Date: 19th March 2011 at 11:14pm
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Blackburn Rovers managed to steal a late deserved point against a gallant Blackpool outfit, with away Captain Charlie Adam scoring a brace, which was later countered by efforts from Chris Samba, and a last minute strike by Junior Hoillet.

Infront of a vocal home crowd who had nothing but a win on their minds, Steve Kean resorted to a standard 4-4-2 formation.











Santa Cruz

With relegation in sight for both teams, it was Blackburn who got off to the brighter of starts. Early pressure through Emerton and Diouf on the flanks created opportunities for Jermaine Jones and Ryan Nelsen, however their attempts on goal were deflected wide. Hoillet and Olsson were as pacy as ever, flying down the flanks causing early trouble for the Blackpool defence.

Another early corner for Rovers created the next key opportunity, after a round of pinball in the penalty box, Steve Nzonzi headed wide from 10 yards out. Blackpool on the other hand, didnt waste their chances.

A free kick from Charlie Adam, 30 yards out, found Luke Varney in the clear, his first touch volley straight into the back of the net. However the assistants flag was up, correctly ruling Varney offside by the slightest of margins. Blackpool weren’t to be denied moments later, as controversy struck. A delightful reverse through ball by Puncheon put Taylor-Fletcher in the clear. A last ditch tackle by Nelsen saw Taylor-Fletcher’s attempt scoop over the goal. A whistle went and most shaped up for a corner, however Howard Webb had other thoughts in mind, pointing at the spot….Charlie Adam stepped up, bottom left corner, 1-0 Blackpool.

Minutes later, Blackpool doubled their advantage, stunning the home crowd. Blackpool were awarded a free kick, 25 metres out. Adam stepped up, bending it into the top right corner of the net, leaving Paul Robinson to watch. 2-0 Blackpool.

Rovers were shellshocked, and couldnt regain the momentum they had early in the half, as Blackpool held onto a 2-0 buffer at the break.

Manager Kean must of had a few kind words to say at the break, as Blackburn came out and dominated. Nzonzi almost pulled one back early, striking the side netting, but Samba was not to be denied minutes later.

A lofted cross by Brett Emerton saw the ball bounce in the area, Diouf and Hoillet’s attempts blocked, but Samba remained composed, taking 2 touches, then blasting into the bottom left corner. 2-1 Blackpool

On the hour mark, Phil Jones came on for Brett Emerton, who was picking himself up from a scathing challenge. It was a fine welcome back for Jones, recovering from injury which had kept him out since Christmas. Blackburn were on the surge, yet the final product was lacking. Olsson and Hoillet continued tormenting the Blackpool defence, but Diouf and Santa Cruz just couldnt connect with the final ball, as Blackpool stood stiff in their box.

It took 93 minutes, but parity was restored. Paul Robinson sent the ball into the box, which was half cleared by Kingson. It fell nicely to Hoillet, who headed it on the run, and into the back of the net, giving Blackburn a vital, vital point.

With Arsenal next, a win was needed here, but at half-time, any Rovers fan would of been happy with taking a point out of this game….

Blackburn 1

Blackpool 2

Post Match


“It was an excellent fight back and I said this to the lads at half time, we were excellent in the first 20 minutes and we were unlucky to be behind’

“After we scored the crowd got behind us and I thought they were tremendous, they had a real good go and tried to dig ourselves of the game.” (


‘It might be the two we lost get us relegated,’… ‘I don’t know yet. I’m finding it absolutely enthralling. It’s the tightest division it’s ever been and there’s about 12 teams that can go down’ (The National)


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  • pretty spot on sas, but where are your famous ratings? I thought jermaine jones and hoilett did well. robbo made a few good saves and salgado read the game well. for me MGP changed the game and saved us.

  • no coverage down under mate, they bloody covered every other game!!!! can only go off the couple minute highlight package, and what i read in the press! and what rover23 tells me lol

  • N’Zonzi got the ball in the box for the first goal after chasing a ball which seemed destined for touch, The front 2 were awful, and i remember saying to my brother at half time, that this was the worst day of my life as a rovers fan to be 2-0 down against Blackpool, tbh it was embarrassing, i would of took a point at this point, and at full time we were all celebrating like we had just won the cup. But to put things in persepective, that result aint good enough and Kean has to go, I would of took a defeat today if it meant Kean was gone come Monday, and with all the other obviosu relagtion candidates suddenlt hitting form, I expect Rovers to go down now, it hurts to say, but i’m thinking with my head and not my heart, and too many of our squad ain’t up for a relagtion fight. My bro correctly said at halftime, if we go down us fans will be there supporting them in the Championship, but for many of our squad they don’t care, cos they will just find another Prem club to play for, it sounds harsh, but thats the reality of football now, we need at least 3 wins now, and have not won a game for going on 3 months, I can’t see where our next win is coming from if we can’t beat Blackpool at home when they have a much inferior squad and finances

  • next person that says we are going down is going to cop a belting from me!!!!!!!

    we are staying up!!!!!!! stay positive…….we cant give up just yet, its a tough run home, and we are pretty *****e….but there are 6 teams underneath us who would switch positions with us at the moment…..comon Rovers, fire the f up!!!!!

  • I have to say I’m undecided on whether Kean should go. We have been unlucky at the wrong time of the season with the penalty shouts in the last two games. The main thing that concerns me is the thing that has haunted us for a while… Our strikers aren’t scoring. Santa Cruz looks a shadow of his former self but Kean seems a little scared of dropping him. The only striker with any hint of form is Kalinic and he’s rotting on the bench at the moment surely getting a little annoyed. We must stay positive though for the players come what may… We’re not beaten yet there’s points still there for us.

  • One of the main reasons Kean needs to go is he lacks passion, Yesterday Holloway was up and down that touch line kicking every ball with his side and firing 90 minutes of encouragement from the sideline, whilst Kean mainly remained in the dugout/seating area, and looked clueless and like he hoped the ground would swallow him up. He reminds me of Steve Mclaren in some aspects, he is arragant, delusional and tactically Niave. Managing aint jus about training the players, but its spending hours and hours watching your opponents on tape and in the flesh, and setting your tesam up to beat them, by having plans to stop their key players. In the last 2 games alone, we have been destroyed by Duff (Everyone who knows anything about football can tell you how dangerous Duff is if you don’t stop him, And against Blackpool Charlie Adam run the show, If he can’t expose other teams weaknesses, and at the ame time let them expose us, then management is just not for him

  • Kean lies like a politician, he thought we were good in yesterday’s first half and yet Blackpool had the ball in our net four times before we had a shot on target. I really cannot see any reason to keep him, the team clearly have no game plan and he blatantly leaves out Kalinic week in, week out. We are in freefall and this is no time for his pathetic ego to get in the way of common sense.

    Yesterday we played a team who are poor at set pieces, so the genius left MGP the best deliverer of free kicks and throw ins on the bench, truly outstanding work.

    I guess he’ll wander off into the sunset with a fat payout when we end up in the chumpionship, because I cannot see where we will pick up enough points in our remaining games to avoid relegation, 2 points from our last 18 speaks volumes and we were extremely fortunate to get that draw against Newcastle.

    We need a major miracle to survive and then Venkys need to give SK his P45 because he is not up to the task

  • Was at the match yesterday, First half we were very poor, however the fight back and the determination shown by rovers in the second half was very good… “We still have hope and believe”,,… “come on Rovers” Rovers till I die… Lets get behind the Team…and think positive…”” We Can Do t””..

  • i kinda taught venky were just in the club just to wreck it like they got rid of sam for a reason we ll never no and has put in steve keane wat i was thinking of was they did this reason only to save money 2 pints from are last 18 i think now more than ever that theyll never sack SK we could be bet by burnly 10.nil at home and SK would still see positive s an say the lads play good

  • Can’t buy a win at the moment. Fair enough, we grabbed a point in the dying minutes, but it’s not good enough. This was a game we needed to win. WE ARE GOING DOWN! I SAID IT HERE, AND I SAY IT AGAIN!

  • Agree with a lot being said here- but while were not in a promising position, I think talk of doom is premature… we will not get relegated, we fought back after being an unfortunate two goals down and our luck will turn soon

  • I was at the game too (as a season ticket holder) and even though we were ***** in the first half, I have to say, I think most of you are being over harsh on Kean et al. During the first 20 minutes we bossed the game, then Blackpool were awarded a penalty which never should’ve been given and for the next 20 minutes of the first half we capitulated and Blackpool controlled the game. Then came the second half and only one team looked like doing anything, that was us. We hit the woodwork twice, had a shout for a penalty and had humpteen chances cleared out of Blackpool’s box. Blackpool rode their luck and in the end they were fortunate to leave Ewood with a point. I am not happy with a point, not by a long stretch, I said before the game that I think we’re down if we don’t beat Blackpool and I still think that is the case. But on another day with luck in our favour, we would be coming away with a 4-2 win and we would all be very happy Blues, as it is we are coming away unhappy due to bad luck and bad refereeing. Santa Cruz and M. Diouf should never start a game for us again, they showed no passion and they both look *****. Kalinic needs to be starting, wtf is Kean’s problem with him? MGP should start every game, and I would play Roberts alongside Kalinic. These are some tense teams for most clubs in the PL, other teams fans think they too are doomed so there are a lot of teams in the same boat as us, I just hope our boat sails safely to shore and the likes of West Ham are the ones who sink. On a side note, Holloway is a dick. Complaining that we play long ball football when for long periods of that game we played their Championship team off the park.

  • The thing is Kean has got the team playing and in some cases playing well. Unfortunately, we can’t seem to put our chances away and we are creating pressure for ourselves. If we were in the championship we’d be winning at a canter. But in the premier league you need to punish team’s mistakes and score goals. Our defending is still weak, and I don’t agree with the refs decisions but at the end of the day the ref won’t get us relegated it will be because of Kean and his team selections, substitutions and not being able to change tactics. This time last year we were going onto a good run and were looking forwards not behind us. I am at a loss to know what to do with Kean – if he goes will that have a negative impact on the players, will we find someone better to take over etc. Or do we bin him now and hope to turn things around – not many of the other teams below us have changed manager – aside form West Brom and Villa? – did it make a difference?

  • What we need now is to produce the sort of form we have’nt done all season.November was our most fruitful month and around the time Sam went we had won for 4 out of 6. We have managed just 3 wins since. We need to be safe IMO before the Man Utd game, I don’t want to go into our last fixture requiring any points or indeed needing favours from other teams. If results go bad in our next fixture, and we lose and others win, that would need us requiring a win in our next fixture and praying the others lose just to get on status quo again, We need to be the team chased on not one of the teams doing the chasing. We was 2 minutes away from being in the bottom 3 on Saturday, and we have no more chances left. Its time to get the points on the board and try and win our last 8 games,

  • Agreed RFB- kalinic and Roberts are the best starting lineup. I KNOW Roberts can’t finish, but his work ethic and strength holding up the ball would work well with Kalinic’s talent. I don’t see how Croque adds to the team when the chips are down

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