Date: 25th January 2007 at 11:44pm
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Recently we revealed that Christopher Samba was poised to join Blackburn Rovers from German Bundesliga club Hertha Berlin; now he has.

The DR Congo International defender obviously did enough during his Ewood trial to impress Mark Hughes and has now finalised a three-and-a-half year deal to keep him with Rovers until 2010.

Following Lucas Neill’s departure and the broken ankle of Andre Ooijer we had been quick to snap up summer target Stephen Warnock from Liverpool and now the towering (which is an understatement!) Samba which should now give us plenty of cover at the back.

At 6ft 5ins he is a towering beast of a player with an intimidating, menacing look to accompany. He looks big and powerful giving us that strength at the back and is said to have pace, is good in the air and a good passer of the ball.

Hughes had the following to say about his latest squad edition:

Chris came in last week. Obviously we always try to bring players into the club and look at them first-hand, I think you get a better idea of what they are about, and he impressed us.

Sometimes when you have players of that stature sometimes they don’t really leap to their maximum height that you would imagine but he certainly does. He’s quick enough, he’s got a big long stride and covers the ground very easily and is a good passer of the ball.

We think he is a good addition to the squad.”

If he’s good enough for Sparky he’s good enough for me, looks like we’ve found the Admiral’s new partner!

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16 Replies to “Samba Seals Rovers Switch”

  • It’s Samba time! The guy is a BEAST! Hopefully Sparky has unearthed another gem, from what is being said he may very well have done so can’t wait to see him play! He can play at the weekend if Sparky wishes can’t he?

  • providing his international clearance comes through in time he will be available. Will be interesting to see how he performs, if hes anything like the last 6ft 4″ speedy player we had, we got him cheap too, anyone else remember Ian Pearce? I remember him going stride for stride with Andrei Kanchelskis at goodison, was very impressive! Fingers X’d for Chris that it works out then.

  • Ian Pearce, another very underrated player but a very good one at that. Similar price, think Pearce was around £300,000 wasn’t he (Samba around £400,000) similar impact would be very welcome. Did you think Sparky will throw him straight in, if he can? Looks like Eddie Nolan could very well be given his full debut tomorrow.

  • Certainly if he’s available I’d like Sparky to put him in, hope Nolan does start also. Hopefully Derbyshire will start up front maybe again with Gally, if not Gally Benni (if not rested?)

  • we still have to give Luton some respect, Mr Angry isnt going to want to come back to rovers to get stuffed by a reserves is he? I think its high time Nolan got his chance in the 1st team, especially as that position is about to be reinforced with Samba and the Admiral returning, we need the spine to be relatively experienced, maybe even put Bents in the middle and play Peter on the Right?

  • Benni must be restd, no disrespect to the cup, but with no cover up front, savage injured, we must start prioritising if we are to finish in the top 6 or advance to the later stages of UEFA cup. THe kids did well for us against everton, let them show their hunger for a first team regular spot

  • The FA and UEFA Cup give assurances on European football don’t they they so winning will give us what we NEED next season (or maybe even ending as runners up in the FA Cup?) We have a very good chance of finishing 6th in the League but I think putting all our eggs in that basket at the moment is risky as a lot of teams are in the running, and realistic running, realistically not so many are in the running for UEFA and/or FA (even more so after this round potentially?) After Chelsea we only have to face United from the big four so would be looking for a good end of season but would still like us having a chance in these knockout competitions. With players out attacking three fronts will be tough but I think we have to. Overcoming Luton (which won’t be easy) with other ties as they are could give us a great chance in the Cup if some upsets happen.

  • FYI guys, Samba’s International Clearance has NOT come through in time for him to be available, apparently. I agree Benni needs a rest, so you are going to play Derbs and, what Gally? OK, then we have Tuggers and Axe in the middle with who on the wings? Peter? MGP? We have to ensure that we get the right mix of youth and experience, it is a cup game after all and we dont have an academy or the quality of players that Wenger has at his disposal.

  • Tugay is unavailable witha hamstring problem apparently…

    Axe and who is the question??? I’d say Bentley in middle with Gally on right with Derbyshire and Nonda up front.

  • Looks like it will have to be the Axe and Bents in the middle. Personally I’d rather Emerton moved forward on the right and Eddie Nolan got a chance at right-back with Derbyshire and Gally up top, at least to start with. Just think this is too good an oppotunity to miss in giving Nolan a full debut.

  • I’m normally all for “blooding the youngsters”, but Emerton has been (for me) our best player this season in that right back spot. I’d be more tempted to give Warnock a run out, see how he fits in. The middle (unfortunately) is going to have to include Mokoena, and most likely Bentley, with possibly a go on the right for Gally, behind Derbyshire and Nonda (Might as well let McCarthy have a little break.) Although there is an arguement that Gally could make the transition (a la Paul Scholes) to a distribution and supporting role in the middle, could be a decent time to experiment a little.

  • Yeah Im all for the Gally creative midfielder. But our most naturally creative player is David Bentley so I feel he may get the nod in the centre of the park. I’d like to see Nolan start but I think we need to balance the players tomorrow with experience and youth. I do have one wish for tomorrow… if there is a lord above please let the lord who is down here on planet earth play against Luton – dont rob us of our New Zealander anymore.

  • I want Emerton to retain his right-back beth, with Head Rover Heels that he has been one of pur players of the season so far but hope he doesn’t tomorrow and Nolan gets the position with Emerton going into midfield. I’d rather the Admiral returned against the champions but a run out tomorrow would do him good.

  • Didn’t see a lot of Samba did we. He made a couple of mistakes and he knew it, but Sparky wouldn’t have signed him if unsure. He’s a real BEAST isn’t he! His air shot was hilarious, all part of his master plan for MGP to score lol.

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