Date: 13th September 2006 at 9:09am
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Egyptian International Wael Gomaa may not have signed for Blackburn Rovers during the summer transfer window as had been expected, or at least hoped, however a move is said to be likely in January.

Whilst in England I was able to get some questions put to Egyptian defender. At the time it was very much expected that he would be a Rovers player by August 31st so some answers are given with this, or at least the thought that he will sign in January in mind.

Below you will be able to see what Wael Gomaa was asked, and what response was given in this *EXCLUSIVE* Vital Blackburn Interview.

Q: What attracted you to the English Premiership?
I want to play in the best League in the world with the best players.

Q: Why do you feel you are suited to the English style of play?
I am fast and strong in the air I enjoy fast moving football.

Q: What attracted you to Blackburn Rovers?
Blackburn have a good team and good training facility and have watched me for some time.

Q: What qualities will you bring to Blackburn Rovers?
I am good defender and will help strengthen the team and work very hard to win.

Q: What is the highlight of your career so far?
Winning the African Cup of Nations in Cairo it was great for my country.

Q: What do you hope to achieve with Blackburn Rovers?
I wish to become always in team and play maybe in Europe and be successful for Blackburn.

Q: English football doesn’t have a long history of Egyptian footballers, however following Mido’s successful loan spell, and now your hopefully signing for Blackburn could you see more Egyptian’s following the example?
Yes Egypt have great undiscovered players.

Q: If so which Egyptian footballers do you currently rate that you feel could make it in the Premiership?
Egypt has many great players Mohamed Zidan, Mohamed Aboutraika, many more.

Q: Why have you never played football in Europe before?
We have at Al Ahly played in many Champions League games we beat Real Madrid 2-0 only two-years ago in European match.
I meant the question in the respect as to why he had never represented a European club, but it has been interpreted as to if he had ever played a match in Europe, against European opposition.

Q: Are you currently married or involved with anyone?
Yes I have my wife and two children one boy one girl.

Q: Will your wife and children be joining you in Lancashire immediately or will you settle in before they join you?
We will move all to England straight away.

Q: Do you see yourself ending your career in England?
Yes I would like to finish in the best League in the world (he would say the SPL!)
Wael, no you mean the English Premier League, not the Scottish Premier League (SPL)

Q: If so do you plan to settle in England once your playing career ends?
We may stay it all depends on how my family feel after my career finishes.

Q: Do you have any plans for when you do finally retire from playing? Would you like to remain in the game as a coach, manager, football agent etc?
I do not yet know what I want to do yet maybe become first Egyptian manager in England. (Ha Ha)

I would like to thank Wael for taking the time to sort this for me, it is much appreciated.

Hopefully January will see his dream come true and his move to the English Premier League (not SPL Wael!) and Rovers, who appear to have the edge over Premiership rivals Newcastle United, can become a reality.

Around the time of the Wael Gomaa original link, when Vital Blackburn Rovers brought you yet more *EXCLUSIVE* news with the article on Gomaa arriving in England the site would receive an even higher amount of hits than usual, with a number of comments coming from Egyptian posters. It has since been revealed to me that Vital Blackburn Rovers would be widely quoted in Egypt at the time!

It is good to see the name of not only Vital Blackburn, but also Blackburn Rovers Football Club itself being spread throughout the World. The African and Asian markets could be of huge potential to the club, so if Rovers can attract players and fans from these areas the benefits could be enormous to the club and to Vital Blackburn Rovers.

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29 Replies to “Rovers Target Wael Gomaa Interview”

  • An excellent article. It sounds like he has the right intentions for coming to Rovers. There certainly is a growing market of exciting players coming from places like Eygpt. Wael even mentions one…Mohammed Zidan, who is with Werder Bremen.

  • Thanks roversman. Yeah it seems like Gomaa really wants the move, and as you say for the right reasons, watch this space! Look out for a prepared article, possibly added to the site tomorrow in which Zidan among other Egyptian’s are looked into in more details. The thoughts that roversman and myself share on Zidan even involve some excitting footage of the excitting Egyptian!

  • cool one Da Man! now go and get more “exclusives” – what about Simon Garner? or Savage or Neill… perhaps dare is say it you namesake – Sparky!

  • Certainly is, but it gives Henchoz a chance to once again re-prove his worth, and also Andre Ooijer and Zurab Khizinashvilli a chance to stake a claim.

  • he paly in my favourate team AL ahly he know well to play to win and not to lose and he is very ambitious if any one wanna know any information about any Egyptian player just tell me ,,,

  • I have to confess I’ve only seen little samples of him but what I’ve seen he looks very good. From what I’ve heard even better!

  • Hi Da man am roversman i am Egyptian n i wanna tell u that wael gomaa is one of the greatest defenders in Africa really no kiddin. he was selected as one of the best 11 in African cup of Nations. i saw that u wanted any extra info. on him so i’ll try to make like a small profile for u on him but i think am gonna need ur e-mail to send it to u. Anyway i think Blackburn is benefit out of him.

  • i also wanna tell u that n ofcourse ur free of ur openion but i didnt like the way u made fun of him when he said that maybe he could be the first egyptian couch in England. That was 1 thing the other was when he misunderstood ur question on why didnt he play in Europe cause making fun of an International player wasnt very FUNNY itself . ofcourse u have ur openion n everything i was just commenting u know.

  • It would be Wael Gomma himself that would laugh after commenting on maybe becoming the first Egyptian Coach in England not myself, he would be the one to comment Ha Ha, not me this is why it was added. I didn’t find the idea funny at all, quite the opposite I wish him well in this quest. I also can’t understand why you think I was making fun of Wael because he hadn’t yet played in European Football? The question was merely meant in the respect had be played for a European Club before but as it probably wasn’t the clearest of questions he misunderstood and took it in the respect of had he played in Europe against European opponents so I wanted to make clear what the questions intention really had been.

  • Hi
    I registered just to tell you all that Wael is a gr8 defender and he will be a gr8 addition to blackburn. and he will leave a gap in the defence of Al-Ahly as the team have the same problem as blackburn “injured defenders” and he have good manners and dont cause many problems on th field anyway if anyone wants to know anything about Wael or any other egyptian player specially Abou Trieka the player that wael talked about in the interview(he is a gr8 midfielder) just send me on
    and guys ofcourse he meant the EPL not SPL
    i hope tht wael joins blackburn because it will be a gr8 move in his career

  • I read the other article it is very nice and i will try to get you some clips that shows abou trieka’s skills as i know its hard for you to find

  • Thank you for that amrgamal that would be helpful. He’s meant to be really, really good, so if I could take a look at him that would be great.

  • Thanks Da Man i’ll send u a profile on Wael gomaa and thanks for making ur point clear about the things that i commented on when u interviewed gomaa.

  • No problems Roversguy just a misunderstanding. Look forward to seeing your profile on Gomaa, I may well use it on the site if I can?

  • Oh! Da Man please i was wondering if u can tell me where to find ur articles on the 2 other Egyptian playera u wrote cause i cant find them.

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