Date: 26th November 2011 at 11:18pm
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In what was one of the worst, most one dimensional football match in recent history, Stoke ended a home losing streak, extending Blackburn’s run of games without a win, a 3-1 victory giving the hosts breathing space between themselves and the drop zone. As for Blackburn, its not looking good at all.

Jason Lowe was welcomed back into the starting 11, whilst Formica and Rochina were both chosen in midfield.


Lowe, Dann, Hanley, Givet


Rochina, Gamst, Pedersen

Formica, Yakubu

Overall, it was a game of nothing. Both teams failed to string consecutive passes together, both teams slid in on every tackle and both teams wanted to have a running arguement throughout the game. The difference was, Stoke took their chances, Blackburn did not. And whilst Steve Kean will rave on post game about how well we played and created so many chances, at the end of the day Sir, our team is in the drop zone, and does not even look like clawing its way out…

Stoke exposed Blackburn early, Etherington and Pennant given plenty of space down either flank, whilst Crouch was the obvious outlet up front, knocking the ball on for former Rover Jon Walters. However the opening goal came through an unlikely source. A Steve Nzonzi foul handed Jermaine Pennant a free kick from 30 yards out. Whipped into the box, Rory Delap evaded his marker, pouncing to poke a header in from 6 yards…1-0 Stoke

Stoke continued to maintain some pressure whilst Blackburn were happy to return the ball to the home side on every opportunity. Gamst Pedersen and Nzonzi must of been seeing red throughout the game, as their pass percentage would not of climbed 25%. As for Ruben Rochina, I dont think he registered a pass percentage, attempting to take on the whole team at times with no success. Junior Hoillet lost the ball way too many times down the left flank, going to ground at the slightest of touches whilst Yakubu was not being fed up front.

All that criticism and we have not even got to the defence yet…that will come later. Half Time 1-0

A movie moment occured early in the second half as garbage bags managed to find their way onto the pitch, the crowd chanting, ‘What a load of Rubbish’..

Blackburn’s best opportunity could of changed the game. Rovers came out firing in the second half, moving the ball well (if you call stringing 3 passes together well) and getting into the Stoke box. Rochina finally managed to skip past a few players and when it looked like his final touch was a bit too strong, a deft back heel created a golden opportunity for Mauro Formica, facing an open goal from 4 yards out. The Argentine fluffed it though, a clean air swing, and that was that…

With 30 to go, Stoke put the game beyond doubt. Jon Walters rolled it back to Whelan, who lined up his strike from 25 yards. A desperate Scott Dann attempted to block the shot, however all he managed to do was redirect the ball, leaving Paul Robinson stranded, 2-0 Stoke

The worst was yet to come for Blackburn. Marc Wilson sent a long ball over the Rovers defence, with Jason Lowe and Scott Dann left watching. Peter Crouch picked up the scraps, poking home past Paul Robinson who should of done better…3-0 Stoke

The Rovers players must be getting paid incentives, as they turned up in the final 15 minutes. Nzonzi made tackles, Gamst moved the ball, Yakubu found space and Rochina found the back of the net. A neat run saw Rochina cut back in on his man before unleashing a left footed strike, 3-1 Stoke

Yakubu was next to try his luck, Nzonzi dropped a through ball onto the Yak’s right peg, who managed to take the ball in his stride, however his strike was straight at Sorensen. Rochina almost made it 3-2 as his 30 yard bender was tipped just wide by Sorensen

Full Time

Stoke 3

Blackburn 1

Player Ratings

Paul Robinson 5
Left stranded on the first 2 goals, but a poor read on the third goal and some really poor distribution did not help the cause

Jason Lowe 5
One of the better performers on the night. Tried to nullify Etherington down the flank, but they continued to pepper him

Scott Dann 4
The 6 Million Dollar Flop? Might be too early to judge, but he needs to start living up to his price tag if we are to have any chance

Grant Hanley 5
Didnt do much wrong, didnt do much though!

Gael Givet 5
A quiet one from Gael on the left, we really need him more central as he goes in, hard, every time

Steve Nzonzi 2
I dont award many sub 3 ratings, so when I do, you know its worth it. Steve was abyssmal. We could of had so much possession in the first half, yet we managed to hand it over all the time. A running battle with the Stoke midfield is sure to earn him a few weeks on the sideline after cameras picked up an elbow off the play…

Gamst Pedersen 2
Double whammy. Both central midfielders giving the ball away means your not getting anything out of the game. Add to that wasted set pieces and any chance we had gone out the window

Ruben Rochina 5
Jeckyll and Hyde performance. First half poor, second half Ok, final 10 minutes brilliant…

Junior Hoillet 3
Shocking, absolutely shocking. Took on his man every single time, got past him not even once. Was double marked all game, meaning he should of moved the ball rather than take the both on…

Mauro Formica 4
Chose to come into the game rarely. At times forgot he was playing, but when he does get involved it gives you a touch of hope..

Yakubu 4
No service all game, apart from the late ball by Nzonzi…Frustrating for the Yak


18 Replies to “Stoke 3 Blackburn 1”

  • I thought if we could get a win here we might have a chance against relegation, but the way the team played we are a certainty to go down. At least it wont come as a shock. I cannot describe my hatred towards venkys for what they have done to this club. Protest are not working, Boycott the games???

  • when is steve kean going to be sacked seriously… this has gone on to long! Venkys need to sell or come to there senses!! steve kean out!

  • Your still alive! dont you reply to messages anymore! haha….boycotting must be hard mate, look at us for instance, we stay up til all hours just to watch that crap….but as you said, we look like we are going straight down!

  • Kean aside as that’s an obvious reason for the loss…I genuinely don’t think Hanley AND Lowe in the back 4 gives us enough defensive ability…Hanley needs to go on loan for experience and to develop more and Lowey needs to be playing in midfield. How badly we have missed Samba and Olsson the past few games..I have to say I think the Yak was our best player. He did everything within his power to try and make things happen for us today. He held the ball up brilliantly all day. Great touch and distribution but he didn’t get any favours in return.

  • I agree with fran. With Samba out we should have had Givet in there, not Hanley. It was always going to end in tears with a young lad playing at Stoke where they just bombard the centre halves. Our midfield non was existant but when you have as many attack minded players on the pitch as we did today what do you expect?! Yakubu, Hoillet, MGP, Formica amd Rochina – not an ounce of defensive strength in them. Kean is too naive if he thinks this is what will get results away from home. 3 goals conceded in each of our last 3 games, at least we are consistent. Oh and Hanley can ***** off, I know he is young but that does not excuse inability. He just let Walters flick the ball on for their third. No challenge. I hate Kean as much as the next man but surely a centre half knows to be strong in the tackle against a striker and it’s not a big secret how Stoke are going to play. Also, the organisation for the first goal was awful. Even if Delap had missed the the ball three Stoke players had gotten goal side of their markers and were all waiting to tap the ball in. The performance was complete and utter imcompetence from start to finish. People talk about supporting the players but none of them really looked like they gave two *****s and why should they?! The better ones will ***** off to premiership clubs next season and the others will probably get a better contract from the Venkys for their fantastic performances. Oh and can someone tell Robinson to stop diving over the ball. It’s infuriating. He always does this weird loop over the ball. It’s hard to explain but he doesn’t dive at the ball or at an angle to push the ball away but rather like he wants to drop on the ball. Oh and while I’m ranting Sas, it’s could HAVE, should HAVE not could of or should of – I love your write ups but that bugs the ***** out of me!

  • Feedbacks always appreciated mate, unfortunately the Aussie English dialect is slightly different to the UK and US English Dialect, I shall do my best to keep this in mind though!

  • See Steve Kean will now meet disgruntled fans. Need to stress to him that the VENKY’s need to start communicating their long term thoughts for the club, and where they see us in 5 years time. It’d be good if he could ‘drag’ one of them along to the meeting as well, seeing he seems to be the only person they will talk to !! This should not just end up as a Anti-Kean bashing meeting as much as most would want it to be.

  • I’d love to ask him why he’s turned the fittest team in the Prem into a bunch of OAPs. Its embarassing how fragile we are compared to under Sam

  • This was just brutal to watch and highlighted many faults and weaknesses. How Kean can come out and pretend that there were positives to take is absolutely absurd.

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