Date: 22nd October 2008 at 6:16pm
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Reports in today’s national media are saying that Aston Villa are preparing to step-up their interest in Blackburn Rovers striker Roque Santa Cruz.

The reports say that it is understood Villa manager Martin O’Neill failed with an approach from the Paraguayan International in the summer, but he will return with a fresh bid in January when the transfer window re-opens. Speculation linking the striker to other clubs isn’t new, but the idea of Villa stumping up an £18 million package is (not that I see this happening anyway!!!)

The most disturbing thing about the whole report (which is in a newspaper that I will not name, as it doesn’t deserve to be given the mention) is that a package involving cash and a player sees Marlon Harewood as the player to be used “as bait” to tempt Rovers into selling. MARLON HAREWOOD, not much (if anything!) would be caught with that sort of bait attached!!!


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26 Replies to “Marlon Harewood As Bait!!!”

  • The usual stories in the media really, even if it has a slightly different twist! I’d rather tear my own arm off and eat it than see us do ANY kind of deal with Aston Villa for Marlon Harewood, who clubs SHOULD be given money for taking off the hands of Villa!!! We’d better get used to the Santa rumours again though, however, we just ignore them now don’t we?!?!

  • Well, one thing might be true. Villa could want Roque; but from there antill Roque’s departure there’s a loooong way, wich I don’t think it will covered. I don’t imagine Roque leaving Rovers any time soon, and certainly not in January

  • I cannot believe the cheek of this! If Harewwod is the bait all that he’ll catch is a bad cold. He was over the hill two years ago and is now so ripe even a carp would turn away. He’s a big strong “Championship” player. You’d find it hard to find one fan (not related) who thinks he’s up to Premiership standard.

  • If the club were to accept that offer we would be a laughing stock. If its true (and i doubt that it is) O’neill has some cheek if thats what he is gonna offer.

  • Harewoods quality and you’d be lucky to get 12m for Santa Cruz who is preparing for a very poor season with you lot. Give it a year and he’ll be worth Fu(k all, he’ll be off to spurs or some other **** club and you’ll get near enough nothing.

  • Villa fan in peace here.

    How about a compromise? You have Harewood and we pay you to take him?

    Any takers? Thought not….

  • Lerner, what are you giving it???? What have u done in the last decade??? Nothing absolutely nothing and if you looked at the average placing of our clubs we’d probabley be higher than u on half the budget…….how short ur memory is of the David O’DREARY years!!!! Harewood is crap and is a poor mans Jason Roberts which says a lot considerin… get a life and try to at least win something in the next 20 years!!!

  • Brad and bentley knew the score with blackburn,They both went on to much bigger clubs and so will santa cruz.Oh yeah,how is robbie fowler doing?

  • Please Villa would have to offer Young, Gabbi or Carew + £…m for Rovers to even start to consider a deal of this sillyness!!! Just cos we sold a 38yr keeper to them and a rite wing brat for an over inflated price, then i hope clubs dont see us as a selling club now, if that was the case, Benni would be gone by now!! Im sorry but Villa are a good team and depending on results could be sniffing up round the 5th spot, but its nothing that Rovers themselves couldn’t given a bit of luck and a run of games.

  • Lerner, please dont fall in to the “Spurs” trap of writing on everyones wall about how good you are!!! Bentley was sold for 17m and his team are at the bottom of the league without a win…more to the point, he doesn’t even play!!! Friedel was awesome, but he had to leave some time and at 38 yrs old and for 2.5m, who are the mugs??? We bought Robbo for 3.5m and you can already see how good he is…..not to mention that he’s 26!!! Boys as i have said before, 6th is the best uv got in you and all in all your a good top half team……DITTO, deal with it!!!

  • Lerner read back mate i wasnt getting at Villa, the only problem i have with them is O’Neill and thats for other reasons!! I was saying that Blackburn with a bit of luck could be up and around the top 6 or 7…. exactly where Villa will be. I was getting at the press saying that we would sell a very good striker for a run of the mill, “wot club next” striker, who is decent enough by the way but I dont want to see him play for Rovers, especailly at the expense of Roque!!! As for ur wee rant there about Brad and Bentley, well Brad was always going to go and getting the money we got was worth it, as at best he has another couple of seasons at the top and we all know he is rite up there at the top, but these things happen in football and we were rite to let him go to a fresh challenge. Bentley now however cant get into a struggling team ( at present anyway ) and has now talked his way out of the team…..

  • Sorry i will try to chat less ” pure sweetcorn ***** ” And more pure cucumber *****,Innit blood,standard.I was only having a bit of banter clint,Bentley is a tart.

  • Brad and bentley knew the score with blackburn – hows that working out for Bentley lerner?! And we’ve had the best years of Brad…. but he’s still a good signing for Villa.

  • cucumber whatt?? bloood, standard, your from birmingham rudeboiii! love to see us turn you over this week, stay bless ye! X eeediooot

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