Date: 25th January 2011 at 8:46am
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Tottenham are weighing up a shock move to bring Paul Robinson back to White Hart Lane, if reports from Andy Gray and Richard Keys head office are to be believed.

Harry Redknapp has long had an annoyance over his long term goal keeping plans with Gomes and Cudicini not exactly setting the world on fire and a move for Robinson is being mooted.

Robbo used to keep goal at White Hart Lane for a few years before the dreaded England curse kicked in and a lack of confidence destroyed his reputation which has since been restored big time at Blackburn.

So a move looks on then? Well not exactly. Robinson is well known to be enjoying life at Rovers and is on the cusp of signing a new long term deal which would keep him at Ewood Park for practically the rest of his Premier League career.

The other thing this confirms is that Mr Too Good for England is hot property once again… if there has been a better goalkeeper in the Premier League this season then I am all ears.

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14 Replies to “The Spurs for Robinson link again? Really?”

  • I don’t know why he would leave first team football to sit on the bench…Robbo had a bad patch with us and it was best for both parties he moved on…but, I always liked the guy so I’m glad he’s back in form…just got to make sure he’s not eating too many pies.

  • Good Goalkeeper, his settled, his playing well, the papers love a story, leave the guy alone, let him play and enjoy himself, he was very popular at spurs with the fans…No different with regards to Blackburn Fans, keep going Robbo and good luck.

  • How typical of Recknapp and the southern-centric media that this should come up just before we are due to play Spurs. I am sure Robbo knows where he is well off and, as we now have more money than Spurs, I can’t see Robbo doing anything other than having a wry smile about this bit of foolery.

  • kevin – got a lot of respect for blackburn… but do you honestly think Robbo’s got a wry smile because Blackburn ‘have more money than Spurs’… even though he won’t get paid more than he would have at Spurs and we are playing in the champions league, being mentioned as one of the most exciting teams in the league and, eventually playing at a new stadium somewhere. Anyway, you don’t actually have more moneythah us anyway… Our owner, Joe Lewis, may not bank roll the club like a fantasy football team in the way it looks like your owners want to (see Man City, Chelsea and oh, Blackburn for previous ‘popular’ examples of this behaviour), but he is worth £1.4b – I gues when you said your club had more money, you were actually saying your owneers did?? Because your club has no money at all!

    Anyway, I like Blackburn, just not a massive fan of Kevin

  • Was discussing this one last night and both me and hubby think he is probably the best goalkeeper in the league at the moment. Harry Redknapp am sure would snap him up if he was available.
    I think Robbo is settled at Ewood and love it when we get the banter from him on the Darwen End. (Robbo show us your Ar5e) lol.

  • ps, I love Robbo and I hope he stays where he is because he seems to finally have picked himself up again! good luck Robbo

  • Didnt like him when he first came, but as come on in leaps and bounds and is on the top of his game right now. Naturally he will be linked with other clubs, but he has said recently he would like to sign for Rovers for life so just see it as typical lazy journalism,

  • He’s improved tremendously since he’s been here with us. Regained his confidence once again. Not up there yet, not as good as Big Brad was. But then 1st team football is vital for him now, not to earn more money to sit on the Spurs bench.

  • blackburn has always been blessed with great goalkeepers and hoping for that to continue.blackburn showed him faith during his bottom of his career, and i would really like him stick with us

  • Really think he is on a par with our best keepers ever! yes Brad a legend and Flowers title winner but can’t think of more than a couple of cross’s that he has got wrong! Long may he continue!

  • Dan Mac – Rovers may be relatively richer than spurs as we have no debt. Whereas I believe (and I may be wrong) that Spurs have a debt approaching £45-50 million.

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