i like the kid and would love him to stay but id like to win the lottery and i cant even remember the last time i won a tenner lol

  • Too many ifs and buts – we still have a few games before January – time for Kallinic to find the target. JR is useful as cover but if Beeni wants to leave – he’s never happy if he’s not on the pitch and he’s not been prolific as of late then invest in another young up and coming plater? If we can keep Di Santo for the rest of the season it will give time for Kallinic + 1 to settle in for next season?

  • I agree with Tombo. If we get to keep Di Santo for another 6 months, then that almost seals the deal allowing Benni to leave. Our only proven goal scorer. WHilst many think he aint near his best anymore, dont forget it was his goals which kept us alive in the second half of last season. Trust In Benni!

  • yeah sasman, after revealing that he was sick of Rovers and didn´t want to play for us. And he got lazy and fat on purpose, because of that. Why pay a unmotivated and old player? Were is the lojalty?

  • lazyfrog- benni has never said he was sick of rovers and didnt want to play for us. Dont misquote players. Benni said that he wants to play football, so he can improve his chances of playing in the world cup… questions of his character or loyalty there at all. Lazy and fat on purpose? Maybe when your not playing games, you do tend to lose your motivation, hence the weight problem….he looked fantastic v pompey….and he should start every single game.

  • For me this is is a real predicament:
    Di Santo….. always puts in a major shift, good touch, aware of other players….doesn’t score many

    Benni…..lazy, scores for fun, more talent than the rest of the squad put together

    Roberts…… works his tits off, no touch, no vision…scores more than Franco

    Kalinic….. dunno, he never plays

    Simple sell Kalinic, sign Franco permanently and use Jnr as the 4th striker.. If man managed properly Benni is one of the most prolific strikers in the Premiership, whether he is fat or not is irrelevant, he has never had any pace to use, he is an out and out finisher who will score 20 goals a season if he plays…get him on the park

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