Date: 24th January 2007 at 12:25am
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Things have gone from bad to worse for Blackburn Rovers as Robbie Savage has suffered a broken leg!

Following a challenge with Watford’s Al Bangura in Tuesday nights 2-1 defeat at Watford Savage was taken to hospital where x-rays conformed the former Welsh International had indeed broken his leg. Mark Hughes revealed:

I’ve just got news from the hospital that it is a break. How severe it is I don’t know as yet.

Obviously it has come on the top of a performance and a result that we weren’t expecting, it has not been a good evening.”

On the tackle itself Sparky added:

People have said that it wasn’t a good tackle but I’ve not seen it, I’ll need to look at it so I can’t really comment. I hope that it wasn’t anything untoward or a poor challenge.”

The latest setback comes hot on the heels of the season ending injuries to Steven Reid (cruciate ligament) and Andre Ooijer (broken ankle):

In the space of 10-14 days we’ve lost three players again to long injuries, just as we felt we were getting in decent shape and welcoming a number of players back,” Sparky also said.

It has been hard to take, we need as many good players available as we can to win Premier League games, tonight we were a little bit short.”

The injury is likely to sideline Savage for the remainder of the season and is a MASSIVE blow to Rovers’ UEFA and FA Cup campaigns and quest to again challenge for a top six Premiership place.

So the curse of the captains armband has struck again Ryan “the Admiral” Nelsen the regular Rovers captain has been sidelined all season so far but “should” (touch wood!) be back soon. Steven Reid was captaining the Republic of Ireland when he picked up his first injury this season, Andre Ooijer had taken the captains armband in Lucas Neill’s absence earlier in the season and now Savage was filling in for Nelsen after Neill’s departure, who will want the armband next…

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21 Replies to “Savage Suffers Leg Break”

  • I doubt he’ll get much sympothay (from people other than Rovers fans!) probably quite the opposite. This setback CAN’T be stressed enough. Sav is the heartbeat of this side, not tte greatest footballer in the world by a long shot but he gives his all all of the time. The importance of Dunny getting himself fit and staying fit is all the more important now!

  • Dunny is a totally different player to Sav, we gonna have some problems now, especially with no decent depth at that position, maybe time for John Williams to dig deep and cast a line out there, see who we can reel in, even on a short term basis.

  • I do think that Rovers will have to sign someone even on loan till the end of the season, Savage is the heartbeat of the midfield and although he’s not the best player the energy he puts in will be hard to replace! Dunn isnt this type of player so I think that we need someone in to cover for Mokoena as Tugay has to be rested at times

  • Just thinking that if we do sign Samba and the fact that we have Nolan for rightback then Emerton could move into the middle, with his experiences at riteback then im sure that he add bite to the centre now, its an option but still think the squad needs cover for this position.

  • That’s not a bad call there Clint, however, I think Emerton will be pre-occupied at right-back as Samba is a centre back. This is a massive blow to lose the lad. We have had some crap luck this season with injuries. Losing key players at key times, namely when we are in form and have a settled squad we suffer not one, two but three set-backs. Haestad would be ideal now!!!

  • Emerton isnt a midfielder IMO, he has always been a wing back/ right back, just that he likes playin on right wing! Unless we got a little gem hidden away in the ressies, we NEED to sign cover. Any players with clubs eliminated from CL and not in the UEFA worth looking at?

  • I think in the reserves all the central midfielders are just a little too young at the min, I was just thinkin that as a stop gap then Emerton could do a job. I think if Smith at Utd if available on loan then we should try, he can cover the midfield, not that he is a midfielder but he’s has a similar type of style to Savage in a way! or wot about Gattuso at Milan he’s not playing there at the min

  • Without doubt Dunny is a different player but in terms of midfield numbers it is even more crucial he is fit. What about McEveley in a midfield role? He’ll not be afraid to put in a challenge, will run around all day and can play a bit of football.

  • another good possibilty and its keeps Jay in the team if Warnock plays and stops Derby from buying him!! The Axe will get his chance and I really hope that he takes it and shows wot he’s about

  • Jay can play left-back or central defence, maybe even in a midfield role so he is without doubt worth keeping, even before injuries I’d have been suprised (if not disappointed) had Sparky let him go. One door closing (injuries to the Admiral, JR, Reidy, Ooijer and Sav) opens another to others, it’s down to them to take the chance. Think Derbyshire took his with JR’s injury maybe (even hopefully!) Jay and/or the Axe can do the same.

  • I really hope so…. Blackburn have to keep hold of the promising kids wot with all the money silly money still being thrown around, although not to the extent that its was, any British player thats considered any good at all is supposedly worth ahell of a lot of money – take Bale at Saints -is he really worth £10m and Jay worth £250,000 – no offense as im sure Bale at 17 will be a good player but he has neither played in the Premier league or had a full season behind him. its just plain silly wot clubs pay for home grown players so after that wee rant thats why it’s be a shame if any of Rovers young players that showed some promise were let go

  • Again, Mokoena isnt a midfielder. He is a centre half, sure he can play in midfield but can you honestly envisage him taking corners, freekicks and slotting through balls for the strikers? Liverpool and Spurs did the same with Carracher and King respectively. Jay id rather stay at LB and see Warnock play the holding role for a short term, at least he has played in midfield before. This injury is gonna cost us no end of problems, im shaking with the thought of a potential Mokoena/McEverley midfield pairing, urgh!

  • No hes not an attacking midfielder but when needs must he can do a job there. He plays centrehalf for S.Africa dosn’t he? (well thats if he’s back playing for his country) We do need someone to partner Tugay and to allow him to rest when Dunn is fit. Id rather see Jay play at left back as well but I hope he gets a run of games

  • Mokoena’s best role is just in front of the back four really isn’t it. Opposing teams will find out just why Sav is loved so much by Rovers in the coming weeks won’t they.

  • The prospect of Sav gone, IMO, has set us back for this season an possibly scuppered and realistic hope of silverware, god I hope im wrong but, as much as we all dont like to admit (or maybe we do?) he was the heartbeat of the midfield, quite possibly the team and when tugay wasnt in, an the Axe was, who has always beent he partner in midfield? Mr Consistent is really going to be missed!

  • One of the first comments I made when news that Sav had broke his leg was “Sav is the heartbeat of this side, not the greatest footballer in the world by a long shot but he gives his all all of the time,” so I totally agree with you BomBom here so the views that hopes of silverware disappearing are fair but you have to believe that it is still possible and will happen.

  • Its goin to be mighty difficult to do that HDM, especially with the amount of games we potentially have coming up. either way, i dont feel we have enough quality in the squad to cover that loss, same as if we lost Benni McGoalmachine, heaven forbid that!

  • I think Mokoena should be given a shot…. he has played well when called upon but it is a huge loss no doubt whatsoever. As for Mokoena being a centre half… he has played there a few times for Rovers and has been dreadful on every occassion.

  • Mokoena with a run of games in the middle of midfield will do a job for Rovers without doubt, he’ll allow Tugay to go forward more, which is not maybe wot he wants at 36 but with his range of passing and with Dunn maybe nearly back

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