Date: 9th June 2008 at 9:31am
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Alan Shearer has reportedly informed John Williams that he wants to become the new Blackburn Rovers manager.

Shearer was one of the first names linked with the job after Mark Hughes left for Manchester City, but Rovers were unsure that he would want to give up his well paid job which is to agree with Alan Hansen at the BBC.

However, The Times newspaper is reporting that Shearer has told Rovers chairman John Williams that he does want to be considered for the role.

His lack of experience would require an experienced back room coaching team but he is without a doubt the fan’s choice for the job.

Dont be fooled by his waterted down role on TV… the man can inspire the best of them.

Meanwhile, former Blackburn coach Tony Parkes thinks that Shearer deserves his chance.

Parkes told The Daily Express: ‘Alan will be a good manager – he just needs the chance to prove it. He is single-minded and has the utmost respect from players and managers throughout the game.

‘When Kenny Dalglish was manager, he did hardly any coaching; most of that was down to Ray Harford. Alan could do the same if he brought in an experienced number two who could help him out with the tactical side.’

Great suggestion Tony.


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  • Totally on board with this the times also said Newell and Tommy craig would be joining him as well. The return of the prodical son is eexactly what we need to push on, no-one in fworld football has not heard of Shearer. I hope there is some truth to all of this and not just some reporter playing with my heart strings.

    Time to come home big AL!!!

  • john williams has played down the shearer link according to reports this morning, however rovers have received over 40 applications for the job!! which shows how well regarded we are!!

  • Do not worry guys, you have good management can bring you the best coach compatible with the possibilities available.

  • You know guys, i reckon, next time we are in this position, I reckon we should all apply for the job, see if we get a reply!

  • The Shearer link does excite me as I believe we need to be approaching another up-coming-manager. Also intrigued by Mancini’s name being linked!

  • City 81 – I’m not worried, I’m sure our board will make a good and right appointment. And I’m sure all our players will be staying put until the new manager is appointed – so forget about trying to poach our players!

  • if alan takes over i can see alot of players wanting to be apart of his team and alot of players will be happy at rovers if we qualify for europe next season and if he brings in the right players

  • the only reason shearer would want it is because moving from ewood is so easy and his true love is newcastle..

  • I can see Shearer having a great run as manager but it does depend on who he has with him in the backround, players will wants to play for him both those already at the club and outside! There are other men linked like Ten Cate, Laudrup etc that would also be good ( though Ten Cate is supposed to be a rite get lol ) McClaren wants it and i would have to consider my loyality to Rovers myself id he gets the job, i dont rate him wot so ever!!!

  • My only concern with Shearer is that he has had NO experience of management. His ‘name’ may attract players, but it’s the manager that has to get them playing. No point in having world beating individuals if they can’t pass to each other…

  • I cannot see Shearer coming to you. He turned down the chance to work at Newcastle the club closest to his heart. So why would he go to you when he’s on a cushy number with the BBC?

  • Its alright HDM.. ignorance is bliss. And FN1… Ive sent a reference in, you are at the top of the list with Mancini and Shearer, I may have lied somewhat.

  • Thanks again Mikey I did win the Champions league with Rovers on Champ Manager, as well as league titles – and my teams play attractive football!

  • I would love to see Shearer takin the job. His style of play was always aggressive and gritty, just how football should be, and if his managerial tactics are anything like how he played, i say it fits rovers quite well. I’m all for it. Oh and hello to everyone from texas! I’ve always been on the site, just never registered.

  • Welcome aboard Texas! good to have you on here. Is Texas anywhere near Wales? If not Bom Bom is screwed… lol. p.s. Yes before anyone jumps in, I am aware that texas is in America.

  • haha yeah i was born in blackburn and lived there and newcastle and now live in texas. will always be a rover tho 🙂 thanks for the welcome

  • Shearer has no league experience as a manager yes but neither did Hughes when he got the Rovers job, I think that with Newell there as well or indeed Berg if he would leave to be No:2 to Shearer then he would have the back-up he needed with him being the face( so to speak ) of Rovers, bringing in the players. Big Sam is a good man with a solid reputation but would not build on the work laid down by Hughes, a new young and hungry manager would!!!

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