Date: 15th May 2007 at 10:19am
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Speculation in today’s media is linking Blackburn Rovers boss Mark Hughes with the now vacant job at Manchester City.

Stuart Pearce was sacked on Monday after two-years in charge, and with a takeover imminent Hughes is said to be one of the fancied men, if not the fancied man to spend the £30 million war chest that will reportedly be on offer. Others linked, and favoured are said to be former Chelsea boss Claudio Ranieri and former Wigan Athletic boss Paul Jewell, who quit on Monday. Louis van Gaal, Ronald Koeman and Gerard Houllier’s names have also been mentioned.

The job that Hughes has done at Ewood Park during his time here has been so good that it is little wonder that he is linked with other jobs, and will continue to do so when they become available, but a move to the City of Manchester Stadium in unlikely for me.

With the money on offer for Sparky it could be tempting for him, but having taken us to Europe again next season (albeit with an Intertoto Cup route needed to qualify for the actual UEFA Cup proper) not to mention his previous ties, and in all likelihood his future ties with Manchester United I don’t think we have too much to worry about this summer as regards to Sparky’s future?


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23 Replies to “Man City Target Mark Hughes?”

  • Sparky WILL be linked to other jobs when they come up, but we don’t really need to worry about him going to Man City (with all due respect) do we?!?! Had it been Chelsea or Manure, I’d be concerned as these are two clubs he probably wouldn’t have to think too much about if they came calling.

  • I cant imgine he want to move to City, after all there is a big job to do there and it would take more than £30m to turn it around, after building a team at Rovers and with the new Tv money to improve it even further, why would he want to leave. As u said HDM if it was one of the big 2 clubs I’d be more worried but then again u never know in football, but at the same time its City, Manchester and all that? I hope he see’s that wot he’s building at Rovers is going to be better than wot may be built at City. I do think they will go for one of these more established managers as they will want results there and then

  • cant see him going to city he has built his team here and he would have to start all over again if he left!

  • With Sparky’s ability to spot a gem even from across the other side of the world (obviously his coaching and scouting staff need MASSIVE credit for this also!) and to pick up bargains (as he has here time and time again) I’d think he could turn around City VERY nicely with 30 million quid! It would be a challenge, and Sparky likes a challenge, but it’s not the challenge he’d be looking for, but as you Clint in football you never know.

  • I can’t see this happening guys, he’s not gonna jump ship and put himself in a weaker position. He’s building a regualr top six side hear and he’s well on his way. He won’t leave until he’s taken us as far as he can… and that time is not here yet.

  • Great point Mikey, when that time does come I would fully understand him walking away. We would love him to keep taking us to a higher level but eventually this level will be reached so it would be selfish of us to stand in his way, but as you also say this is A LONG way off yet, the adventure is just beginning!

  • I cant see sparky goin anywhere in the near future. Ferguson looks safe and Mourinho is plannin is targets so there jobs are safe. Arsenal and liverpool are safe, the only other possible club could be our neighbours bolton, but im sure sparky is happy here

  • GARY MEGSON, who the hell is he. Megson was an average player who was at best an average manager. Johnny Kipper even mentioning Megson in the same thread as one linking Sparky to City is an insult!

  • Think your safe boys …. all talk on the City front links us away from Hughes. Little more than idle paper talk …… the big money is on Ranieri ….. backed down from 16/1 to just over evens. You’ll keep your gaffer and continue to improve.

  • Ranieri is a top man, more than just the “tinkerman” he is portrayed as being. He’ll do a job for Man City I’m sure. 16/1 down to evens, someone knows something don’t they!

  • I think it’ll be Ranieri and he’s a very good manager, I tipped him on this to take over Rovers should Hughes leave in the future ages ago! He will so a job with City no doubt

  • Yep Ranieri is a great manager and should definitely do well at City. There’s pretty much no way I can see Hughes leaving for anyone other than Manu or Chelski at the mo and Fergie seems keen to carry on until he dies so all is good!

  • Also.. The Guardian reports that City don’t want another British manager

    “While Pearce was packing his belongings yesterday, Thaksin was secretly visiting the stadium for the first time and has made it clear he does not want to appoint another British manager.”,,2079661,00.html?gusrc=rss&feed=5

  • HDM all British managers are terrible its not worth Mr.Thaskin considering anyone British at all.. look foreign, its the way to go… 😉

  • You no wat 31 years, its good to c there are fans from other clubs who can come on our site and contribute, cheers to you, i hope you guys find ya self a decent manager, with the take over bid coming in, you should be able to invest, good look mate

  • It certainly was HDM…. hoping Mr Thaskin reads that and takes note…. hoping Man U and Chelsea will to maybe?!?!?!?!?

  • This comment is in no way meant to be prejudiced, narrow-minded, bigoted, discriminatory etc. etc. if it seems like it is as I’m not ANY of these or more at all or one of these “anti-foreigners” type of people in the slightest but he is best of remember that he is coming into the English Premiership so some respect needs to be shown doesn’t it, know what I mean?!?!

  • Meh, Hes not going to leave this job half finished unless its a “Cannot turn down” job is offered to him, Sparky stays otherwise. With all due respect, who the ***** are Man City? We are a better team than them and are heading the right direction. Granted there would be more money to throw at players but he doesnt need that, see God, The Wall, etc.

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