Date: 13th August 2007 at 11:58am
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Blackburn Rovers winger Morten Gamst Pedersen is often linked with other clubs, but he is now the apparent GENUINE interest of a top four club…Arsenal?

The left-winger, who in tandem with his right sided colleague David Bentley offers Rovers arguably the best supply from either flank of any team in this country is understood to be attracting the attentions of Arsenal (according to the People newspaper anyway) with them putting in a £7 million bid? Which was rejected!!!

(If this is true?!?!) Rovers will fight hammer and tong to keep hold of the Norwegian International, as he is not only a HUGE crowd favourite (as he is of Mark Hughes) but is ALSO key to the future success of Rovers. However, if Arsene Wenger’s interest is as strong as it is being made out then Rovers could find it tough going to keep him at Ewood Park?

Although Hughes will be VERY, VERY reluctant to let him go the report went on to claim that should the Gunners offer striker Nicklas Bendtner and midfielder Mathieu Flamani AS WELL as cash for MGP then this could see business done?


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29 Replies to “Rovers Winger Linked With Arsenal”

  • He is often linked with others isn’t he, but we have not as yet seen any genuine interest from the top four (the ONLY clubs he should ever think of leaving for!!!) until now, if this is genuine?!?!
    But how true is this??? IF (the big if) it is then Arsenal are a massive club aren’t they, so it could be hard for MGP to say no (providing Rovers get what they see fit!!!)

  • Im gonna come out and make a prediction. Hughesy to sign Flamini on a loan deal with option to make permanent. I mentioned flamini as one of the players i would like as a rover a fair while back, and hughesy always has these try before we buy deals. Payed of with bentley

  • I would love to see MGP come to us.Tho I can pretty much guarantee that you won’t get Bendtner. Arsene could’ve sold him to one of a number of clubs at the end of last season.

  • Could’nt see Wenger handing over Bendtner this season. Flamini on the other hand i could see being used as a bargaining chip. Really rate MGP and would love to see him playing for Arsenal Wont believe this rumor until i see it somewhere more credable then “The People” though.

  • Could’nt see Wenger handing over Bendtner this season. Flamini on the other hand i could see being used as a bargaining chip. Really rate MGP and would love to see him playing for Arsenal Wont believe this rumor until i see it somewhere more credable then “The People” though.

  • Bendter is has all the potential in the world but at the min is of no use to Rovers, Flamini would not break into the team at the min either and £7m is a joke for Gamst. We def could get on without him with Peter, not as good a crosser but will take players on more and Treacy from the reserves getting rave reviews as well. Would like to see Pederson stay dont get me wrong but its not as if he would be the most missed player in the Rovers squad

  • I can’t see much substance in this largely due to Bendtnar being linked in there. I loved Bendtnar here but can’t see that happening plus £7m is an insult! He won’t be going anywhere.

  • Dear Mark Hughes, Please do not sell Morten Gamst Pedersen. He is a key player for the side, and worth much more to the team than the transfer fee you’d get for him.

  • I don’t see this happening, at least in the way described. MGP is worth more than 7 mil for sure, but Bendtner isn’t going anywhere either. So Flamini + cash sounds the only viable option, although I am fond of the Flamster and his ‘impeccable’ displays. And as a fellow gooner pointed out, the People cannot be considered as a reliable source.

  • I maintain the same view, if Ashley Young is worth £10mill then Gamst, with all his Prem experience and guaranteed match winning quality, is worth a whole lot more. I notice that The Mirror have jumped on the bandwagon of this story today. On a different note, after early secepticsim on my part, I would welcome Rovers making a move for Flamini. If you Gooner boys rate so highly then I will gladly have him at Rovers, alongside Gamst!

  • 1. Can’t see MGP leaving us for being a sub there (Rosicky plays on the left wing). 2. Flamini is really good! 3. I’d rate MGP at least at 12-13 million, but then again we don’t really need the money right now do we. 4. Can’t see a decent replacement in our league- but maybe C. Brunt/J. Thomas can do the job (after Peter&Treacy). 5. Why the hell don’t we buy Zoltan Gera- he’s a brilliant playmaker!

  • IsraeliRover – Sergio and Treacy SHOULD be next in line if/when MGP does eventually leave, why buy in when you already have quality in place?!?!
    Sorry dude, but I don’t agree with the Gera comment, if he was that good he would not have been playing in the Championship with West Bromwich Albion for as long as he has since they went down. Brunt and Thomas, both good footballers but again, personally I don’t think any better than Sergio or Treacy.

  • HDM- Have you seen Gera on a regular basis? Man- he’s so good!!!
    Even though for some reason they tend to use him on the right wing, I really think he’s pure class: Amazing passing skills, great technique, extremely good finishing…. The fact that he’s playing in the championship is true- but that’s because WBA used to think he’d cost a lot of $$$. By the way- Reid, L. Neill , J. Roberts etc. also played much more than one season in the championship- but are great players.

  • I’m not saying that Championship players are no good at all, and yes I have seen a fair bit of him and he is good but for obvious reasons I don’t see him on a regular basis.
    He’s had A LOT of trouble with injuries as well recently, so this is another reason to steer clear.
    Again though I still believe that if he was that good he would have gone when they were relegated, just my opinion though.

  • Indeed. The question is whether a club from Lancashire will ever be able to compete with the “London area” clubs- (players attracting wise)…I’ve never been to Lancashire but been in London on numerous times- just loved it…

  • There is no release clause for Pederson as if there was he would have went and Rovers could not say no, as they have done! £8m for one for the best left wingers in the Premier League is an absolute joke and another case of one of the big boys thinking that they can get a quality player from us for cheap!! If he was at Utd, Chelsea for example I dont think £8m would be close to the starting price!!

  • IsraeliRover, Lancashire is beeeeeautiful! Not the stress of London, but still big centres like Manchester and Liverpool nearby. Plus Gamst was born in the Arctic Circle, so I doubt he minds the chilly old North! My top Rovers player… hope he stays for a long while!!

  • Even though I’ve never thought he’s a nutural winger (speed/being able to round defenders like Gillespie in Newcastle era)- he does add us a different dimension when it comes to corners/free kicks (God- does he know to shoot those free kicks!!!)

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