Date: 25th February 2009 at 2:00pm
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At around 10.30pm, Blackburn striker Jason Roberts was speaking to Rovers fans before getting on the team coach.

The stiker reacted to something which a teenage Coventry City fan had said directly to Roberts.

The reaction came when he jumped off the Rovers coach and hit two teenagers before some of the other Rovers players leapt of the bus and restrained him. He was then escorted back onto the bus.

Rumour has it the Coventry supporter was actually a graduate of the Tottenham Hotspur School of Winning Graciously.

No police action was taken and the Blackburn coach left soon after.

My advice to Jason is to keep his cool, opposing fans will always have something to say when they win. He needs to keep his head and stay a role model.


7 Replies to “Roberts In Scuffle With Coventry Fan”

  • i was at the game and no one seemed intrested in playing until ththe last 5 mins of the game,tugay was aimless,treacy tryed but not enough and roberts was running towards our end rather than theirs! complete shambleness! hope this was just a one off!

  • Well Jason was awful last night, but that is a very stupid unprofessional thing to do. Rikin5 even in the last 5 we didnt play.

  • Obviously we don’t know what was said, and I know footballers are only human (massive amounts of money or not) but JR shouldn’t have reacted like that really should he?!?!

  • What a clanger that goal was. How can a team play for 90 minutes and just leave the door open like that? Their scorer was completely unmarked.
    JR was out of order, of course, but he must have felt so let down and frustrated. He is a 100%er after all. Perhaps the crowing was just the last straw. Still wrong and dodgy to react though.

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