Date: 24th August 2007 at 12:37pm
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I’ve recently got in touch with one of the Co-eds from Vital Toffee land who has agreed to share his thoughts on all things Everton and Blackburn for the upcoming game. Here’s what he had to say!

1. Before your very good start, what were your hopes for Everton this season? Have they changed at all with the start you have had?

I think it was always our ambition to keep moving the club forward, and after a decent start that hasn`t changed. Last season we did brilliantly to finish 5th. This season, now the squad has that little bit more experience and quality, maybe we could better that. David Moyes certainly seems to think so!

2. What do you think is the most likely route for you to win something this season? UEFA Cup, FA Cup, League Cup or is a Champions League place more important?

It is funny you should mention that as it is currently a poll being conducted on our site. I think the Premier League should always be your bread and butter. David Moyes will have learnt from our last flirt with Europe that It can distract you from the league, which is bad. I think there is nothing stopping us from having a good cup run this season, and Goodison will look forward to those evening Uefa Cup games we have craved!

3. What is your impression of your new signings so far?

I think so far we have spent wisely. A lot of pressure is being put on managers who perhaps over spend. This puts the likes of David Moyes and Mark Hughes in a win win position. If they don`t have a good season, it is because they haven`t invested as heavily as the likes of Tottenham. If they do have a good season then they will receive a lot of credit for doing so without massive investment.

4. Following on from that, it is likely that Yakubu will make his debut against Rovers on Saturday; no doubting that he`s a good player but £11 Million? Davey Moyes over paying and maybe panic buying do you think?

I disagree, I had to think for a while about whether or not Yakubu would be worth the money. But if you look at the stats, he has hit double figures consistently since he`s been in the Premier League. I have no doubt Darren Bent will score goals for Spurs, despite the massive price tag, and I think the same applies to Yakubu.

5. Who`s Everton`s main danger man that Sparky and Rovers have to be wary of in the upcoming game?

It depends really. Mikel Arteta would be the obvious candidate, however if Yakubu and Manuel Fernandes debut, they could pose a threat also.

6. Are there any Rovers players in particular that you are not looking forward to seeing line up against Everton?

Blackburn have some real quality. We aren`t that much different in the respect we have warhorses like Stubbs and Nelsen, and real quality like Arteta and Pedersen. Morten always seems to play well against us, and I am a fan of Derbyshire too.(Ed. HDM will be happy, another convert to the church or Derbs!!!)

7. Hopefully, Rovers will join you in the 2nd round proper of the UEFA cup, what are your thoughts on the competition, i.e. is it a serious one for Everton or is it viewed as a distraction?

It`s a massive opportunity for Everton and one the fans and players intend to relish this time around. I think the fact we played in the Champions League before we played Uefa Cup football last time around took the sheen off the idea of playing in the competition. This time we intend to make the most of it, without of course taking our eyes off league form.

8. Is there one player in Blackburn`s squad that you would love to see at Everton and why?

We have a real lack of left sided players at Everton, which is why signing Leighton Baines was a real coup. In that respect I would love to see Morten Gamst Pedersen in an Everton shirt.

9. What are your thoughts on Blackburn as a team, are you in agreement with Mr. “I did not see it” Wenger or is it a case of mud slinging to mask his team`s deficiencies?

I think sometimes the likes of Wenger, Benitez and Ferguson forget that if the ‘lesser` teams of the league are going to compete with their endless spending then they are going to have to play to their strengths. If that means fighting hard for every 50/50 ball then so be it, it is part and parcel of English football and has been since the beginning.

10. Finally, What is your prediction for the game???

I think we are in for a good game to be honest. There will be goals aswell, but we`ll scrape it 2-1.

There we have it ladies and gents. All that remains is to with Everton a successful season, naturally, this coming Saturday excepted! Thanks to the Vital Toffee Posse for this Q&A.



15 Replies to “Q&A Session with Vital Everton”

  • I still think that 11 million is too much but if the Vital toffee posse are right about his goal ratio, lets hope he doesnt get off to a decent start this saturday. Other than that, some great answers lads, many thanks!

  • Well chances are he won’t feature as it is being murmured the paper work won’t go through, which in my opinion is a relief. Good interview dude. Good to see objective answers.

  • it’s very similar to other “previews” that i’ve read… the price tag on Yak is because he is “tried and tested” in the premiership… but that isn’t always the case… Bellars did very little to impress at Liverpool after a fantasic season (well half a season) with us….

    Given the choice i’d have Roberts, Benni, Matty or Chico over Yakubu or Johnson any day of the week.

  • good stuff from the tofees lot… have always thought the everton bunch were intelligent fans and so it has proved, goods luck lads…but obviuosly not too much.

  • Yeah 11mill way to much really when you look at Benni and Roque, but good interview, kind of glad Yakubu isn’t playing tommorow as i heard today. When he tries he is amazing but his workrate isn’t always their so debut he would be very good, so glad he is not playing.

  • have you noticed on the vitaleverton site that when you mentioned we might MIGHT win, they didnt go absolutely spare like a certain team fron North London that wear white….????

  • i wonder who ur talking about mikey lol, gonna be an awesome game, hopefully we get to see roque up there with benni, derbyshire coming on later in the game

  • It is GREAT to see the Q&A Interviews back, I love reading these and seeing what the opposition have to say, GREAT work BomBom, I’m looking forward to seeing Mikey’s against Manchester City next time out.
    Qualily answers from a team that I found A LOT of respect for last season. As I told them, I was not that fond of Everton but through Vital Football I REALLY re-thought my view on them. Great club, with great LOYAL fans (much like Rovers!!!)

  • By the way guys good luck with the Spurs one soon, I hope we are getting prepared for the usual battle with these lot when the match comes around, ESPECIALLY if ANYONE dares predict that Rovers might even dare to beat the mighty Spurs!!!

  • Another thing, I have EVEN more respect for Everton now, now that I have another member of the Derbs appreciation club from the Everton side 🙂 lol! Good point highlighting that dude!!!

  • Whatever dude, you two fight that out between you (although if the rota works out with it being Mikey’s turn you may have to bribe him for it lol!)
    Basically so long as your weekly duties are fulfiled I don’t really mind who does what.

  • dam it BomBom… I was looking forward to that!!! lol. Yeah thats fine chief all yours but give us a shout when you post as we’ll need HDM, Roversman and myself as back up.. in fact sack it lets get sasman involved as well.

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