Date: 21st August 2009 at 11:19am
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Morten Gamst Pedersen feels it is only a matter of time before Rovers hit the goal trail again after a super unfortunate shut out against Man City last Saturday.

Rovers have been lacking the killer instinct recently but Morten feels the spirit is excellent in the camp and the goals will be on there way.

Nikola Kalinic is getting up to speed and he will no doubt add that finishing touch. But Pedersen himself knows he needs to get up to speed and hit the back of the net far more often.

Morten, speaking to the Lancashire Evening Telegraph said – “I think we deserved more against Manchester City. We deserved at least one point but they scored two goals. We created enough chances but football is about taking the chances and scoring goals.

“We just have to work hard and take the positives out of the Manchester City game. We have to start scoring though because we can`t create so many chances every week and not score goals. I think when we get one, we are going to get lots of goals so lets hope we can get that against Sunderland.

“I think we did well against Manchester City. We had 15 crosses and 15 shots in the first half. That says something about the game but when concede so early and make mistakes, good teams punish you.

“We played well, we had crosses, we tested the goalkeeper but we couldn`t get the ball over the line. We just have to get ready for Sunderland and hopefully get the three points.”

Pedersen is now entering the final year of his current contract and knows that talks will continue between agent and club but really wants to concentrate on his play and continue with the impressive performance he put in against City on the opening day.

Morten continued – “I want to score more than one goal this season, that is obviously a target, I am working hard and trying to get in the box and do my shooting and hopefully I can get a goal earlier than last season.

“I am good, I feel well, had a really good summer. We are talking but I try to focus on my football and what happens will come with my agent.

“I just try to focus on what I am doing.”

With it being the ‘contract year’ I am sure Morten will raise his game – thats not me being cyncial – but it is me being honest as he will want to impress, particularly with it being World Cup year as well.

I am backing Rovers to start hitting the onion bag – starting with tomorrows trip to Sunderland.


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  • I was really impressed with Morten last weekend and I hope this carries on. Not the lazy performances of the last 2 seasons.

  • Enough talk Morten, start to prove what you´re saying. I have heard you for a half year now, that you will score, you will make it this season, rest of the players will make it etc. You´re a norwegian, in every sports the norwegian usually doesn´t have the mentality to be the best. And after seeing your performance the last 3 years, I won´t believe in you before you actually start doing something great, and not just with one match. Why can´t you save your talkings now, and then we have a new chat after the season.
    One example of norwegian being stupid:
    After we beat scotland 4-0 and the u21 beat cypros 3-1, every football expert are saying that Norway are back in business. Well that´s what they said when we made a cracker of Macedonia 1-0. Then we didn´t won for over a year. I mean players like Morten is one of that philosophy. I did it this match, now I´m back. Well, what about two good matches in a row???

    I know Morten looks promising nowadays, but we have to demand more from him. He is like Jon Arne Riise, as soon as they suddenly dribbeled of a opponent, they thought they could trick anyone, and you can´t have so big thoughts about yourself if you want to be a better player. That´s Mortens biggest problem. After the perfect season for 3-4 years ago, he knew to well that he was a good player, and most of all, he knew that he was loved by Rovers fans.

    So come on Morten, keep focus and stop talking. This is your last chance to improve yourself. In my eyes you´re no star, and have never been one, because your abilities aren´t stabile enough, one game here, and one there, that´s not enough. You´re not in Norwegian league, you´re in world greatest league, you have to performe every game.

  • If Morten currage to find back to the one season he had, we probably will score more goals, as he are saying, but it´s a long way up there.
    Therefor I wish we could have signed Rothen, then Morten suddenly would have a real opponent for the line up. That´s probably why Morten hasn´t been to good, he never had any real and hard competition for his position.
    Anyway, I don´t wanna go and see next Rovers game with an awful Morten who still are named as Rovers best player, one more time. I did that the last home game against Chelsea, my god I was ashamed of being Norwegian, and he almost made me feel sorry for being a Rovers supporter, because he was way off that match. I don´t wanna be put in that position again.

  • Yeah, maybe, but is he any good?? I´ve never heard of him before, and I only saw him on the pitch for 10 minuts in the confederation cup. But I have no doubts with Big Sams descisions. He knows what to do.

  • hes a tad on the small side for definite but hes quick and skillful – I have no doubt he will be being built up and then unleashed when he is ready…

  • ahh Gamst… as a great man once said ‘A little less conversation, a little more action’… i do love our LM, but it really is time to step up, show some fight and score some bloody goals

  • And after seeing todays match I´m sure he drowned himself after talking so much water over his head. I agree with Mikey, he is skillfull and have the balls to to do something unexpected, but he should start reflect on what he has to practice more with. Probably he does that, but he have for sure no answers yet. And now that Warnock leaves he should be aware of harder competition in the future. Maybe that´s the problem? If he continues to try shot from 40-50 meters like today, I wish we had sold him to Tottenham for 10 million pounds for some years ago. The way our board negotiate, we only get 3 million for him now I guess. Based on Warnocks value, at 8 million quid (that´s mental)

  • If he keeps trying like he is doing then surely thats good for rovers, hes playin his best in years and only a matter of time.

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