Date: 12th May 2007 at 1:55am
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The season has come and gone (nearly!) already, can you believe it? We’ve had our highs and we’ve had our lows but now it is time to dish out the end of season Vital Blackburn Rovers Awards for 2006-2007!

With YOUR help, through firstly comments and then votes in polls (if needed, although in some cases this won’t even be required to decide the winner or loser!) we are going to determine who has been the best and worst in various areas.

To put forward your thoughts on who the winner(s) should be simple click where it tells you and leave your thoughts.

So the Awards up for grabs that people WILL want are as follows:

Player of the Seasonclick here.

Young Player of the Seasonclick here.

Most Improved Player of the Seasonclick here.

Goalkeeper/Defender of the Seasonclick here.

Midfielder of the Seasonclick here.

Forward of the Seasonclick here.

Goal of the Seasonclick here.

Friedel’s Save of the Seasonclick here.

Best Rovers Performance of the Seasonclick here.

Individual Performance of the Seasonclick here.

Month of the Seasonclick here.

Player most missed this Seasonclick here.

Moment of the Seasonclick here.

It’s not all sweetness and roses we also have to look at the bad sides to the season:

Worst Goal Conceded of the Seasonclick here.

Worst Rovers Performance of the Seasonclick here.

Worst Individual Performance of the Seasonclick here.

Rovers Howler of the Seasonclick here.

Worst Month of the Seasonclick here.

Player least missed this Seasonclick here.

Worst Moment of the Seasonclick here.

Worst Hairdo of the Seasonclick here.

We also have to give a thought to our opponents, domestic or European:

Team of the Seasonclick here.

Best Team faced by Rovers this Seasonclick here.

Worst Team faced by Rovers this Seasonclick here.

Best Player to face Rovers this Seasonclick here.

Worst Player to face Rovers this Seasonclick here.

Best Goal scored against Rovers this seasonclick here.

And a few SPECIAL awards:

Vital Blackburn Moment of the Seasonclick here.

Vital Blackburn Member of the Seasonclick here.

Vital Blackburn Newcomer of the Seasonclick here.

We have all enjoyed this season and have all earned the right to have our say so please make sure you do by following the links and leaving you comments?



85 Replies to “Rovers End of Season Awards!”

  • As I say we ALL have a right to have our say so make sure you do. Simply follow the link and leave your comments.

  • forget the goal of the month, what about the Premiership top scorer? Benny McCarthy could walk away with it this weekend…He only has to score 2ce against reading..What do you think?

  • 2 others for you to throw out there mate, Member of the season and Best newcomer to Vital Rovers. Then you can all vote for ME! Seriously tho, think it could be fun if just between us VBer’s (Vital Blackburners)

  • 49ers – Do you know what I think you could well be right! What a turn up for the books that would be. Drogba has 19 doesn’t he, Benni 17 and Ronaldo 16, a hat trick should see him claim it outright, a brace give him a share. I put a few quid on this some weeks back, so I have even more reason for this. Come on Benni daddy STILL needs a new pair of shoes!

  • Well guys this feature has started off well, let’s hope it continues over the next week or so until winners are revealed, or votes cast to decide (if needed).

  • This Feature has kicked off AMAZINGLY well with the links checked out HUNDREDS of times all together, and a good hundred-fifty odd posts made. But I’m sure many more of you still want to have your say so MAKE SURE YOU DO!

  • Is there a prob accessing the threads above, I cant seem to get into them at all, although I could earlier on

  • They are working fine for me Clint, either clicking on links or going through them direct via the forum. Thanks to EVERYONE that has commented so far, but we want MORE!!!

  • It’s great isn’t it Mikey. Had hoped for good things but this is brilliant but I want MORE COMMENTS! But hey I’m greedy. As for my acceptance speech, an A4 sheet is lined up ready πŸ™‚

  • Hi guys,if you want to go to Europe then Thomas Cook 48 King William St Blackburn (0845 308 9153) is there to help……Benny”s been…!!

  • chalky, I’ve told you once, I’ll tell you again unless you have something worthwhile to say sod off back to Vital Spurs and live in your fantasy world. We’ll exchange words again when Rovers take on Spurs but (unless you have something worthwhile saying!) don’t bother coming back until then.

  • LOL, credit where its due, that was amusing Chalky. Lets see this time next season however if you are so cocky eh? Top 4 my arse!

  • Chalky i told ya last time get stuffed. We dont need your rubbish here ok, do you see any of us raiding vital tottenham and posting junk there, NO. So get stuffed ok, ur a disgrace to the tottenham crew, maybe they didnt wanna put up with u so u came here

  • Is chalky76 aware he is talking crap? Just wondered because its pretty embarrassing when he doesn’t realise and everyone else does… just a thought.

  • Quick not guys,any1 had a look at the ESPN top ten signings of the year. Last year we won it with bellers, this year McCarthy claimed second and Samba claimed 5th. Good to see we get some recognintion aye. The guy that wrote it further said that these 2 join the fantastic signings of hughesy (talking bout nelson, bentley, warnock etc)

  • Oi Andy Mcnab…….Who came first..?? BomBom-Good to see you have a sense of humour (unlike the rest of these dour norfeners!)…….Β£99 return to Spain hey,go on YOU KNOW IT MAKES SENSE…!!

  • at least Northerners could be spelt correctly. We all have sense of humours but it is to laugh at funny jokes. That was certainly not funny… and before you say anything yes I am about as lightened up as they come. Check out 31 years’ posts… at least he’s contributing something.

  • Couldn’t agree more Mikey. chalky I like a joke as much as the next “norfener” even thought I’m not a “norfener” or a “northerner” myself, but you just basically ALWAYS post pointless things looking to wind people up. WHEN Rovers play Spurs I expect to see you more, and expect this kind of thing as it’s part of the whole Vital Football process but when you just come on here for pointless posts what is exactly just that, the point?!?!

  • sasman – Just picked up on your ESPN comment, good to see the blue and white boys getting credit where it is due, Benni has been a cracker of a signing, the Wall TOP, TOP class! Nelsen (again sasman you let me down with Nelson lol!) Bents and Warnock have all been top signings haven’t they, as have basically ALL of Sparky’s captures. Personally I feel Stevie Warnock has been one of our top signings this seasons, next season he’ll shine BIG time (even more than he has!) P.S There is a Vital Football member here looking to attract people’s attention with his comments, let’s try our best not to let him get the attention he wants πŸ™‚

  • “HDM said – P.S There is a Vital Football member here looking to attract people’s attention with his comments, let’s try our best not to let him get the attention he wants :)” Ah *********, you sussed me mate LMAO

  • Damn, you’ve sussed that I’ve susses you! BomBom you are a @*$%@+! I’ve been tying to ignore you for months but I’ve been unable to πŸ™‚ lol.

  • Keep the comments coming in for the Awards, let’s not ease off the gas now. I might start announcing some winners next week, but MAKE SURE YOU HAVE YOUR SAY before I do!

  • Hughesy i rkn we should go on our own recruiting spree, we need more people contributing its only bout ten of us who regularly talk, i look at other clubs and they have hundreds

  • These things take time don’t they sasman. When I started editing this site if there were 3 names in the members table it was a good month. A lot of people just like to read what is written (in articles and comments) but don’t comment. I’d LOVE everyone of the members (200 nearly, up from a mere 25 or so back in August!) to have a say, eventually more will. This site is progressing well and I’m happy to keep doing it for us. It’s your site though people so make the VERY most of it. sasman will be distributing leaflets soon πŸ™‚

  • πŸ˜€ I remember the first time i posted on here twice in a week, and i shot in at number 3!! – Definately progreesing mate, and you deserve it. Also noticed you’ve made a play for the overall vital member this month – I’m guessing the spurs debates and the vote categories on the forum helped on that front. Couple more articles and you’ll be there πŸ˜‰

  • I still get the same buzz out of publishing articles now as I did when I started, in fact probably more so as I now know that MORE people get involved so we have a more three dimensional debate πŸ™‚ I LOVE seeing the comments grow and people’s rating increase, having THREE members in the top 50, maybe higher last time I looked is great! It used to be sooo easy didn’t it mate, a comment here a vote in the poll there and you were the dogs nuts, right up in the Champions League places, now it’s a battle for the Intertoto Cup place, let alone UEFA Cup lol. The beauty with comments made on this site is people pretty much always make a valid point with what they say, it’s not just a comment to “boost” the standing is it. The Spurs debate DEFINITELY helped as do the end of season awards but HOPEFULLY we’ll all continue this AND MORE! These facts without doubt helped me, not to mention the fact that I feel it is a duty of mine to try and kind of reply to most posts made (I maybe feel this will give the site a more welcoming feeling?!?!) But I think I’ll be hard pushed to win Rovers the title this month πŸ™‚

  • I never really pay attention to the points board but its racking up this month aye still a while to go and im in a champions league spot lol

  • MikeyGamst – If you are able to, if you join in Walkerbout in the forum tonight (Sunday 20th May 6-8pm!) you’ll catch him up πŸ˜‰ lol.

  • TWO Awards down, but PLENTY to go so keep on voting as your vote could make the difference. We ALL have opinions on issues so let’s share them!

  • We are getting down to the last half of the Awards (maybe less) KEEP your votes coming in for Awards yet to be decided as YOUR VOTE may make the difference?!?!

  • HughesDaMan – What a wonderful piece, all those links etc. Congratulations on sticking with it. PS. Can we have Benni πŸ™‚

  • Don’t be silly Merlin… you can have an excellent English prospect instead… Francis Jeffers he is called.

  • merlin – Cheers dude, thankyou VERY much, very much appreciated. Vital Blackburn has CERTAINLY taken off but it is in no small part thanks to the members too! I stuck with it but they did too πŸ™‚ But NO you can’t have Benni, but chances are you could lol!

  • pandapops – Thanks to you also I do like those fizzy drinks you make lol! Well I used to when they were about 12p each, daylight robbery now though, much be at least 30p a pop!

  • 30p??? buy in bulk mate, they are 50p round my neck of the woods. my daughter likes em, altho i think they taste like flavoured pi$$.

    Not that i would know what flavoured pi$$ tastes like, you understand! lol

  • whats wrong with the standard lemonade ones??? They sell them in the vending machine downstairs for 15 p a bash…

  • 15p!!! Buy them in bulk and sell them to BomBom (at a slight mark-up, but shush don’t tell him lol!) Still can’t believe it FIFTEEN PENCE EACH!

  • I wouldnt give them to my daughter, just liked the name lol

    I remember having them at school sometimes with my lunch, at the time i liked them, but being a kid you dont know any different. I havent seen them around for years though, i thought they had stopped selling them.

  • I wouldnt give tthem to my daughter either, lol at Mikeygamst they are pretty gassy. And i havent seen them around either, i dont think they sell them here anymore.

    We had them at school too

  • Off topic (off panadapops) but back on it (End of Season Awards!) KEEP these votes coming in!!! We are drawing to a close but we STILL have MAJOR categories that need voting on so get on the job people.

  • I see thereΒ΄s alot of admiration for manu here, but if we did the same or a similar, season review on our board, I have a feeling that you lot would win the “team putting up the best fight” Award.
    Best of luck to yer lot for next season.

  • lol, not really much of a motivation is that, i’m sure a beer after work is better tool to use. your staff must be easily pleased lol. You must have short arms or deep pockets Mikey, either way fair play to you

  • Mikey Bar Kid…like it!!!

    It was a 11 am purchase… we werent quite on the beer by that point!!!! and I can confirm that the panda pops went down a treat.

  • ONLY the
    Player of the Season
    Young Player of the Season
    Most Improved Player of the Season
    Midfielder of the Season
    Forward of the Season AND
    Goal of the Season Awards left to vote on SO VOTE NOW!

  • Theres only one MikeyGamst!
    Theres only one MikeyGamst!
    A Pandapop goes a long way!
    Mikey’s doing nothing all the day!!!!!!

  • lmao, no article has ever made me laugh so much, what a bunch of insanely funny people i have now been associating with.

    Mikeygamst of the season, a god (you are clearly loved here) mainly by yourself but thats ok too

  • Happy that we could amuse you pandapops, supply us with the drink of the gods and we’ll be VERY happy (this will be thanks for keepnig you amused LOL!)
    And by the way, there is only one God on this site, well two actually one is Ryan Nelsen the other Hughes Da Man the man with the plan for Vital Blackburn LOL!!!

  • Not yet but they are starting to annoy me… at least 3 of them boot off about cramps, its just not healthy.

  • letsalldothesamba – Yeah I know πŸ™‚ Both the idea itself and the comments within it. But hey dude your username is class also! It’s a shame you didn’t sign up before then you could have voted on the Awards. You will make up for it next year I am sure.

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