Date: 8th January 2010 at 12:56pm
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Big Sam, our portly leader, has called for a winter break to be bought into the English football calender.

The large one has cited fatigue and also sustained injury problems – Brett Emerton as an example at Birmingham – that are bought about by cold conditions as reason for this to be implemented.

Allardyce, speaking to the Lancashire Telegraph said – ‘It is not the weather I talk about as a reason for having a mid-season break, it is about protecting the players from the stresses and strains of Premier League football,’

‘Players have already played a lot of football and they need a break ahead of the back end of the season.

‘We are asking so much of our players nowadays they deserve a time where they can take a break and get themselves right again.

‘It is more to do with the welfare of the players.

‘We seem to suffer more injuries than most leagues in the world and I think that is because of the demands being put on the players.

‘That obviously creates massive problems for the Premier League because of the games they have to fit in.

‘But somewhere along the line, they have to make sure it happens because the injuries players are suffering are greater.’



14 Replies to “Time for a winter break says the Big Man”

  • The idea is ok, but when would you have it? History would say January or February,so in this instance we would be inactive for three months.
    I think the the close season should be decided as it is now .By Mother NAture.

  • Is there anyway of speaking directly to this mother you speak of?! lol… maybe get her to get rid of the freaking snow!

  • December is a vital time for any club. Normally, players get injured and squads get stretched thin at this time. So a winter break does make sense actually..

  • When there’s strong wind blows, it’s because Mother nature farts….

    When it rains, it’s because Mother nature pees…

    When it snows, it’s because Mother nature ****es….

    Last but not least, when it snows like hell and like there’s no tomorrow, it’s because Mother nature is having a bad diarrhea… Yeah!

  • Too much money involved to take a break. Can’t give up tv revenues while everyone is inside avoiding the weather and looking for something to do. Don’t want to send players out in bad weather when they’re fatigued because it increases the potential for injuries. It’s the proverbial Catch-22.

  • Boxing day is always a family favourite as attendances are up across the country on that day, maybe we should keep that and perhaps look at maybe one or two more fixtures across the period 20th Dec – 1st Jan…

  • Don’t agree with a winter break as such – the season is already too disjointed with International breaks but it does seem ludicrous to have so many fixtures (FA Cup, Carling Cup and midweek fixtures) in January. If we end up with a winter break the managers will claim the fixture schedule for the rest of the season is too conjested – we will end up with a Premier league of just 16 or 18 teams!

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