Date: 22nd July 2007 at 8:52pm
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Matt Derbyshire came off the bench to score again, but who is currently the most prolific Blackburn Rovers striker?

Can any statistician out there compare the scoring rate of our strikers, when compared by minutes on the field (not matches played?)

Who is our most prolific scorer on this basis? I suspect that if it’s not Derbyshire he won’t be far off McCarthy or Roberts.



12 Replies to “Most Prolific Rovers Striker?”

  • Personally, off the top off my head I would probably say from the last 5 or 10 matches that in terms on goals per minutes played our most prolific would be JR wouldn’t it?!?!
    Can any prove or disprove this???

  • no its the welsh lad with the long hair, savage, never on the field hardly, but scores every weekend, nudge nudge, aye aye, if you know what i mean, say no more….

  • That is so funny dude I almost wet myself with laughter……NOT!!! (Borat style pause and “not” to follow LOL!)

  • Off topic but WHERE had everyone gone lately?!?!
    This site was booming in May and June (even without any football) but even with some returning this July it is like a ghost town most the time?!?!
    Come on guys in the famous words of the drunken Deliah Smith at Norwich “LETS BE ‘AVING YOU!!!”

  • A sure way to increase traffic is to write an article with ?spurs? in the title. Be warned, Pandora?s box shan?t be easily closed!!!

  • I think anything with the word Spurs in it has the tags “arrogant” and “delusional” in it as well…. lol

  • LOL, and we DON’T want that do we!!! Ah it is almost time for battle to begin with Spurs, lets be ‘aving ya!!!

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