Date: 11th May 2007 at 10:14am
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White Hart Lane

Thursday 10th May 2007, 20:00

Attendance: 35,975

J Defoe 67B McCarthy 32
P RobinsonB Friedel
P ChimbondaB Emerton
M DawsonC Samba
L KingR Nelsen
A GardnerS Warnock
A LennonD Bentley
D ZokoraTugay90
T TainioA Mokoena
S Malbranque29M G Pedersen
D BerbatovB McCarthy
J DefoeJ Roberts


R CernyJ Brown
R Keane60S Henchoz
H Ghaly29, 60P Gallagher90
T HuddlestoneB Berner
P IfilM Derbyshire76

Game Statistics

12Goal attempts8
5On Target2
0Yellow Cards3
0Red Cards1

12 Replies to “Stats: Spurs v Blackburn Thursday 10th May 2007, 2”

  • When you look at the stats you think, how did Spurs not win but although it wasn’t a classic by ANY means I think a draw was fair. Did Styles REALLY need to send off JR though?!?!

  • Agree on both accounts, a draw was probably fair and Styles is just a complete *****er. After the McCarthy V Berba debate, wasn’t it obvious he would score? lol

  • It was, and wasn’t it obvious Berbatov would have an OK game, showed flashes of shear brilliance. I’ve seen Spurs a bit this season, but not too much recently. So much goes through him doesn’t it. The link up with Keane is brilliant. What is the thing that Dimitar wears on his arm?!?! I’ve noticed it a few times, it’s white on the home kit and chocolate brown on that really bad away one 🙂 LOL!

  • Styles is a primadonna ref, he loves his hollywood moments, he lives around the corner from me. Shall I go round and knock the gran out of him for you HDM.

  • Please do jmd, think it would do A LOT of teams a favour. He’s not in the League of Graham Poll, but does try to be all “pally, pally” with some players doesn’t he. JR was frustrated but did he really do enough to warrant a second yellow in a matter of seconds.

  • Its a protest armband thing. Some Bulgarian nurses have been jailed for supposedly infecting kids with aids. The bulgurian govt are apparently using them as scapegoats for appaulling hospital training and conditions.

  • Nuff said totally agree he didnt deserve the second. I’ll give him a good dry slap in the high street when i see him.

  • Oh right, thanks for that jmd. As I say I’ve noticed it and a few times I thought (obviously with the darker one, not the white one) maybe he was captain but it didn’t look like a captains armband. Now I know, well good on him in that case, although knowing the FA etc. they kick up a fuss at some point about it?!?!

  • Make sure he doesn’t see you coming though as obviously I wouldn’t want you, even a Spurs fan 🙂 LOL getting put away for it! A cheeky little dig to the kidney’s I’ll do.

  • The stats don’t do a lot to help our image of being a “dirty team” (as pointed out by a certain individual who shall remain un-named LOL) do they, 18 fouls to 6. But with the amount of possesion Spurs had, the chasing around we had to do and of course conditions it is little wonder we “fouled” so much is it. Not many, if any were that bad were they really? The Axe was more than a little reckless with a couple of fouls but nothing overly aggressive.

  • The sending off was ridiculous, did he deserve to be booked for the initial challenge? maybe, so OK ill live with that, then a 2nd yellow for what? trying to catch the ball?? If it was for abusive language to the ref (i could see his mouth on the net stream i was watching and i am sure it wasnt “poor decision Mr Official” that was said) then he deserves it as this needs to be stamped out IMO. Still, it took the Ref all that time to pull a red out, i was thinking the Axe would be off waaay before that lol.

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