Date: 3rd June 2007 at 11:45am
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Could it be that Kristofer Haestad will end up at Blackburn after all? If reports in the press are true, then yes.

Rune Hauge, Haestad`s agent, has claimed that Rovers have been in contact about Haestad. We all remember Morten Gamst Pedersen`s last minute plea to his close friend Haestad in January to convince him to come to Ewood and not Wigan. Alas, that fell on deaf ears and it would appear as though Gamst wasn`t wrong as Haestad endured a torrid few months at our neighbours, so much so that his loan was prematurely ended.

However, it would appear as though Rovers are back in for the young Norwegian starlet and band member of Gamst`s band.

Hauge is quoted as saying on Skysports:

I can confirm that there is interest. I have talked to Blackburn recently and Kristofer is on their list. I would not be surprised if Rovers table an offer when the [transfer] window opens.

Haestad has been in tremendous form since returning to Norway and capped it off with a goal for the national side on Saturday. However, his experiences at Wigan could prove to be the stumbling block as a return to English football may not be appealing. He said:

I am surprised that it comes up that fast, to move to England again is not something I am thinking about after what happened at Wigan.

Perhaps with the advice and friendship of Gamst, Rovers will be able to convince him his future lies at Ewood Park. A lot of this depends on whether or not Gamst stays but I would think it will help if he were to have a fellow boyband member at Ewood.


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  • I have said all along that we should sign this lad and not for his singing ability! He would be the ideal replacement for Sav, who, lets face it, isn’t getting any younger. Haestad is 23 and has energy in abundance. It may also be a key in keeping Gamst!

  • i really hope we pick up this kid. He prob will be much cheaper then koumas, and could possibly have a role in keeping pederson at the club

  • He couldn’t cut it at Wigan – could he really do it at Rovers? Age is in his favour though.

    What about Bentley? All the slagging off we have been giving Jenas and he comes on instead of Bentley – shows to me that Maclaren doesn’t have a clue.

    Funny thing was Jenas was played into a great position with the score at 1-0 and he cross was atrocious, Bentley would have done much better. Then Brazil equalised. Anyway well done England for holding Brazil reserves!!

  • I said exactly that Wellsy whilst watching the match. Had that been Bents, we can guarantee he would have found the man in the middle. JJ is just appaling and his cross sumed up his ability. As for Haestad. Yes he did struggle at Wigan but I feel it will be a very different story at Ewood.

  • I’ve rater Haestad for a long time and at one time (abou 2-3 years ago) United were looking at him as a viable replacement for Keane. He will only get better. £ games isnt enough to ajust to the Premiership game OR show what yyou are made of! Remember Bazza? He was terrible when he first got intothe Rovers engine room, only to gradually start showing his worth, then got an injury against Newcastle! Go get him Sparky!

  • if it will help keep Gamst at the club then I think it would be worth spending a couple of million pounds on him, as well if it will also help I will buy every ticket to their next gig. 🙂

  • hehehe hey aust where u from, ya go to the game on sat against uruguay, we should of won that game, silly errors by jones

  • This kid is excellent despite his ill fated stay at WIgan.. the even better news though is that if Gamst is bigging up Blackburn so much… the likelihood is that he will stay.

  • I think Gamst will stay should he sign. I am really excited about Haestad potentially coming. I wrote an article way back in Jan about my disappointment that he chose Wigan ahead of us. I now think he will be the first summer signing for Rovers!

  • We is in the same mould of Sav. Works very hard to break play up but has a tad extra quality going forward and with his distribution. Would be the ideal replacement for Sav so that we wouldn’t have to alter our central game!

  • I reckon he could be signed on the cheap as well….

    Having said that as an extra bonus we could acquire the whole of the band and then rename the band the “Samba backing band”.

  • Imagine Kevin Hitchcock, Bowen and Eddie doing backing vocals with Gamst, Kris and Sparky doing vocals! Who would be on keyboard? Bass Guitar gotta be Emerton and Rhythm guitar could be Todd, cos then he could use his guitar as a weapon also to whack someone! Savage has got to have the triangle!!! LMAO

  • Zurab using the maracas anyone??? I think Hitchcock doing anything that involves charisma would be hilarious…

  • How about Aaron Mokoena, Benni McCarthy and Shabani Nonda doin that old african song, like that advert that used to be on telly? That be pretty cool

  • Surely Samba should be involved somewhere as well… Brad could provide the 21st Century American spin on things aswell.

  • Brad could o an acapella rap! Yes The wall could sing “um bongo, um bongo, they drink it in the Congo!” as a homage to his homeland!

  • Surely Nonda could join in as well??? before missing several basic notes where it would of been easier to hit them.

  • Haestad is your boy isn’t he roversman, you have been wanting Rovers to sign him for ALONG time! he didn’t really get a chance at Wigan did he, the only think I remember was a shocker of a back pass that allowed someone to score, and I think this was on his debut! Quality footballer though and WOULD help us keep MGP but I’m not sure we’ll get him, especially as Koumas is meant to be arriving?!?!

  • Hmmm, Koumas or Haestad? Call up IK Start please Sparky!!! HDM, how dare you go off topic in this discussion!!! You must now suggest who else should take their place in the Blackburn Band!!!

  • We are still looking for a Keyboard player, Bass player and a tambourine player. Come on, get your game on fella!

  • He would get shattered picking it up… how about McCarthy with one of those annoying digareedo things??!??!?! he could do all the moaning he wanted then.

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