Date: 5th October 2009 at 12:38am
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Today I have decided to vary it up slightly, and write something other then our normal match report. Last night, our men made the trip to London to play against the Arsenal. All week, the press had been portraying a demolishing, the beauty against the beast. The delightful, one touch football of Arsenal, against the hard tackling, long ball tactics of Blackburn. The pundits were at it, even the commentators were predicting a blow out scoreline…..Looking at the scoreline, 6-2…ouch.

If you didnt watch the game, then think what you want, but for those who did sit and watch the game, we saw some of the finest football that will be played in this season’s Premier League. Arsenal were simply too good, too classy, and deadly with their finishing. However, Rovers put up a fight, and no, not literally. An early goal to Nzonzi put Rovers ahead, and after the Gunners equalised, Dunny put Rovers ahead once more.

Sure, the Gunners pounded our goal, with Robinson forced into save after save, sure, the Gunners were up 3-2 half time, but our boys could hold their heads up. We are talking about a team, who’s whole player wage value probably doesnt equate to the 6 year contract of a certain Gunner….

Rovers showed more of the same spirit, and if it wasnt for a dubious decision not to award David DUnn a clear penalty, it could of been 3 all. Could of, would of, should of, in the end it didnt matter. 4-2 the Gunners went, and instead of going into Damage control, our lads kept going, Dunn darting through the Arsenal defence, Hoillet striking the post….

It just wasn’t to be, 6-2 to the Gunners. Many will read of the mauling, and lesson Arsenal taught the Rovers. However, I can stand proud, our boys went to the Emirates, got beat by what I believe to be the most clinical attacking force to ever take the pitch in the Premier League, and we faught hard. We played good football, and who knows, we were missing our 3 best defenders, Samba and Nelsen in Central defence, and Vince Grella in midfield….

Heads up men

Player Ratings

Paul Robinson 9
Superb display of goalkeeping. As mentioned, he wasn’t at fault for any goal, and really kept the score down

Gael Givet/Pascal Chimbonda 6.5
Our make shift centre halves were out done by the sheer pace and fluidity of the Arsenal attack. Passes split them, attackers danced through them. At fault for a few goals…

Lars Jacobsen 6
Of the pace today, looked shaky, was torn down the flank

Martin Olsson 7
Solid game from the Swede, looks like he has developed in bounds over the last 12 months. What a great volley he hit! Great save from Mannone

Keith Andrews 6.5
Quiet again from Keith, not sure how much more he can provide though, he does get stuck in and work hard, needs a bit more going forward

Nzonzi 8
THis guy is developing much quicker then what we all thought. Nice finish, solid marking, good tracking and a real presense in midfield

Diouf 7
Worked hard, chased all day, got stuck in, but quiet in attack though, stuck in two minds all the time, cut back or hit the flank

Emerton 7
Good to see Emo back out their. Faught hard, needs more match fitness

David Dunn 9
Another superb game from Dunny, got on the score sheet, almsot a second, and unlucky not to be awarded a penalty, not sure why he was taken of

Di Santo 7
Toiled all game, but was outmuscled by the back 4. Needs a goal to spark him up

Gamst Pedersen
No Real impact….arghhh

2 minute cameo, comes on, gets injured, goes straight off…..
Really explosive player, pacey, unlucky to hit the post

Manager Rating
Not sure why DUnny was taken of, he was our spark, hopefully he did not pick up a knock


19 Replies to “Rovers Gunned Down”

  • There is not a team in the world that would have lived with the gunners today. Luckily our season will be defined by results against the likes of villa and everton. Anything we pick up against the big 4 will be points we hadn’t budgeted for

  • Jacobsen was not even a 6 he was pretty much useless i aint hating but i still blame him for the third goal he should have cleared it. That changed the game cus you can see rovers scoring one maybe 2 against the gunners but three is pushing it.

    Di santo was useless up front he has work rate but needs to hit the weights roberts should have been in his place.Also unlucky not to get the penalty and why in gods name was dunn taken off after we scored the second i really thougfht it was gonna be rovers day oh well…………. ***** happens

  • Thanx for all the fairness in your comments, I also thought it was a penalty so did the Arsenal defence cos they hesitated. Nice to see that some fans despite their team losing heavily appreciate a good side. Wishing you guys all the best for the rest of the season. From an Gooner.

  • We caused problems in the 1st half against what was a superb footballing team, van persie especially caused nothing but problems for Rovers but at least we can take summat away from this 1st half that we will cause problems to a lot of teams if we play this way in future, i still think we need to change the formation however, he took Dunn off even though he was Rovers man of the match due to injury worries. Deffo a penalty and maybe just maybe this may of changed to way of the game but we’l never know. Arsenal played to their strengths yesterday and any team would of got beat. ON a positive note i think we can nick some points next few games.

  • What a heart wrencher it was yesterday but it was a day that made you proud to be a Rover. We didnt lie down, we fought the right way and went at the Gunners with everything we had. The scoreline didnt matter in the end – I preferred to lose that way than to just shut up shop. Rovers caused the Gunners more problems than they have ever done in the past and we were undone by six top class goals that not a keeper in the world could of saved. Well done Arsenal – the best team we have played against this season. It is such a shame that people will just assume we took a beating with little fight as for the money we have available and the budget we operate on we were excellent.

  • cheers for the comments phreddy! good luck with the season, i honestly have nothing against the gunners, and if they play that type of footy all season, i hope they win the trophy….

  • Most teams would have got beat the way Arsenal played, we did well to keep it to 6 with the makeshift defence we had, and to be honest I don’t think us having that pen turned down would have made all that much difference apart from making the score line look more respectable… but you never know! As Del says these games will not define our season its the games against the mid table teams that we need to concentrate on, any points against the “big 4 or5” will be just a bonus.

  • I think we played very well unfortunately our middle defence were out (samba – nelson), I think we could done better with just one of them, especially communicating at the 2nd and 3rd goal from Arsenal. Afterall good game, liking the 4th goal from Fabregas – a nice one. Cheers…..Riisenholt

  • Ok Jt first thing is that i cant really see keith and nzonzi being very physical in our midfield im not grellas biggest fan but we sure missed his precensce there. I dont think smaba would have made much of a differnce becasue arsenal wernt using too many crosses and no offence but samba is not the fastest cb those passes would have left him stranded hell for that matter they would have left any cb cursing the arsenal attack

  • aadil4rovers Di Santo was not useless up front. He played very well in an extremely hard position to play, up front by yourself. He has so much more class than Jason Roberts and i would like to see Franco start as many games as possible because i think he can only get better. I thought on the whole we gave a good account of ourselves. My only problem was that I thought are midfield did not close down Fabregas enough. Andrews to often gave him too much space and as a result he tore us to shreds i do think Vince Grella would have done a better job so i hope big sam plays him dunn and n’zonzi in centre midfield next weekend

  • aaadil4rovers… di santo was not useless… hes a lot better than roberts… cant really judge ourselfs on this game… as we have 4 wing backs playing across the back 4… and we were playing against a team who could have beaten anyone playing like that… lets just hope we can beat the dingles next game now…

  • i would disagree about the clinical skills. If they really were truly clinical we would have conceded ten. Arsenal play the most attractive football in the league but one of the reasons they have not won the league in the past few seasons is that they fail to convert they huge amount on chances they score. When was the last time one of there strikers scored more than 20 league goals in a season?

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