Date: 7th September 2010 at 9:36am
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Ahsan Ali Syed is ready to respond to the latest rumours surrounding his takeover of Blackburn Rovers.

In what must now seem like a weekly event, Ali Syed has been accused of a few misdemeanors in the latest 5 Live investigation into him and will need to respond to set the record straight.

A spokesperson for Ali Syed is quoted in the Lancashire Telegraph as saying – “Unfortunately the report contained a number of factual inaccuracies and misleading statements, which are damaging to both WGA and Mr Ahsan Ali Syed. WGA is currently investigating these discrepancies and will be responding accordingly.”

Get ready.

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17 Replies to “Syed all set to respond to new rumours”

  • Intrigued to see what he says. I give up on making my own mind up now though. If the takeover goes through then he has been deemed worthy of running Rovers by the trustees and the FA and thats good enough for me.

  • Fingers and toes crossed it’s the response we’re all hoping for. If he does have 130 or so companies then surely he must have other people in charge of most of them. we have been through a global recession as well. If he is a bit dodgy then i’ve got full confidence the club and trustees will make the right decision,

  • I hope Syed is telling the truth, and if he is i hope he drags 5 Live through the courts for trying to ruin his name. There are two explanations for this.
    1) Syed is dodgy
    2) The southern media are scared of the threat to their beloved London teams

  • Is it only coincidence that one of the new presenters on 5 live is a fan of that lot from East Lancs who have just been relegated? A little bit if green envy may be in evidence. Particularly when some of the clarets men in charge appear to be in financial difficulty.

  • We will all have to wait and see, its all to east to specualte when we dont have the real facts, All we can do is keep are fingers crossed all is well and we get the vital investment we need

  • Yawn, oh lord, can’t you guys see through this guy? It’s all posturing. As I said earlier if anything comes of this I’ll eat my hat. He’s just trying to inflate his own worth in order to win clients in this part of the world who may be impressed with his association with an EPL club. Sheik Mansour is tremendously well respected over here (understandably so) and Syed thinks that he will be seen on a par with the Sheik. Sorry guys we see this all the time over here, where the illusion of money impresses. The sad thing is, it will probably work and earn him some credibility where none is due. I for one am looking forward to his responses to 5 live (who have no interest whatsoever in circulating obviously false stories, as they will be sued – and lose – for slander), and subsequently 5 live’s further response. Luckily for us, we’ve an outstanding and prudent chairman in John Williams who will not be fooled. Fransavarese I agree with your point though, but I don’t believe the bid will go much further as more details come to light. By the way, 130 companies doesn’t mean Jacks%#t. A shelf company is worthless.

  • Kiwi, you will be eating your words soon enough =) When he replies, you will see how much BS lies BBC have spun with this whole story. And when he does take over the club, people will realise he is the best thing for us.

  • roversfanben, I hope you are right, and my cynical self will eat my words. But I think not. There’s just too much stacking up against this guy for him to be real.

  • Lets see how long this takeover will drag on, i’m keeping my fingers crossed. If the Syed deal doesn’t go through, we might still have a new owner though.

  • He’s certainly taking his time responding to what the bbc said.. I was expecting a statement a lot quicker than this! Regardless.. he’s still our man!!

  • Desert – it can’t really be all posturing dude if he has sent with his own money etc his own staff over here to do business and spend time looking through the books. I am sure he is after some of the profile raising shenanigans that go with a takeover. I am sure when he makes loses cash on Rovers he will more than make it up from the extra business in other areas.

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