Date: 19th May 2007 at 11:13am
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Another day, another rumour! This time linking Blackburn Rovers’ Young Player of the Year Matt Derbyshire with a move to Liverpool.

According to The Times Rafael Benitez has been so impressed with 21-year-old Derbyshire’s first full season (even though this has only technically been a half, two thirds at most!) that he is prepared to make a £4 million move for the England under-21 striker. This offer, as good as it may sound would clearly be rejected by the club, and the player, I would suggest as he LOVES it with his boyhood club of Rovers!

This is of course mere speculation but it just goes to show that the belief I had in Derbyshire long before he finally got a chance was well placed! Who would have thought that we could even (even in mere speculation!) see Derbs linked with a £4 million move away from Rovers, especially to a club like Liverpool, a loan move to a League One, maybe Championship side would have been more likely for most?

Meanwhile Derbyshire insists he WILL NOT be a one-season wonder. After a dream debut season he is keen to prove it was not a one off, and is looking to come back and improve even more next season:

I’ve been delighted with the way things have gone this season. It’s been beyond even my expectations,” Derbyshire told the Lancashire Telegraph.

Getting as many goals as I got this season was a delight for myself and if I can do that again next season, and get a bit stronger as well, then that would be great.

“The key for me now is to build on this.

“I’ve spoken to a couple of people about next season and the main thing is to get the games in.

“If I get the games then I’m confident I’ll score goals at this level


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21 Replies to “Liverpool After Derbs (Apparently!)”

  • Links to Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, Manure etc. etc. in the future (in my opinion) will be a common theme, the links with Liverpool now are a surprise but it just shows how good Derbs is, and can be. Again just speculation but if Liverpool “could” pay £4 million for Derbs then it’s further proof that McCarthy (if sold) “should” go for AT LEAST £10 million!

  • WHAT a season my boy Derbs has had! He loves playing for the club and he loves scoring goals. He’s got a long and very, very impressive Rovers future ahead of him. Neck on the line time (here is the bold predication I spoke of elswhere BomBom!) but I predict we’ll be seeing Derbs at the 2010 World Cup with England, maybe (although unlikely?!?!) even the European Championships of 2008, if we even make it! Let’s just hope WHEN, not IF this England recognition comes he’ll still be a Rover. 2007-2008 will be a corker for Derbs, goals WILL be into double figures, dare I even say approaching 20!!!

  • They just want to add Derbs to back their “Champions League” aspirations in the future. But he’s going NOWHERE! I was in a pretty good mood today but now feel slightly saddened by what I just read on Vital Liverpool, with regards to views towards the FA Cup Final today 🙁 Maybe it’s my “the FA Cup Final is SPECIAL” sentimental feeling?!?!

  • also I think in the long run derbs is worth more than McCarthy.. just look at the ludicrous prices being thrown around for Gareth Bale and the like.. young and promising English players are always expensive!

  • AWFUL wasn’t it, but didn’t we just know this would happen?!?! I still LOVE the FA Cup though. Just notied your thoughts on Derbs, you are so clearly right Derbs’ long-term value to the club is far more important to the club than Benni’s, both in financial and on the field footballing terms.

  • The CHelsea semi final wouldve been a fitting first final at new Wembley compared to that paint drying session on Saturday. Imagine being a United fan forking out upto £500 quid for a black market ticket to see that pile of shat AND your team lose to boot! A bargain day out had by all LMAO

  • The final awful – and Giggs, Ferguson and Queerboy’s comments reek of sour grapes – typical of the latter two. They lost fair and square but have blamed the ref.

    Derbs to Liverpool, can’t see it, they have Crouch, Kuyt, Bellers and it is widely rumoured that Tevez will join them after the CL final.

  • I would have felt more than a little cheesed off at having to fork out an arm and a leg if it had been Rovers in the Final but IF it had have been and I could have got a ticket I would have paid it. We’d have gone in as underdogs to Manure but I KNOW it would have made a cracking game, even if it meant us defending like our lives depended on it for one half then launching an assult in another. We’d have put up a show! The games between the “big four” are largely disappointing at the best of times, especially Cup Final’s, those between one of the “bigger teams” and those outside, al la the Hammered and Liverpool, Palace and Manure, Coventry vs. Spurs and QPR vs. Spurs (I think it ws some years ago) etc. are the best as these teams aren’t expected to win, and usually they lose but they have a bloody good go! I’ve developed a further theory on the “big four” issue, which I really thought about when I watched the game, I may share this over the summer!

  • Doesn’t Tevez want to go abroad though?!?! Having Mascherano already at Liverpool would help them though wouldn’t it. I don’t like what’s gone on with Tevez, Mascherano and the Hammered but if we are honest we’d liek Tevex here wouldn’t we? I know I would!

  • Just reading giggs etc..’s comments right now. WHat a load of Bulls**t. Here are my thoughts.
    1) The ball possibly did cross the line when Cech saved it. BUT it would have been a foul as he saved it and was then essentially pushed over the line by a sliding giggs. His attempts tyo claim it at the time were at best half-hearted.. AT BEST!!! You can usually tell when I player is genuinely aggrieved. Giggs is just making excuses because he missed an absolute shocker.
    2) Essien’s tackjle clearly was NOT a penalty you senile old bat (Fergie)… no-one even appealed at the time
    3) Exhaustion is also no excuse for united… as they have played less games than chelsea this season (they both reached the CL semis, both obv in the FA cup final.. but chelski also won the carling cup)
    4) Overall .. both teams should be ashamed of themselves.. it wasn’t tiredness/the pitch etc etc.. it was a failutre to commit men forward and take a chance that ruined the game for supporters and neutrals alike. The only class of the game was the goal (which was superb).. I have no doubt rovers would have put on a better show 🙂

  • NO chance…. Matty will never leave. He loves the club and he is sensible enough to not make Mr.Bellamy’s mistake.

  • Agreed with what both Bents4eng and MikeyGamst say on different points, Manure are just bitter at defeat, and rightly so but are going about it in completely the wrong way! It was a VERY tactically negative Cup Final, and although you can understand this, and let’s face it it was the Final most of us expected, despite the crap the Match of the Day team were coming out with by saying “it’s not the FA Cup we all expected”, correction Mr Lineker et al it was EXACTLY the Cup Final we expected, it was just the kind of show most of us HOPED we wouldn’t see though.

  • We don’t worry about spelling here Bents4eng, we usually get the point of most posts, besides if you think it is bad here try some other Vital sites lol!

  • god don’t worry about that bents4eng… half of us (inc me) would be banned by HDM for writing on here if we were judged on spelling!!! lol

  • Mikey I would be banned for some of my shocking spelling at times, and this includes that within articles, which I’ll admit but hey I’m no journo I’m a fan! I have a “fan”, or is it “stalker” (I like to think of them as a tosser really!) who constantly reminds me my spelling and grama is more often than not too hot, and takes great pride in doing so when my work is *****! lol 🙂

  • Why thanks Mikey! I just have their email’s set up to go straight in the trash as they deserve to go!

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