Date: 2nd March 2007 at 12:46pm
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Blackburn Rovers football club have offered fans deal after deal this season but it gets better! Season ticket prices for the 2007-2008 season have been slashed.

The club have just sent me another press release (below) detailing the information on these ticket reductions and the reasoning behind joining other clubs such as Bolton Wanderers, Chelsea, Everton and Wigan Athletic in freezing, if not lowering season ticket prices next term?


Blackburn Rovers are to cut the average cost of adult season tickets for next season by 25%.

It means Rovers will be giving more than £1million back to supporters in the form of reduced prices.

Rovers were one of the first Premiership clubs to say they will be investing some of the new television money in their supporters and they have honoured that pledge with this announcement.

In a throwback to last century prices, the cheapest season ticket will cost just £249 for the CIS stand which has nearly 5,500 seats available at this price.

The cost of a season ticket behind the goal in the Blackburn End will be just £299, a 30% reduction on this season`s average price of £425. The price for juniors will remain at £99 in the lower tier (£80 in the upper tier family area). It means a family of two adults and two children will be able to enjoy 19 Premiership matches at around £10 per head per game in the most popular part of the ground.

The most expensive season ticket will cost £399 down from £595, a massive reduction of £196.

Club officials believe passionately that for the game to thrive for future generations then more fans need to be enticed back into the grounds to watch the action live.

Match day prices for 15 of the 19 Premiership matches will be just £15 for a quarter of all home seats. It will be £20 behind the goals for home and away fans for these games.

There will be four higher priced home matches against Liverpool, Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea with home fans being charged between £25 and £35.

Away fans will be charged £30 for these four fixtures, a reduction of 16% on this season.

A marketing campaign called “We Believe” will also be launched to get the message across to supporters and will include a club manifesto aimed at highlighting Blackburn`s commitment to grass roots fans.

Chairman John Williams said: “We believe that the best way to enjoy Premiership football is watching it live in the stadium.

We hope these prices will not only retain existing supporters but also attract those who have not been for some time through the turnstiles next season to offer the team even greater vocal backing.

In setting this price structure we have recognised the concerns of supporters who feel that the cost of watching live football has become too expensive.

We have addressed this issue and at the same time made sure we remain competitive on the pitch. Fans want to see the best players in action at Ewood Park and for the club to continue to be a force in the Premiership.

The new pricing structure is part of a planned commercial strategy which is the result of research by our sales and marketing team.

We have already introduced a number of initiatives this season designed to attract more supporters. These have included a loyalty card scheme, price reductions for selected Premiership matches and cheaper tickets for our European campaign.

We will continue to look at different ways to add extra value for season ticket holders as they are the lifeblood of the club.”

Manager Mark Hughes said: “The players all want to play in front of full stadiums and it makes a huge difference to them. The supporters really can act as the twelfth man and lift the players.

I’ve been lucky enough to play in front of packed stadiums across Europe and I know the positive effect it can have so it would be great to see Ewood packed every week next season.

When the ground has been full for games this season against the likes of Liverpool and Bolton the atmosphere has been amazing.

Football is a passionate game and we want passionate supporters in Ewood Park to help inspire the team.

Cost is an issue and we have taken the bull by the horns and reduced prices and hopefully this will encourage even more supporters to come to games.”

I was also sent a price comparison chat on just how the tickets will change and I must say it makes for impressive reading! Sadly I was unable to use it within as I just couldn’t get it to work but will endeavour to sort this and bring it to you soon.

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7 Replies to “Rovers Drop Season Ticket Prices”

  • Yeah, I just wish I didn’t live 180miles away and could take advantage. Fairplay to the club for doing this – let’s hope the stay-away fans take advantage of this generous offer.

  • That it miles better then the so called reductions at other clubs… and away fans are getting reductions too! Let’s also hope that the local media get behind this and locaol business too! rovers have doen their part now it is down to us to persuade friends, family, work mates, etc to come to Ewood – get a season ticket! These prices are cheaper than some chumps league teams!

  • I live in Swindon and it costs up to £30 for My son and I to watche them. Next season we can watch Rovers for £20 – that gives £10 for diesel to make the 180m trip.

  • I think it will. The Premier league really should consider giving some of it’s windfall to the lower clubs. The divides are just going to get bigger and bigger.

    The Championship clubs will be putting themselves into financial danger by investing heavily to get into the Premier League – if they fail they could face financial ruin. I understand Southampton have generally done this.

  • The powers that be seem to forget that there is life beyond the Premiership which is wrong. Most the talent that comes through do begin at this level before being poached. If we aren’t careful the football league will be cut adrift totally and I’m not sure it could come back?

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