Date: 4th June 2008 at 12:50pm
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Its official. Sparky is gone. Id like to be the first to wish him all the best. Sparky has done a great job at Blackburn, building a formidable team which can match any opponent.

Hopefully he doesnt raid our squad, but we wish him the best of luck

DARN IT WHY LEAVE!!!!!!!! lol


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  • very depressing sasman but its done and we have to move on! the board must get the next appointment right as we dont want to end up with a bolton or wigan type situation ie the next manager doesnt do so well and gets sacke dafter a few months!!

  • Don’t really understand why he’d go to City; apart from the possible extra money… His fan base here is huge.

  • Very dignified of you Sasman to wish him luck. Think he’ll need it, he’s left a well run club for a place with, put politely, a questionable owner. He has also now surely ruled out any chance at all of ever becoming Man Utd manager? If it was to Man Utd or Chelsea, I’d understand it, but this one seems very strange!

  • cheers mate, he did a great job here, its not like he is leaving us in a *****fight relegation battle, its end of season, good luck to him, man city will be up there next year, im sure he will no how to spend the cash

  • Good luck Sparky. All the best boss. I’m sad to see you go, you may not be here next season but we will be. Blue and White forever.

  • Oh and I hope people take the time to read the statement from John Williams regarding Hughes’ departure… PURE CLASS.

  • I too want to wish Mark all the best at City and in his career. He did a brialliant job for us but I can’t help question his choice of club. Still he must have had his reasons and we now need to look to the future. I just hope the board inserted a clause in any agreement disabling Hughes from poaching Rovers players!

  • Agree with the above – but whats with the “buy a wife” commercial sasman??

    Id take that Lee girl or the pianist from UK

  • I agree with The Fear – I was always sure he would snub any other club other than Manure, which I felt he was destined for. Good luck to him, I wish him the best, what he did for us was magnificent but without significant funding he must have felt that he had taken us as far as he could, which I tend to agree with. Unfortunately for him, if he doesn’t succeed quickly at City, he’ll be fired and end up damaged goods and never have a shot at one of the big four.
    I just hope he doesn’t raid too many of our players – I think Bents ultimatley will go, the others I am not so sure – let’s just hope that 1. the appointment is right for the replacement 2. We have some cash to spend

  • Sasman – the commercial have disappered. There was a commercial just after your article with some girls, which look like they were “buy a wife” material 🙂

    Its gone now, so never mind.

  • 🙁 Sad news, there’s no doubt about it. However, after all, we can’t judge anyone; we’re all humans and sometimes make decitions not everybody agrees, but for sure, with a fair reason for us. Good luck to Hughes..and thanks for bringing Roque back to life! (Just don’t take it to City with you!)

  • mikey i heard williams statement and it was class, we might be unfashionable but we are a damn good club and we are well run, im starting to believe we have a bright future, if the board get the appointment right, this wont hurt us too much!

  • Good call Durks. Lets hope the board get it right. Blackburn senior officials… our eyes are on you, dont mess this up.

  • Well it had to happen though to City, My God football works in mysterious ways!! I worry about Hughes having unrealistic targets at City with a trigger happy owner he wont get the support he had at Rovers, but all the best to him – he did Rovers proud for 4 fantastic yrs. It will be interesting on who we get now – the names that have me looking are -Shearer (simliar situation to Hughes) and Zico, who was intersted in the City job, u never know with this one!! at a push Big Sam though i rate him as a good manager i dont think he would take the club forward

  • wonder how much money the board make from a manager moving these days..good luck to hughes..allerdyce or advocat to show ambition

  • I think this time next year Hughes will be begging you to take him back after he gets fired for not winning the treble!

  • To be brutally honest this is going to happen to us every couple of seasons. Clubs coming in taking our best players and management. With our recent record i am baffled as to how City is a step up for Hughes or how they are a better club than us. We need some major investment now so that players and management think twice before they leave. Saint Jack made John Williams and the board trustees of the club so they should honor his wishes and make this club great again by selling to a suitable buyer with the best intentions for the club. As for the new manager i think we should be scouring Europe for the best manager available. There is no reason why we should not be looking at the same quality of manager as Chelsea. We have a good squad and with 10- 15 million for new players then surely we are a attractive club

  • I cannot believe he’s left you and gone to City!! Why would he leave a nice secure post and go to a club whose chairman obviously expects them to be challenging the top four!

  • I hope we get bought out but I hope Mr.Williams stays as chairman. The board have said they wll not kneejerk appoint a new manager so lets keep the faith. The players need to be held onto though that we have.

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