Date: 24th October 2006 at 8:46am
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It is being rumoured that one of Blackburn Rovers’ star performers, if not the star performer this season David Bentley is being chased by Tottenham Hotspur.

Vital Blackburn member rovers powerhouse posted this thread in the forum on Monday morning:

I have not been on the site for a while but has anyone heard the rumour of spurs being after David Bentley?

After doing some investigating I did come across something that was suggesting Tottenham manager Martin Jol could be planning such a £5 million move for him in January but this is pure speculation and I can’t see this happening at all.

Spurs do seem to be linked with almost every player, especially up and coming English talent so the Bentley link will be no surprise, especially with the form he is in but I can’t see this happening as he is settled at Rovers and has no need to move on.

Bentley’s fantastic form this season, seeing him finally regularly reach the levels of performance it had always been known he could has constantly seen him earn praise from Mark Hughes, Rovers fans and all areas of the media.

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70 Replies to “Rovers Star to Spurs?Surely not?”

  • probably rubbish speculation … he seems happy at your place and is playing well so why the heck would he want to move to spurs , what can they offer him that you can’t ? eg UEFA cup but your in it as well lol !

  • True dazednconfuzed, maybe Spurs are a more glamorous club in a more glamarous area but why would he feel the need to leave. He can realise and achieve as much, if not more with us as he can with Spurs so why leave.

  • its funny that when any Blackburn player starts to play well then the other clubs that are in and around them in the league start to get linked with them. As Dazed… said, why would Bentley want to move to Spurs?? they dont and wont offer anything more than Blackburn will

  • Yeah I think we will offer him more than you can – a life back in his native London not some Northern slum plus if you ever think you are on a par with us you are all deluded

  • Not that I want him at Spurs because we should only sign players who would improve us and he wouldn’t but i wonder what spurs coul offer….?

    Maybe the chance to play with 5 other mainstays of the england squad (Robinson, King, Jenas, Lennon and Hannibal), and another two who are going to definately be in an around it for years to come (Dawson and Huddlestone) and on top of that live in a better area and play for a club with a club who have a more realistic long term chance of success and a much slimmer chance of relegation!

  • How anyone can say Spurs could offer anything other than a “chance to live back in London” to Bentley I don’t know. Spurs are a big club but you can only live off the big club tag for so long. What have Spurs achieved in the last 10-15 years? Not a lot. What are they likely to achieve in the next 10-15 years? Not a lot more than Rovers if everyone is honest!

  • Until Rovers become a “fashionable club” BringBack_LeGin they will have little or no chance of having players in the England Squad. Steve McLaren is unlikely to show up at Ewood Park is he as he already has his favourite players he’ll always pick, this is no dig at the Spurs players in the squad as all (bar Jenas in my opinion) deserve to be there.

  • The thing that i can’t believe is that Spud fans still get interested in this sort of rubbish – They are linked with every single player who has a half decent game once in a while, and then go and buy another average midfielder. Yet the fans still get excited and spout all this “big club” twaddle. Spurs are no better than the other similar lesser ‘giants’ (Villa, Leeds, City) and the sooner they get rid of the monstrous chip on their shoulders the better.

  • Agreed that Jenas shouldnt be there, not because he’s not a good player but because there are better available (nolan, reo-coker, etc). The following of the clubs makes a difference to players minds as well, Blackburn have a pretty decent following but nothing like what Spurs have if we’re honest.

  • And agrred with Head that VIlla are as big as spurs considering they have one the European cup and the league, and more recently than our last championship at that, but Man City? Leeds? They have not half the history or support we have. And I’m glad you didn’t mention Newcastle because taht would have been laughable

  • just more rumours… ignore them… poor deluded spuds! and to “BringBack_LeGin” David would be more than a improvement on your squad, he has vastly improved this season now that he is in a settled postion on the pitch.

  • One thing that you are all forgetting, as has been proved with Lucas… Sparky doesn’t want to sell and unless there is a clause in the player’s contract, as per Bellamy, they won;t be goign anywhere. Hughes could have got 2 mill for Lucas but he decided to try and hold on to him even that means losing him on a free at the end of the season.

    BringBack… What dictates the size of a club? The number of trophies? The Average Gate? The History? Spurs are not one of the “big” clubs – that is the clubs known around the world, they are Liverpool, Man United, Chelsea, Arsenal and Newcastle. If it is Trophies or History – then Rovers are a far “bigger” club that Spurs.

  • How on earth do Spurs “have a far better chance of long term success” than Rovers. I’ll have bet that others have predicted that since 1961 and come unstuck. The best chance Spurs have had of breaking into the top echolons of the Premiership was last season and they bottled it.

  • blackburn may have built up trophies through getting relegated and promoted through the divisions so many times, but more worthwhile trophies than spurs??? u must be nuts… Blackburn: One league in 1995, one 2nd place in 1994, 6 FA cups in 1884, 1885, 1886, 1890, 1891 (wow, they won it when they were one of how many pro football clubs?) and 1928 (oh my god, a post war trophy!). Blackburns only league cup came when they beat us in the final in 2002. Blackburn have done nothing in Europe worth mentioning.
    Tottenham, however, won the FA cup in 1901 (first and only amateur side to do so), 1921, 1961, 1962, 1967, 1981, 1982, 1991, have won the league in 1951 and 1961, have won the league cup in 1971, 1973 and 1999, and then wow… some European success, with a uefa cup in 72 and another in 84, and a cup winners cup in 63. I wonder which team has more trophies and history. Oh, and by the way, as well as being the only side to win the FA cup as an amateur team, in 51 we won the league in our first season back up in the top flight, in 61 we became the first team to do the double, in 63 we became the first BRITISH side tow in anything in europe, and we hold the record for wins at the start of a season with 11 at the beginning of 60/61, was well as the top ever scorer in all competitions… Clive allen scored 49 in all competitions for us in 1987. We have had wonderufl players such as Gazza, Hoddle, Waddle, Greaves, Dave Mackay (Brian Cloughs best player ever), and since the conception of the premiership we have had two double player of the years with Kilnsmann and Ginola… NOW THATS HISTORY!

  • tis tis boys lets settle this on the bet that spurs will finish above blackburn this season.. im a south african spurs supporter and there are much better following here than for bb…
    i see you guyz doing well this year getting in2 top 6.good luck!coys

  • Blackburn won the league in 1995. Spurtz won the league last in 1961, nuff said. Blackburn last won a trophy in 2002, not including the p1ss cup have Spurtz won a trophy this side of the millenium? Gazza, Allen, Hoddle, Waddle, Klinsmann, Ginola, how many league titles between them (At Spurs)?? Great players are defined by League titles and whilst they may be legends at your gaff they had their biggest successes elsewhere.

  • why is there an arsenal fan getting involved in a spurs v blackburn argument… oh wait, i forget, all gooners are jobless retards with no lives and try to compensate by talking football when in fact that is yet another field where they know nothing!

  • You done well not to indulge yourself in vitriol whilst backing up your point with facts there LeGin. Something I do know LeGin…1971,1989,1991,1998,2002,2004 are all years post ’61.

  • Not once did i mention anything about arsenal in terms of being a bigger or better club than spurs, they are, the facts prove it and i dont question that. I did however, question why an arsenal fan feels it necessary to get involved in an argument that has nothing to do with him, and concluded that said arsenal fan is in fact deficient mentally, and thus far you have only served to prove my point. GO BACK TO WOOLWICH!

  • I chose to get involved in the argument because I wanted to. If that makes me mentally deficient then I’m happy to claim the title. I’m glad that you have accepted your club’s true position of mediocrity and so my purpose has been served. You would obviously like us to “go back to Woolwich” as that would promote you to 2nd best team in North London thus unfortunately we are here to stay. Look on the bright side, if your money men get their wish you could soon become the second be team in East London.

  • Now lads there is no way in the world that Spur’s are a better side than Blackburn, now I know that u have to stick up for ur team but u do have to have a foot in the real world as well. There are 3 clubs in much of a muchness in the league the 2 mentioned above and Liverpool, who will all finish around each other in the league. Now 2 of the above do have a better history but thats not important, just ask Liverpool fans its the NOW thats important.on that basis liverpool is the best team in the league as they have the best history – Now to present day with Lennon at Spurs why would Jol want Bentley( who also plyed for Arsenal so the move is unlikely ) to add to his already massive midfield?!?! Bentley is a very good player at a very good club who will finish in the top 6 along with Spurs, who are supposed to have England mainstays – Robinson yeah, but the others not really wot u would call regulars are they? Both teams have very good managers and good squads, as proven in the league last yr there is not that much between them, unless inconsistancy counts

  • Why the hell would we want bentley? Hatespur, i am glad you admit to being mentally deficient, you are right, might i also add the word bi*ch? You have had a better side than us for a while but i disagree you are bigger. You ain’t got the tradition we have nor the following. Deep down you know this that is why you constantly appear on tottenham topics. Jealousy. Your sad pathetic fans have to stop your petty insults on spurs and consontrate on your own club. Sorry forgot there arent enough arsenal fans to have a discussion

  • Bentley is not needed and frankly average – Blackburn can keep him. and let’s stop being silly about “which club is bigger and history”. I agree that Spurs aren’t necessarily a big club but they are much bigger than Blacknurn Rovers. Let’s face it the only big club with “Rovers” in the name was the one Roy played for!

  • Spurs are a big club but in terms of where they are now and where they will be in 10-15 years time FORGETTING the past which is just that the past (sure all fans are proud of this but its been and gone!) they will be no bigger than Rovers. Breaking the strangle hold of the big 4 will be hard for every team, and that includes Spurs and Rovers! There isn’t much difference between the two teams in footballing terms alone so anyone who thinks otherwise is kidding themselves. I will say Rovers are going places again, when all is said and done Spurs have been supposidly doing so for 10-15 years and have they??? Again this is the past but they’ll go nowhere further than Rovers if indeed they do.

  • I agree Clint the discussions are far more civilised when its just Blackburn fans talking. This was about David Bentley anyway! Bentley has been fantastic this season so if people would look past the fact that he plays for Rovers they would see just how good he is and how much he is realising his potential.

  • Guys, a little banter is harmless. However, the fact is that there may not be much difference in “footballing terms” according to you but with all due respect we have a better squad of players. I honestly cannot see how any of your players would get into the Spurs team – the fact is you have gelled better as a team as you have had less player turnover but when we do gel we will be a better prospect than Blackburn. Before some smart arse then says “well why are Spurs always interested in signing our players” let’s not forget the majority of it is press speculation!

  • I ‘ll leave it that Bentley will not leave Blackburn for Spurs there would be absolutly no ambition in that move in footballing terms. He would be good for any club in the league for the fact that he can play on the rite or left of midfield, behind the strikers or indeed in the centre of midfield, some poistions he is better than others but at least he will give his best in all if asked, not a lot of players are willing to play anywhere in the team.

  • I’d not disagree as a squad Spurs are better but Rovers play as a team we aren’t a bunch of individuals thats what makes us so good! It just shows a “better” squad of players doesn’t make for a “better” team!

  • Spurs seem to be the normal route Blackburn players link themselves with when the are looking for a better contract, how many players were linked with us last window, Reid, Neil, Pedersen, bellamy. All but Bellemy I belivev signed better contracts, don’t get me wrong they are all good players and would have fitted in at Spurs but surely these links are getting tired, unless bentley is really home sick and wants a return to the capital, i don’t see any value in this. Plus with the next window so far away.

  • Tailor u will notice its the Spurs fans that cant accept the fact that there ‘one time great club’ has slipped up, whereas the Blackburn fans have been saying that they are a good club on a apar with there own, now that to me says a lot about certian minority of your clubs fans. One of my best mates supports Spurs and he would readily admit that the two teams are as good as each other. and to say that Blackburn players would not get into the Spurs team is blatently not true Yes on paper Spurs are thought to have better players but as we all know and you have stated its a team game!! Wot player turnover has Spurs had anyway?? lost a couple of players that never made into the team anyway, Carrick was a big loss rite enough, and brought in Dietmar B. Chimbonda, Akouto, but still have the players that played those 2 positions at the club

  • Clint – i hear you but our player turnover has been massive – in the last 3 years we have bought over 30 players to the club – more than Chelsea. Carrick in my book was not a loss and even Man Utd fans are starting to realise we have seriously turned them over on that one. If yo ulook at our team 2-3 years ago the only players that remain are King and Keane. In the whole squad there are probably less than 5 that have been there 3 years. All I am saying is that once we gel and start playing as a team (could take another year or two) that’s when you should judge who is going where in footballing terms.

  • in fact I think its only Ledley and Keane that have been there more than 3 years and I am not sure about Keane – it could be his 3rd year.

  • Ild happily accept that Spuds have better strength in depth, but first team? Hmm, i dunno – Maybe Chimbonda, er, I;m honestly struggling to come up with more than that. I wouldn’t swap keepers, or central defence (When Nelsen comes back) I’d keep Savage and Tugs, Pedersen and Bentley, and Nonda and McCarthy wouldn’t be going anywhere. Nope, i can’t concede the “on paper” thing – Sorry. I’d take Huddlestone off you, but only in building for the future

  • You would not take King, Dawson, Zokora, Lennon, Tainio/Jenas Berbatov, Defoe?? Never mind.. i’ll leave you guys to your own discussions as its clearly a lost cause.

  • I don’t think it isn’t that Spurs players wouldn’t be accepted into the Rovers squad it is merely that Head Rover Heels wouldn’t take any of the first choice starting XI of Rovers out to accomodate any Spurs players in it?

  • wouldnt take Dawson as he is average, lennon is good but is he consistant, Zokora hasn’t proved anything in the premiership, Jenas is crap ( in my opinion ) Tainio is ok but we have better in the midfield alreadyBerbatov is not any better than wot we have already and there’s a chance Defoe will leave anyway as he is quality but never really gets in the team. King will prob head to Arsenal at somestage as he is linked with them every year.

  • Exactly – Strength in depth there is no contest, we look like amateurs compared to Spurs, but i’d keep Nelsen over King, don’t rate Dawson at all, Lennon would give Pedersen a run for his money, Zokora still has a lot to prove, Tainio is decent, but i wouldn’t like to drop anyone to force him in, Berbatov/Defoe? well I’d like to see anyone drop McCarthy at the moment. As for Jenas, well, i’d sooner get Yelldell back and shove him in midfield.

    I’m perfectly happy with what we have, although a couple of thousand supporters, or some of that spare cash you have would go down quite well?

  • Well said Head Rover Heels, summed the whole situation up brilliantly with this “I’m perfectly happy with what we have, although a couple of thousand supporters, or some of that spare cash you have would go down quite well?”

  • Tottenham, as a team and a club, I would normally respect and even support against their bigger rivals in North London… They have a good manager and some great players… Keane would definately make my first eleven… However, they do seem to have a higher proportion of WUM’s per head. The differences between Rovers and Spurs… not at lot, along with teams like Bolton, Charlton, Everton, Villa, etc. We are proud to be a small town club that has achieved more than most clubs and thank god we aren’t deluded!

  • weare not deluded i think anyone who can try and argue that in terms of abig club charlton being on the same page as spurs is an idiot, think of finances, history and expectations these are good things to measure whether a club is big or not. granted we have been piss poor in the 90’s early 2000’s and regardless of the excellent set up and players we have now wewould still be considered abig club. we even through bad times and trophyless mid table seasons would sell out every home game and even if mispent still be top richest 20 clubs in europe while blackburn have an embaressing amount of seats not filled and even have to slash there prices to sell tickets for a local derby!! granted ur a small town club but this adds to the measurement we would use and not in ur defense as being a big club. finances speak volumes about a clubs ambitions as you would know back in 96, and there has been very little ambition in ur club recently and however misguided before 2004 we havnt always been ambitous in the transfer market. granted on league position in 10 years we have been mediocore and to new or young fans just looking at the table would beleive we are on the same cloud as teams like charlton etc….but in reality a team who are in the top 20 richest european clubs and with a massive following just under the right guidance and structure (commoli jol levy) will find there way again to the elite other teams hit a ceiling and cannot go any further but a team like spurs have the backing to go all the way.

  • Perosonally as a Spurs fan, I would be delighted to see him at Spurs. For a while I thought Bentley was going to be the most recent lost talent of English football and the saving of his career by Blackburn and Mark Hughes, does you credit.

    I, for one, would be happy to see £5-6 million spent on him as he play right, left, in the middle, and behind the front men. He is everything that Dennis Bergkamps replacement should be and the petulant Van Persie is not

  • Now that, Sir Harry, is a comment i can converse about. He was losing his way, and his time at Norwich certainly didn’t bode well for his future. He looked a “bit-part” player when he came here but Sparky has waved his magic wand, and he’s come on leaps and bounds ever since. Once he settles down into a position and a routine, i can see him being a very useful player, if not a potential great. … With regards to the other “conversation” about big club status – We are NOT a big club, and we don’t care – All we care about is how we are doing, and that’s fine. Why you care about whether you are compared to Charlton i have no idea. I’m totally happy with having Bolton and Fulham as our promotion partners, any other comparison is just pointless tosh for the pundits to waffle on about.

  • Unlike many of the other Spurs fans commenting Sir Harry is not letting Bentley’s Arsenal past cloud his judgement. Sir Harry knows how good Bentley is and can be so why can’t others just agree? If a Burnley or Bolton player could arrive at Rovers I’d not hold his past against him. Bentley does have the potential to not only be a Rovers great but possibly an England great, this potential is finally being realised consistently.

  • To be honest we have not been lucky with Arsenal Reg new (backwards) rejects .. Bentley looked good when he first arrived at Balckburn.. To be honest I cannot imagine spurs needing another midfielder.. I cant stand Hughes style of play but all credit to him he ahs turned you guys around.. What you should really be worrying about is the fact you cant keep Lucas Niel and Whippet fcuked of to Skowse land.. If Benny does well Im not sure you will be able to hold on to him.. Bentley nice car please keep him for now if he turns out to be really good Gooner reject or now we will want him.. Yiddoo SS

  • Its amazing to see so many deluded fans supporting the same team, well not if you consider Newcastle. Let’s be honest guys. David Bentley showed glimpses last season of what he is capable of. This season he has finally made friends with the term consistency. However, that level of consistency is a mile off from England prospects and it is a mile off from a big club wanting him. The fact that Spurs are getting excited about taking young Bentley back to London suggests one of two things to me. One…you are NOT a big club and two….your management obviously don’t do their scouting properly. Im not for one minute hear trying to suggest that Rovers are any bigger than Spurs. All I believe is that his prospects at Spurs would not differ from the prospects he has at Ewood. Surely it must annoy you guys (Spurs fans) that you are constantly linked with anyone who scores a couple of goals?!?! Big up the Bentley he has a massive future, a future that will be at Rovers!!!!

  • You are all pratts – this is just crap speculation. It’s the press who link us with every player not the club or scouts. Keep your s**te players and keep your s**te little club. You will never compare with the Mighty Spurs – how many BlackBurn Rovers fans would you see in a bar in Sydney, Tokyo, Stockholm, Oslo and everywhere else? Zilch that’s how many. Go open your eyes you sad little twats – Blackburn on a par with us? You are a joke COYS

  • andyt having more fans, a bigger club (stadium wise), more support each week and worldwide, based in a “better” location and more money doesn’t necessarily make Spurs a bigger club. I think result and performance on the pitch the last few years, in fact last 10-15 years have proved that Spurs are in no way a bigger club than Rovers in that respect. Off the pitch yes, on it results, general placing and overal performance wise prove otherwise. Let’s have this debate a few years down the line…

  • Hughes da man? YOU ARE A DIMWIT! You believe then that bolton are a bigger club than newcastle according to your plan. As for the idiots who don’t see any spurs players getting in the blackburn team mmmm let me think robinson, chimbonda, dawson, king, lennon, huddlestone, berbatov, keane, defoe, no i will stop this must make you feel like prats.

  • I can see why you would rather mmmmm god i’m struggling to name any of your players cos they are nobodys. sorry you do have mmmmm friedel – liverpool outcast, savage – wales outcast, neill – wants out desperate, nelson (who), tugay – the name says it all, mmmm no that’s all i can name. Pederson is ok though i’ll give you that

  • mmmmm chimbonda- ripped off. mmmmm- defoe- obviously starved of quality at the club he has to bite it. mmmmm- huddlestone- what has he done again? mmmmm berbatov- what a goalscorer there. See its easy to disregard players. Your club have some awesome talent, some of which we would love at Rovers. Equally Im sure you wouldn’t turn your noses up at Neill (who you bid for in the summer and is a league above pascal), reid (who you bid for in the summer), gamst (who you reportedly bid for in the summer) and nelsen who? im sorry be honest!!! Its easy to claim your lot are ‘better’ than us because you have a bigger stadium, better location blah blah blah but if you want to use that as your instrument of measurement thats fine. Im a strong believer in what you do on the pitch counts for more than that. You are, by right, the 5th best team in Eng if you go on last seasons display. Don’t forget we were a few points behind you (and polverised you in both games last season) with the handicaps that you so eloquently point out!!!!

  • Why you choose mrcommonsence as a username I don’t know as you clearly don’t use any! Blinkered by Spurs own success mmmmm when was that!

  • I?ve not once disagreed that Spurs in terms of squad quality, fan based numbers, club size, and geographically location etc. are not the bigger club. London is a bigger draw than Lancashire so in that respect you?ll always have the upper hand but this doesn?t seem to be stopping the progress we?ve made so why can?t we just gain the recognition we deserve for that? So many of you Spurs fans are living off past glories are we doing that no? But if that?s the score Rovers have WON and come RUNNER-UP in the Premiership so without question in the last 10-15 years they have been more successful of the two. If previous success is going to be a factor so often brought up as it has been by the comments then the FA Cup wins of 1884, 1885, 1886, 1890, 1891, 1928, League Titles of 1911-1912, 1913-1914, 1994-1995 and League Cup win of 2002 have to come into the equation regardless as to most being so long again it was unreal. Obviously past history does determine the size of the club but with Rovers history if you look at it like that they are a big club! I WOULD take many Spurs players in the Rovers SQUAD but player for player on the BEST STARTING XI?s I don?t hand on heart see Spurs as being better!

  • Andyt who’s the twat here, sure ur team isnt even the best in North London so how the hell can u say anything!! When Spur’s who have spent God knows how much on susposed world class players only to finish in and around the little town clubs like Blackburn, Wigan etc actually do win something then maybe we’ll sit up and take notice until then make do with the knowledge that Spurs used to have a big name but even now the lure of London to players only works for the ones that wont make it at Arsenal or Chelsea. Now I like Spurs as a team and would be happen to take a few of their players – Keane and Deadly as I can see the quality in them, unfortunatley u dont seem to be able to acknowledge the same with us, pity that!! Not that it really matters anyway

  • I’d not heard this rumour til I read this site. It is no suprise we have been linked with yet another of your players. Reid, nelson, neil, pedersen, bellemy and now bentley. Savage next maybe? all of the earlier rumours seemed to have some foundation. but with our offers being rejected, altrenative players were found. for me the most likely option for spurs would still be pedersen above bentley as he naturally fills our main area of concern left midfield.
    As for history and current team. This is something even the most sensible fan can disagree. the one you love is always more the attractive.

  • ok if u hughes da man beleive u have a better xi than us lets compare, king and dawson are better than any centre back youwould throw our way. thats indisputable. zokora and jenas or savage and tugay hmmmm….ill give u gamst pedersen as left winger over davids as he has natural width and asuperb shot on him. bentley or lennon hmmmm…and take ur pick out of mido defoe berbatov and keane over nonda roberts and mcarthy…as for friedel v robbo its close i rate him but u would always go for englands no 1. then lets get started on squad depth we could put out a second team of cerny, stalteri, lee, daveport, gardner, murphy, ghaly, tainio, huddlestone, defoe, mido…whats urs again?? oh and malbranque!!!!

  • In that case we’ll have to agree to differ – I wouldn’t swap Nelsen for King, or Ooijer for Dawson. Right and left backs? I’d consider Chimbonda. You can keep Jenas, Zokora needs to prove himsefl – not impressed yet. Bentley and Gamst get the nod from me, as does McCarthy, Friedel, and Nonda. So we both feel the same about our own sides then…. Only thing is, you are the team that is rumoured to have wanted, in the last 12 months, both our wingers, a centre back, a right/left back, and a central midfielder. Hmm. Odd that.;-)

  • Head Rover Heels is right in wot he says Nelsen is much stronger centreback than King though (wouldnt turn him down), dont rate Chimbonda at all, one yr at Wigan does not make him a good player, Stalteri is better and not getting in the team, Jenas is sh#t, wot he has done to get in the England squad ahead of Nolan is anyones guess, Zokora had a good Africans Nations but has to have a season in the league first, up front its much of a muchness, all have good qualites, I would have Friedel b4 Robinson although Robinson is quality. as for the second team mentioned lets go, Lee was on his way out, Davenport was bought because he was English not because he was good, Murphy is ok, Ghaly who??, Tainio is ok, Defoe should leave, hes too good to play for Spurs reserves, Mido well hes good but how will he cope with being in and out of the team?

  • buckers_07 you’ve not really helped the debate here really have you as when you looks at it like that there are few, if any of your first choice XI that I would honestly have in my starting Rovers XI over what we have. Compared to what we have I’d consider King, but not over Nelsen! As head Rover Heels says we have to agree to differ that’s what makes Vital Football and Football in general so great!

  • well put clint id agree with prety much everything you said apart from the bit about King i think he is a great player / Defender. Yes Nelsen is good but i think King could match that and maybe be better yes Jenas is a piece of B*ll*x when it comes to football and i think Nolan or Parker or someone eles of that calaber should take Jenas’s place in the England Team

  • ok i understand you see ur team week in week out and i see mine so theres going to be a certain amount of bias from both sides. but to seriously suggest nelsen is better than king come on guys?? king a player who is one of the finest centre backs england have who chelsea wanted for a reprted 20m 2 seasons ago, a player who can play centre back and def midfield at international level. granted nelsen is a good strong centre back but just not in the same league, i guess with other comparisions your right we can agree to disagree…as for why have we been linked with half your players well thats simple spurs have money to burn so get linked to every player who appears to be obtainable, on form and for an inflated price for (no disrespect intended) players who want to make a step up in their career from other clubs hence inflated price for chimbonda. also its strange u dont see the links the other way round lennon to blackburn for example?? why is that?? maybe its coming back to the point of whose a bigger club most links are to fill pages in newspapers and therefoe cannot be used as a valid arguement to automatically make the players were linked to better than our current crop. As for the jenas slating if u watched every game he has for us u wud disagree he (apart from finishing) has been superb this season.

  • I’ve seen Jenas regularly and I’m still amazed he made the England World Cup Squad! He’s a good player but in my opinion, as I’ve seen him a lot since he joined Spurs he’s failed to live up to what he can do, and I think MANY Spurs fans agree.

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