Date: 29th October 2009 at 8:56am
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Rovers as we all know are in the draw for the Carling Cup quarter finals which id due to take place on Saturday lunch time.

After last nights three final games of the round the line up is complete – and here it is.

Blackburn Rovers (clear favourites)
Man United
Tottenham Hotspur
Manchester City
Aston Villa

Who do you fancy in the next round?


10 Replies to “Rovers in the hat for the Quarters”

  • I have a real good feeling bout this draw….2 of the big 4 teams left will draw each other….we will draw pompey at ewood…..wishful thinking….

    Arsenal V Chelsea
    Tottenham V Man U
    Villa v Man City
    Rovers V Pompey….

  • If we draw one of last year’s top-4 they will field a weakened team, which means we, arguably, would have a better chance of beating them – Man City will field a strong team regardless as Hughes will have to win a trophy this season – spurs and pompey, I think will put the league first, and so will depend on how their league standings are going at the time (same could be said for us although I think we will go all out to win) Bring ’em on!

  • Arsenal away followed by
    Chelsea away followed by
    Man Utd away

    we can get revenge over all of them for Oct, should be a walk in the park………………………………. now where is my medication?

  • roversfan95 – and I thought I was optimistic! I think we will be ok as whoever we draw they will not play full strength (Arsenal kids, Man U reserves etc etc) so we will have chance to get a scalp! I will predict Spurs at home!!!!

  • all the teams are epl what a surprise would love to get pompey at home but we cant even under estimate them they really thrashed stoke

  • Stoke played a pretty weakened side against Pompey, so I wouldn’t read to much into that.

    Any home tie realistically would be ok, although I’d like to avoid Citeeeh!!!! like friedelNo1 says they will be desperate for any trophy after the amount they have spent

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