Date: 18th August 2008 at 6:20pm
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Blackburn Rovers manager Paul Ince keeps saying that there will be no more departures from Ewood Park, but the national media are today claiming that a fee has been (or will be) agreed with Sunderland for Benni McCarthy.

These media claims are that Sunderland are prepared to pay £9 million for the South African International, which is understood to be the asking price (even though Benni, and anyone else isn’t for sale) and the Black Cats manager Roy Keane will look to wrap this up later this week having moved on from his original target Louis Saha.

Personally if we have been offered (or will be) this amount I would take it!!! McCarthy is still a superb striker but I don’t think we will see the striker that was so deadly in his first season at Ewood return again, and with him not getting any younger we would be mad not to accept this wouldn’t we??? If we could get three times what we paid for him two-year later after a poor second season we MUST accept the offer, but I’d believe this when I saw it though!!!


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17 Replies to “Sunderland Meet Rovers Asking Price For Benni?!?!”

  • If Sunderland have offered £9 million we MUST accept this!!! That’s three times what we paid two-years ago, we’d be crazy not to. I don’t believe they have (or will )offer this though?

  • If it is true, that money should be accepted! Because Roque and Robbo are doing well up front; and there’s also Matty trying to earn himself a spot; and if this is not enough: J SC is preparing to be a big surprise!

  • Take it… seriously if this is true lets do it. McCarthy will not get as many games this year as long as J-Rob performs how he did on Saturday. We can then buy a replacement and use the rest for Grella/Pennant.

  • i respect ince sayin no more players to leave but rovers must accpet cus i can’t see mccarthy havin a future at bburn anymore tbh if santa is statyin cus even if santa leaves next season mccarthy will be 31 well past his prime:)


  • Oz, caps lock seriously dude. I hardly think we have to put up with garbage… did you watch at the weekend mate!?!?

  • £9million is a very generous offer for McCarthy considering his age and his contribution to the team last season, and I cant see him ever rediscovering the form of his debut season, the desire just is’nt there anymore, and has’nt been for the best part of a year now!!! If this is a genuine offer then we’d be cazy to turn it down.

  • I cannot believe that Keane would sanction 9 million for a 31 year old. He could buy Mcfadden from the championship for half that amount. I still think that Benni could get back to his best and if him and Santa Cruz were firing on all cylinders then we would have some strike force. Plus with all the talk of loyalty of players during the summer should we not show some to Benni. At least he did not come out and ask for a transfer THIS SEASON and he could have done using Sparkys departure as a reason or the fact we are not in europe. I fully blame Chelsea for that mess last season. You cannot blame a 30 year old footballer for wanting one last crack at the champions league

  • I think take it, as well. Not sure how Ince will look, tho, after saying no one’s leaving, then selling him. Was he just talking up the price?

  • darn oz……back on topic, id bite their hand of, ofcourse we would take it. BUt ince has said nobody is leaving, we have heard that before though….im also liking this joaqin rumour

  • I think Ince has good reason to go back on his word if someone bids stupid money for someone who is now a third choice striker. We would be silly not to take it. Having said that what del says is very true… he hasnt asked for a move…

  • Personally I rate Benni and have been a staunch supporter of him but this is crazy money and we could buy a great replacement. Put it this way. If reports are to be believed then we could sell Benni for that price and bring in Joaquin and Zigic for the same money! Worth it. However, I wouldn’t mind the talismanic SA frontman staying as I like him. Either way I think Rivers are a winner on this one..a rare conundrum!

  • 9M for a player who is overweight and is dyin to get away????????? Please, take the money and run!!! A player with half his ability and 10 times his desire will always be more effective!! – Enter Jason “i only score off my shin” Roberts!! Start lookin for a replacement now!! PS OZ the 9.5M bid for Joaquin has been CONFIRMED and 4M for Grella is about to be spent……that would bring our total spending this year to 17M!!!….this is not counting the 6M that has been allocated to the Villanueva deal should step up to the mark….i have no issue wi the Rovers board, they are astute and very effective as ha been proven over and over again…..Mcarthey, RSC, Dunn, Nelson, Samba, Warnock, Pederson, Bentley…need i go on????….to the point, Benni needs to go at some point and for 9M i’d snap their hands off!!

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