Date: 31st August 2009 at 9:01am
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Blackburn Rovers have turned down a bid from Olympiakos for winger Morten Gamst Pedersen.

The Greeks have already helped themselves to ex-Rovers striker Matt Derbyshire but made an enquiry to take Morten to Greece to top up his tan.

But Rovers have held firm as they have seen an up turn in the form of the notoriously under performing Norwegian.

More news on this one as we get it.


16 Replies to “Rovers Reject Morten Gamst Pedersen Bid”

  • Interesting one this one – I personally think he should stay as you can see the intent in his eyes this season but I suspect there are prob a few that think we should have accepted?

  • It would surely be ludicrous to sell this close to the deadline! I wouldn’t have been suprised to see MGP go over the summer – he seemed to be too comfortable at Ewood last season but there have been enough comings and goings – it’s evidently going to take a while for the side to settle down and score some goals. MGP has been erratic but he has already scored his goal for this season – more to come we hope!!! MGP and Diouff on form are match winners and unless we have a replacement (Treacy has already left for Sheffield and Van Heerden hasn’t yet made an impact, Rothen never materialised) then we need MGP.

  • If we sell Morten now, we will have a lot of problems. Actually, I don´t think todays midfielders on Rovers look so promising. Then we can´t sell one of the best one. We doesn´t have good enough replacement and we probably don´t have time to find a replacement. As Mikey and York says, he is fitter for fight this year than last year. At least we should give him a try to Xmas,

    For those who think Reid is a wasted player, whatabout Morten? Mortens superb-season was about at the time Reid got heavily injured. The only difference is that Morten has played 4 season created 3 goals and 10 assists. That´s what I can see more wasted than being injured.

  • Its too late to consider selling him but for the right money at xmas, i’d do the business……we are desperate for a change on the left and some much needed pace!!

  • i agree that it is too late to sell him. Had the offer come a couple of weeks ago I would have been all for selling him. Personally I think his form this season has been acceptable but not amazing like everybody else thinks. For me he still hides away to much in games and often makes the wrong decision when choosing to cross or pass and he never backs himself in front of goal anymore. York Rover your comment about him and diouf being match winners is rubibish. They are both solid players who work hard but really lack flair hence why we have created so little this season

  • a7081543 I take your point but I chose my words carefully – “MGP and Diouff on form are match winners” and I stand by that – if they are in form Rovers create more chances.

  • I think that the loss in form coincided with the fact that because he had been playing so well teams began to close him down quicker and marked him out of a game. Tough to be excellent every game when you are a marked man. He is still the best crosser of a ball we have and our best midfield goal threat even if he is not on form all the time. We dont have a player in the squad who is ever brilliant week in week out nor does any team. Even Ronaldo had his off days

  • I agree with a7081543……MGP goes missing far too much in games….he lacks any aggression to want to win a ball and shy’s away from all conflict!!!

  • I personally think the best crosser of a ball we have is Emerton. But it could be an interesting day today with the dealine day moves… should we stick or twist with Zurab, Benni and Morten?

  • I think this season is Morten’s do or die season. He’s got to show what he did in his first 2 years at Rovers and if he doesnt it looks like he will go. I think Zurab deserves to play at a club where he can get first team football. He’s never had the greatest look in at Rovers. I’d be happy for Benni to leave if the price is right but I really dont see Benjani as a good enough replacement. He had 1 OK(ish) season in the PL. We need someone a bit more prolific than him….but who? Mind you after typing all that i dont think there will be any ins or outs today lol

  • We don’t have a replacement and there is no way Olympiakos will table an offer to tempt us to let him go… they havn’t got the money

  • I’d be interested to know what they offered for him, I’d maybe have been tempted but this the right decision was made by not selling. They might return in January, and if the price is right and we line up someone else then who knows.

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